Environment-friendly Interior Wall Paint

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Product Description:

Product Description:
The paint is durable and won’t peel off easily, which has the function of mould proofing and alkaline resistance. It is made by choosing imported raw materials and the paint film has excellent scrub resistance and can keep as bright as when new for a long time.


Main Features:

Component Silico-modified acrylic resin, titanium, fillings, paint,additives and water Glossiness matting

Theoretical Spreading Rate 10 m2/L(based on the dry film thickness of 35 microns)

Drying Period Surface dry: 1 hour (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Full dry: 2 hours (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Repainting time: 4 hours (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Contrast Ratio >0.95

Weathering Resistance: Good

Security: No Lead or Mercury in the material


How to use Interior Wall Paint:


Construction Tool: Paintbrush, roller or airless sprayer

Dilution: Diluted with clean water

Paintbrush and roller

Firstly: paintbrush 15~20% roller 5~10% Secondly: paintbrush 5~10% roller 5~10%

Wet Film Thickness: Approximately 80 microns (for the first time)

Dry Film Thickness: Approximately 30 microns (for the first time)

Construction Condition: Above 5℃ and under 75% relative humidity

Tool Cleaning: Immediately clean with clean water after use


 Environment-friendly Interior Wall Paint

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Q:How does ancient China call pigments?
Princess: ancient with "Fei", pink. Yang Fei color Xiang Fei color pink are synonymous. Rouge: 1, women dress up with the color of rouge. 2, Chinese painting dark red pigment. Dan: also known as cinnabar, lead Zhu, Zhu color, Dan, more popular than the red. Tong: red snake: madder dyed color, was deep red He: crimson, red. Refers to red, red fire. Yan: bright red inflammation: extended to red. Red: the original meaning of the fire color, that is, red string together: color; light color.
Q:What is the difference between lake and pigment?
Lake is a water-insoluble pigment, pigment is relatively wide, the habit of habitual use of food coloring pigment; in painting terms, the pigment refers to the pigment; In addition, including digital equipment in the color scale, the human body Pigments and so on.
Q:What is the difference between cement paint and latex paint?
Cement paint is mainly used for moisture, latex paint is mainly used for ordinary wall
Q:Brush latex paint or stickers good wallpaper?
From the protective effect, the latex paint and wallpaper are their pros and cons. Latex paint on the putty layer has a direct protective effect, not water resistant putty brush paint after the life will be longer, but the latex paint is still unable to force the grass-roots cracks, cracking more;
Q:What is the difference between plant health paint and ordinary paint?
Common paint heavy metals contain many kinds, such as: lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, heavy metals can also cause damage to health and the environment. Plant lacquer passed the essence of national paint, by adding plant extracts, to take the modern paint technology synthesis of plant health coatings. Plant health paint is a non-toxic harmless odor of health paint, it can effectively break down such as formaldehyde and other harmful gases and odor absorption and other functions. In the market there are a number of manufacturers introduced the plant paint: Huarun paint soybean oil series, crocodile paint plant oil series, Dulux plant oil series, still painted mint clear taste series, still painted lime anti-formaldehyde wall paint series.
Q:Painting my bathroom with bathroom paint - should/can I paint the celing with it too?
You should use the same paint. Moisture will affect the ceiling much more than it will the walls.
Q:What is the main ingredient in furniture paint?
Paint materials contain a variety of solvents Benzene, xylene, nitro paint in the diluent Ethanol, butanol, etc. are also toxic in the construction of volatile solvent vapor, high concentrations of human nerves have a more serious stimulation and harm. Low concentrations also have headaches, nausea, fatigue and abdominal pain and so on. In the long-term exposure will cause loss of appetite, damage to the hematopoietic system, the occurrence of chronic poisoning. But as long as the attention to strengthen the protection, try to prevent paint contact with the skin, if possible to more window ventilation and `let the indoor air distribution. I know a lot of life in the paint of the old master, although older but very healthy, more live to ninety birthday, another eighty one year old this year still ears, there are several have six or seven years old, Disease-free disaster, so as long as the attention to protect themselves, you can ensure safety. After the completion of the construction and use of all the opportunities for a lot of window ventilation ventilation is it.
Q:What is the dye used in ancient painting? What do you do?
Is a Chinese painting pigments
Q:What is the difference between paint or paint?
Choose brand: Carpoly, Nippon, red apple, three trees, Dulux and other well-known environmental brand election performance: according to your home environment selected performance, such as anti-fouling, net taste, in addition to aldehyde, or antibacterial. The The Above the basic environmental protection can guarantee the brand. Choose the price: performance can guarantee that you do not have to choose the most expensive. Also can go to see wallpaper such decorative materials, compared to paint, wallpaper more diversified, color is also more generous. Personally think Ruibao wallpaper is good, building materials market, furniture city, decorative city such a lot of places to sell wallpaper.
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Package 3: G4 thick version of the phone: polymer battery (3000 mAh) + seat + silicone cover + high-grade film Price: the original price of mobile phone +110 yuan (G4 promotional package every day according to the date of stock availability!

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