EPDM Rubber High Elasticity, According To The Formula, The Elastic Can Reach 80% Of The Maximum

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Product Description:

1. Description of Rubber:

Natural rubber is a kind of polyisoprene as the main component of natural high molecular compound, its composition in 91% ~ 94% is the rubber hydrocarbon(polyisoprene), the protein, fatty acid, carbohydrate, ash and other non rubber substance. Natural rubber is the most widely used general rubber..


2. Main features of Oil Seal:

1) High Elasticity, According To The Formula, The Elastic Can Reach 80% Of The Maximum.

2) high elongation, the maximum can reach more than 1000%.

3) the elastic modulus and the shear modulus is low, than some rigid substances such as iron and steel and other low much.

4) cold resistant, the glass transition temperature of minus 72 degrees..


3. Rubber Images:

 EPDM Rubber High Elasticity, According To The Formula, The Elastic Can Reach 80% Of The Maximum


4. Rubber Application:

Rubber elasticity, good insulation, impermeability and plasticity characteristics of natural rubber, and through the mix after appropriate treatment also has oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance and other properties, therefore, has the widespread use, mainly used for automobile, machinery, industrial etc. industry as a shock, sealing parts.

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A world class manufacturer & supplier of Rubber is one of the large scale professional investment casting production bases in China,consisting of both casting foundry forging and machining factory. Annually more than 8000 tons Precision casting and forging parts are exported to markets in Europe,America and Japan. OEM casting and forging service available according to customer’s requirement.

How to guarantee the quality of the products

We have established the international advanced quality management system every link from raw material to final product we have strict quality test; We resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.


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Q:What are the materials of the sealing strip?
Three yuan EPDM sealantx05 has excellent comprehensive performance, ozone resistance, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to various polar solutes, relatively low density. The disadvantage is that in general mineral oil and lubricating oil in the expansion volume, generally dark products.x05 using temperature range of -60 to + 150 degrees can be used. In high temperature, cold, strong ultraviolet radiation, the coastal areas and in high-rise buildings. With its wide application range, excellent comprehensive performance, obtained the domestic and foreign doors and windows industry recognition.Silicone rubber sealing strip
Q:What kind of material does rubber leather paint belong to?
Rubber paint is widely used in ABS, PVC, PC, PS, and other material and hardware, plastic products, metal spraying special primer, bakelite, wood, ceramics and other products. Spray the product has special soft, smooth, delicate, sensual touch and a rubber like texture and skin feeling, give a person a kind of very happy and feel comfortable. Decorative products to make the effect more noble and elegant, clean and generous, and more show the value of the product.
Q:What is natural rubber? What is its source? Raw material
The Hevea tree offers the most commercial rubber. It hurt (such as stem bark was cut open) will secrete large amounts of SAP containing rubber emulsion.In addition, figs and other plants of the family Euphorbia can also provide rubber. Germany was trying to obtain rubber from these plants in the second world war because of the rubber supply being cut off, but later it was converted to synthetic rubber.The first rubber trees were grown in South America, but there were also large numbers of rubber trees in Southeast Asia after artificial transplants. In fact, Asia has become the most important source of rubber.Rubber made from silver gum reduces sensitivity.
Q:What kind of rubber material is used in the production of sealing strips and which kind of rubber seals are suitable?
Silicone rubber: with high and low temperature, ozone resistance and anti-aging properties, suitable for the manufacture of thermal institutions required gasket, such as strong light source, lampshade, gasket ring, valve pad and so on.
Q:Rubber material is the most important feature
As for the temperature, oil and so on, is different between the characteristics of rubber.
Q:Is the slip rubber better than the EVA material? Performance characteristics?
EVA: vinyl acetate copolymer, high polymer material. Used to jog, walk, leisure shoes, foot training shoes. Advantages: light, flexible, flexible and difficult to wrinkle. It has excellent coloring and is suitable for all kinds of climates. Disadvantages: easy to absorb water, not easy to corrosion, adverse environmental protection, easy to dirty.
Q:Can the rubber material be injected into the mold for molding?
TPR and so on have the plasticity and the rubber characteristic. Thermoplastic polyurethane is also true.
Q:What are the corrosion resistance and wear resistant materials of the FGD system in thermal power plants?
Desulfurization means that the sulfur in coal is fixed with calcium and other solids to prevent formation of SO2 when burning. Lining pipe characteristics of lining rubber desulfurization pipe:1.: the fine structure of reinforced skeleton steel and rubber layer with high performance adhesive composite as a whole pipe, using a special process by the company of professional equipment vulcanization composite vulcanization molding, overcomes the disadvantages of pressure resistant steel tubes do not wear, wear plastic and rubber pressure and impact brittle glass steel poor performance, also have the common advantage steel and wear resistant rubber, synthetic performance excellence.2. good wear resistance, long service life: abrasion test results in 0.03 ~ 0.20 cm3/1.61km range is about 3 ~ 5 times of plastics, wear resistance than steel high 4-6 times.
Q:What material the O-ring to high temperature, 300 degrees above
General rubber material temperature range of about 120 degrees, such as butyl rubber (NBR)Fluorine rubber (FPM) high temperature resistance, the highest can reach about 220 degreesPerformance is higher than the fluorine rubber (FFPM), generally resistant to temperature range of 260-330 degrees, the highest can reach 350 degrees, but the price is very expensive
Q:Who would like to know the difference between three yuan ethylene propylene rubber and three Yuan rubber coil? Can these two materials be bonded with the same kind of glue?
Three EPDM waterproofing membrane is with ethylene, propylene and dicyclopentadiene three monomers synthesized three EPDM as the main body, adding proper amount of butyl rubber, vulcanizing agent, accelerant, softening agent, reinforcing agent and filler, batching, mixing, filtering, extrusion, drawing tablets (or calender) made process forming and vulcanization processing. Features: good aging resistance and long service life. Because there is no double bond of three membered ethylene propylene rubber structure in the main chain, so when subjected to ozone, ultraviolet radiation, heat, fracture occurs on the main chain, so it has excellent aging resistance and tensile strength. High, high elongation, deformation or cracking of the base of telescopic adaptability. Low temperature performance is good, can in the cold (-40 C) or long-term use of hot climates.

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