Environmental friendly Rodent-repellent and Termite-repellent compound series for cables and wires

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Product Description:

Environmental friendly Rodent-repellent and Termite-repellentcompound series

for cables and wires

Type :    PRT****      (added “PR”PTor “PRT” to pre-type)

PRT****compound series forcables and wires,based on macromolecule resin, is made into granula by special processing withadding special modifying agent, flame retardant, anti-oxygen agent,environmental friendly Rodent-repellent additive and environmental friendlyTermite-repellent additive and etc. The products have very well physical,mechanical, weatherability and processing properties. And at the same time theyhave excellent Rodent-repellent and Termite-repellent performances.  

Product characteristic

PT****compound series forcables and wires is added the latest type environmentalfriendly Termite-repellent additives.The additives have no irritant activity to human skin. When the rat eat LD502000mg/kg, The cumulation of additive in the rat body is verylittle. In the test condition, there is not evidence of abnormalitymutationcancer effect. Inthe processing, there are no pollution, irritant odor and poison to human, anderodent to equipments.

PR****compound series forcables and wires is added the latest type environmental friendlyRat repellent additives. The Ratrepellent additives do not contain conventional virulent agriculturalchemicals. It is the acridness extract of nature plant. The rat dare not  to eat the compound when it added the additives.  Although the product has a little influenceof environment in producing and laying (Non toxicity, but have irritantactivity. The operation environment must be ventilated conditions. Andput on glove, blinkers, mask and etc. Do not let bareness skin contact theproducts directly). But users very favor to the environmental friendlynon-toxicity of the products. The products have matched the wires and cableslargely which exported to Europe and USA and used in domestic large project.

PRT****compound series forcables and wires is added the latest type environmentalfriendly Rat repellent additives. And it has very well Rat repellentperformance.

After the testing of Rat repellent performance of the compound by authority organization, nomice are poisoned and dead. When putting the normal product into the test box,the plastic jacket has been bite after 24 hours, and the plastic jacket hasbeen bite entirely after 72 hours. But the product which added the additiveshas not been bite after 14 days. The product is used for wires and cables asjacket where have the requirements of rat repellent.

The performance ofTermite-repellent applies the knock down method and complies with GB2951.38-86standard. Some Termites have been knocked down after 90 min, all Termite knockeddown after 240 min. The result of test: The test sample team all dead after 24hours, the contrastive team all alive. The result indicates that theTermite-repellent performance of compound is according with the GB standard(KT50 less than 350 min requirement)

When the sampleafter aging (according with IEC502-1994 and IEC840-1998standard, in the thermal aging condition of 14 days/110), the KT50 value is 316 min. The result indicates that productsstill have well performance of Termite-repellentafter aging. It has outstanding long-term performance.

Type and application




70 Termite-repellent flame retardant PVC jacket compound


90 Termite-repellent PVC jacket compound


90 Termite-repellent flame retardant PVC jacket compound


70 Termite-repellent, low-smoke, low-halogen flame retardant PVC  jacket compound


90Termite-repellent  black PE jacket compound


Termite-repellent, low-smoke, halogen-free  flame retardant POE jacket compound


70Rodent -repellent flame retardant PVC jacket compound


70Rodent -repellent PVC jacket compound


90Rodent -repellent PVC jacket compound


90Rodent -repellent flame retardant PVC jacket compound


70Rodent -repellent, low-smoke, low-halogen flame retardant PVC jacket  compound


90Rodent -repellent black PE jacket compound


70Rodent -repellent and Termite-repellent flame retardant PVC jacket  compound


90Rodent -repellent and Termite-repellent PVC jacket compound


90Rodent -repellent and Termite-repellent flame retardant PVC jacket  compound


70Rodent-repellent and Termite-repellent, low-smoke, low-halogen flame  retardant PVC jacket compound


90Rodent -repellent and Termite-repellent black PE jacket compound


Rodent -repellent and Termite-repellent,  low-smoke, halogen-free flame retardant POE jacket compound

Note: We could customize other types of Rodent -repellent and Termite-repellent compound according to the requirements ofcustomer.

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