Environmental protection synthetic resin tile thermal insulation performance

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Product Description:


Product Description:

Environmentally friendly synthetic resin tiles are hard PVC plastics and modified ASA resins High weatherability Substrate surface materials are extruded through two extruders, PVC compounded and resin modified ASA materials such as plastic, Or circular wave type water dispenser head into the compound made of double composite plate, and then by a special continuous stereotypes stereotypes, cutting processes, the final color of the green resin for the formation of green ceramic tile products.

Product  Usage:

Wave board is a new type of fashion art interior decoration sheet. Decorative materials are mainly used in hotels, clubs, home decorations, dance halls, resorts, shopping malls, mansions, villas and other renovation works, especially for entry, entrance, backdrop, TV wall, column design, bar, exhibition. Can replace the natural veneer, Tiemian Ban, and so on. There are dozens of patterns, such as pure white board, paste gold, silver, pearl plate, star board, crack lacquer plate, lacquer plate, which makes corrugated cardboard, corrugated board, stone and nearly 30 kinds of effects.


Features and Benefits:

1 . lasting color: Synthetic resin tile surface materials are made of imported ultra-high weatherability Engineering resin produced. By having exceptional durability in the natural environment, even if it is long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, moisture, heat, cold harsh conditions, can still maintain the stability of its color.

2 . excellent resistance to load: good carrying capacity. In the lower temperature region, even if the roof perennial snow, it does not produce surface loss and breakage. After testing, in the case of support from the 750mm, the load 150kg, tile does not produce cracks and damage.

3 . sound effect: The experiment proved: when subjected to external noise heavy rain, high winds, synthetic resin tile has good noise absorption effect.

4 . impact resistance, good low temperature resistance: has a strong ability to withstand external. The test 1 kg steel ball dropped from 1.5M high freedom will not crack, impact resistance at low temperatures is also very significant, after 10 freeze-thaw cycles (-20 to +50 degrees Celsius) without hollowing, blistering, peeling, cracks phenomenon.

5 . excellent corrosion resistance: long-term resist acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemicals. Experimental results show: soak for 24 hours without a chemical reaction in salt, alkali and various acids below 60%. Ideally suited for acid rain-prone areas and coastal areas, the effect is particularly significant.

6 . excellent thermal insulation properties: thermal conductivity 0.325w / m.k, about 1/310 of clay tile, cement tile 1 / 5,0.5mm thick steel tile 1/200. Thus, without considering adding insulation, the insulation can still achieve optimal performance.

7. excellent self-cleaning properties: dense surface is smooth, with the "lotus effect" itself is not easy to absorb dust, once the rain washed clean as new, does not appear the phenomenon of desultory color tile surface after rain washed dirt.

8. stability: expansion coefficient of the synthetic resin watts that 4.9 * 10mm / mm / , while tile has two-way stretch properties geometrically, even if the temperature changes greatly, tile can also be self-digestion stretching, thereby ensure stable geometry.

9. excellent waterproof performance: synthetic resin tile chosen high weather resistance resin itself is compact and does not absorb water, there is no pore water seepage problem products is wider than the traditional 45% tile, roofing seams less so than traditional waterproof. performance greatly improved.

10 . excellent electrical insulation performance: synthetic resin tile is an insulating product, also encountered an unexpected discharge intact.

11. fire resistance: a flame retardant materials.

12 . quick installation: Accessories design science, supporting complete product; a single tile area, high paving efficiency; light weight, easy handling; tool, simple process.

13 . Green: free of asbestos and radioactive elements, and recyclable, in full compliance with environmental protection requirements

Environmental protection synthetic resin tile thermal insulation performance

Environmental protection synthetic resin tile thermal insulation performance

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Q:Project sun board price how much
Shanghai Jie resistant engineering PC sunshine board price is not constant price, but a comprehensive consideration of technical level, sheet performance, then the raw material prices and other costs through the calculation.
Q:What is the difference between PC stamina and PC sunboard?
In fact, from their nickname we can simply distinguish, PC sun plate is also called hollow board, hollow board, as the name suggests is the middle is hollow. PC Nai Liban also known as solid board, of course, is solid.
Q:Can the sun board bend?
Different types of sun panels have different degrees of curvature. For example: the general car roof, rain roof there are many shopping malls outside the elevator channel that circle. If you are talking about it, it is not possible.
Q:Which friends know how to remove the plastic film on the sun?
In the PC sun panels and accessories installed when fixed, it is best to tear the protective film 30mm to 50mm, this is to avoid the accessories to suppress the protective film pressure. But should pay attention to is not too much to expose, or easy to install the operation because of scratching the sun plate.
Q:Can the stencils be made in the bathroom?
Of course you can, if the choice of PC particle board to do partition, can add the bathroom hazy beauty, really have not seen with the endurance board to do, not practical and ugly
Q:To build a sunshine shed, with Cortron PC patience board or good sun board?
(Also known as PC board, polycarbonate, solid board, bullet-proof glass, card blanket board, solid plate, polycarbonate board, aerial perspective board) is a high-performance engineering plastics polycarbonate or polycarbonate - --- acid processing, characteristics: impact resistance, not break: the strength of more than strengthen the glass, acrylic plate hundreds of times, tough security, security, bulletproof the best. Can be arched, can be bent: good processing, plasticity, according to the actual site needs, bending into arched, semi-circular and other styles. Light weight, easy handling: only half the weight of glass, handling and save time and effort, easy construction and easy management. Weatherability, excellent lighting: long-term anti-ultraviolet radiation, lighting effects of excellent, can save a lot of sales.
Q:What is the difference between a hollow board and a sunboard?
The material selected for the panel should be FRP, and the selection material for the sun board is PC. The lighting board is fixed with aluminum fastener, and the corrugated board is fixed with a light plate and a self-tapping screw. The position of the lighting plate is generally set in the middle.
Q:PC sun board life years?
10 years warranty is 10 years, light transmission rate decreased by 6%, yellow index change is less than 6. This is the plastic is not too much of the aging indicators. Means that after 10 years of good sunshine board physical mechanical properties decline is very little, basically will not affect the use of sex. Foreign pc sun panels are basically used for more than 20 years. Good pc sunshine board is not like the above answer "is to provide", rely on equipment, technology, raw materials, testing means. Generally speaking, imported equipment uv co-extruded layer thickness is more uniform, the service life will be longer.
Q:Sunshine board price per square meter, PC sun board how much money a square meter
Thickness of 6mm - 16mm, the general price of 25 yuan -100 yuan / ㎡, the thickness of the sunshine plate is more commonly used, the structure is divided into two layers, three, four, X type, meter type, honeycomb type.
Q:How to correctly identify the quality of pc sunshine board and pc durability plate method
Pull the protective film to see the sheet. Particles or bubbles are relatively small or relatively small, indicating that the recovery of raw materials, but is a good back to the material, this board is the middle grade plate. Such as bubbles and particles more or larger, indicating that the poor raw material, this board is a low-grade plate. If the civilian particles or particles rarely, that the quality of the sun plate is very good, is ten years of quality.

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