Environment-friendly Interior Wall Paint

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Product Description:

Product Description:
The paint is durable and won’t peel off easily, which has the function of mould proofing and alkaline resistance. It is made by choosing imported raw materials and the paint film has excellent scrub resistance and can keep as bright as when new for a long time.


Main Features:

Component Silico-modified acrylic resin, titanium, fillings, paint,additives and water Glossiness matting

Theoretical Spreading Rate 10 m2/L(based on the dry film thickness of 35 microns)

Drying Period Surface dry: 1 hour (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Full dry: 2 hours (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Repainting time: 4 hours (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Contrast Ratio >0.95

Weathering Resistance: Good

Security: No Lead or Mercury in the material


How to use Interior Wall Paint:


Construction Tool: Paintbrush, roller or airless sprayer

Dilution: Diluted with clean water

Paintbrush and roller

Firstly: paintbrush 15~20% roller 5~10% Secondly: paintbrush 5~10% roller 5~10%

Wet Film Thickness: Approximately 80 microns (for the first time)

Dry Film Thickness: Approximately 30 microns (for the first time)

Construction Condition: Above 5℃ and under 75% relative humidity

Tool Cleaning: Immediately clean with clean water after use


 Environment-friendly Interior Wall Paint

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Q:Open paint and closed paint which is more expensive? What is more beautiful? Is doing white
The open type is made of nitrocellulose. Closed is made of polyester paint and water-based paint. The price of water-based paint is the most expensive. Nitrocellulose and polyester varnish are relatively less than the type of nitro. The price is generally the same as the price of polyester mid-range paint. Polyester paint more types. Selectivity is relatively large. The price range is relatively large. But do open with nitro has a disadvantage is the amount of great. The general use of polyester paint construction, then painted three times more than twice the paint on it. If you use nitro, then the general six times to paint six times before the paint effect we go. General paint workers are not afraid of trouble with nitro. Nitro makes it very good. More suitable for young people with. There are time to try to find a good way to paint the painter. Because the difficulty of the construction of nitro is higher than that of polyester. Nitro environmental performance is also very good. Polyester and water-based paint is more suitable for closed. This is more suitable for mature type. If you are more personal. Young people use nitro to do open is pretty good indeed. If you are more mature nature that with polyester and water-based closed may make you like more. I know the knowledge is poured out. Give me points to it.
Q:Is paint harmful to hermit crabs?
if you just paint their shells then it will not harm them at all because the shells are not attatched to the hermit crab so as the crab grows you will need to provide a larger shell.
Q:paints or mustangs? which is better?
Depends on the horse you get, my main riding horse is a paint and i have two mustangs and a paint im rehoming. I have a rescue and all are broke and 12 and under. Best thing for you to do is look at both breeds and i mean go look and ride both see what best suits you. Its the horse not the breed itself you need to look at.
Q:A question about painting?
if you go to home depot and pickup a gliden ultra hide paint you will be in good shape it only costs about $17 with tax in ohio
Q:Why is my paint chipping so easily?
Your paint didn't stick and there can be several reasons. . .Did you paint the same type of paint. If you put latex paint over oil paint, it will not stick. When you painted, were the walls clean? And I have flat paint in my bedroom and that is the worst. Looks so good but it does come off easily and it can't be washed. I'm going to solve that when I paint next time and I'm going to use a latex paint with a satin finish. I don't know what you painted over. Some things need to be sealed. . .like concrete block. . .or the moisture comes through and the paint bubbles off. You might do well to have a talk with SW. They usually have pretty good advice but expensive paint.
Q:Is it harmful to the body at the paint factory?
Second, the workers should wear a mask and gloves during construction, to avoid direct contact with the skin paint; in the construction of all the windows open ventilation. In addition, usually eat more high vitamin content of food, drink plenty of water.
Q:What is a photopolymer?
At present the main photosensitive materials are: bisphenol A epoxy acrylate, polyurethane acrylate, amino acrylate, dipropylene glycol diacrylate, hydroxypropyl acrylate and so on. Mostly for a variety of acrylate polymers. Used for light-cured coatings and dyes.
Q:What is a Acrylic painting?
It is really just a matter of preference- Acrylic dries very quickly, sometimes too quickly. Oil takes much longer but you can get more precise lines with it (in my experience). Tempura is for little kids and it takes great skill to make watercolor look like anything but a third-grader's art work. Just try each of them out and see what you like! I recently switched from acrylic to oil and love it.
Q:Acrylic paint to paint clothes, dry surface to be painted to prevent fade?
It is recommended that you do not use acrylic acrylic paint to wear on the body is very uncomfortable and you say the problem is bound to be able to switch to textile paint textile paint is a professional painting on the cloth finished after the dry and then the next effect And the effect of the same as the printing machine, including what feel and not the problem of propylene
Q:Is the pigment poisonous?
Toxic ingredients are the main ingredients containing lead, people involved in lead too much damage to the brain and kidney organs, can not be long engaged in this work, but also regularly check the body!

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