Environmental 100% Pure Bamboo Yarn for Knitting and Weaving

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Qingdao Port
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TT or LC
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3MT m.t.
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1000MT per month m.t./month

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Product Description:

Specification Of Environmental 100% Pure Bamboo Yarn For Knitting Or Weaving


1 Model Number : 60NM/2--240Nm/2

2 Color: Different Colors

3 Material: 100% Bamboo

4 Technics : Open End / OE 

5 Yarn Type: Spun

6 Evenness: uniform

7 Twist : standard

8 Strength : Strong

6 Package: usually pp bags packing, 25kgs per bag , 320 bags / one 20' container (8tons)


Features Of Environmental 100% Pure Bamboo Yarn For Knitting Or Weaving


Eco-Friendly, Anti-Pilling, Anti-Static


Application Of Environmental 100% Pure Bamboo Yarn For Knitting Or Weaving


Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Pilling, Eco-Friendly, Moisture-Absorbent


Usage Of Environmental 100% Pure Bamboo Yarn For Knitting Or Weaving


Knitting, Weaving, Hand Knitting, Embroidery 


Pictures Of Environmental 100% Pure Bamboo Yarn For Knitting Or Weaving


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Q:Calculation formula of yarn twist
⑶. Twist coefficient definition: the degree of twist yarn is measured, and the twist angle is proportional to the characterization of different lines of yarn density of the degree of twist ⑷. Twist to the definition: When the yarn is in the vertical position, the composition of yarn The direction of the helix of the unit is rotated about the axis of the yarn.
Q:From the yarn to the finished textile fabric production process
Nylon is the most important engineering plastics, production in the top five general engineering plastics in the first place. Nylon [1], is a polyamide fiber (nylon) is a saying can be made of long fiber or staple fiber. Mercerized cotton: in accordance with the two mercerizing process division, mercerized cotton can refer to the yarn through the mercerized process of cotton yarn, but also through the fabric mercerized cotton fabric. Yarn mercerizing: refers to the cotton yarn in the case of tension, after the treatment of concentrated caustic soda, so that it has both the original characteristics of cotton, but also has a silk general luster of a special type of cotton yarn.
Q:How does the textile shake the knot?
2, the right hand will be the yarn frame on the twisted yarn head to find, put the right hand thumb food fingers pinch the yarn, the two yarn into a cross shape. 3, the right hand thumb fingers pinch the top of the hammer head, along the left hand around the thumb, and then pressure in the cheese under the yarn head.
Q:Textile spinning yarn should be done first what to do
Therefore, in the process with a single, if you can use some professional with a single tool, you will receive a multiplier effect. For example: with a single network, with a single industry with a wealth of information and professional foreign trade with the software to help enterprises solve the process with a single event, chores, trivial things, so easy with the single
Q:There are several yarns of textile mills
Many varieties of yarn, different performance. It can be made of natural fibers or a variety of chemical short fibers made of pure spinning, it can be mixed by several fibers made of blended yarn, but also by the chemical fiber directly from the filament yarn processing The
Q:What is the cheese yarn?
Knitting factory and other yarn factory also has some customers to buy hank yarn and then into the cheese yarn. Or yarn finished yarn and then anti-playing into the cheese yarn, so the cheese yarn with the white yarn and yarn, cheese yarn ingredients can also be cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber and other raw materials, as shown.
Q:How much does it cost to do a small cotton textile mill?
But also have 1-2 sets of tank! Plus what the factory at least 2.5 million! Coupled with the flow of funds, then 3.5 million yo! I only know so much. As for the machine you want to go and the spinning mill to ask, often someone to sell, you can also buy the old machine.
Q:Is the price of oil and textile yarn?
First, a large part of the textile yarn is a natural raw material, such as cotton and linen, chemical fiber is only part of the chemical fiber from the final raw material from the oil, but the past few years, rising oil prices, chemical fiber prices are repeated record low.
Q:How to reduce the cost of textile yarn dyeing?
Suggested to find a way out of the product, do different things, do not and the general dyeing factory on the line of homogeneous competition, to make their own company's characteristics!
Q:Forming Principle of Yarn of Textile Industry
Yarn in the formation of the yarn to be wound into a certain shape, that is, pipe forming, in general, is that you say that several, mainly to the cone, sorry, I have only seen this, like You said the bottle of wine, I have not seen
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Location Shandong,China
Year Established 2008
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Main Markets
Company Certifications ISO9001:2000 ISO9001:2008

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