Environment-friendly Elastic Texture Paint

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Flexible waterproof putty Special anti-alkali sealer Texture paint Overcoat varnish

Operation process:

Treating the wall substrate → Scraping or plastering the flexible waterproof putty for 2 or 3 times → Rolling special anti-alkali sealer → Flipping straight lines, dividing lattices, sticking adhesive tape→ Rolling or plastering the elastic texture paint → Spraying the waterborne overcoat varnish 

First of all, get rid of loose block, raised shuck, hollow lump, weathered surface prior to treatment. Then, remove dust and oily pollution.

Mend the wall with flexible waterproof putty. At the first step, fill the big hole and crack with putty or sealant. At the second step, sand partially after the putty dries off, subsequently, scrape putty fully to level the substrate.

The putty should be coated for more than two times meanwhile the thickness of every layer should be less than 0.5 mm. The interval is not less than 5 hours under the condition of 25 ℃. After drying for 4 or 6 hours, the putty should be sanded in time without wave shape or abrade trace leaving. Finally, all of dusts must be cleaned.

Even though the flexible waterproof putty is waterborne, it needs maturation and maintenance for a certain period of time. The next working procedure shouldn’t begin until the pH value is less than 10 and the moisture is less than 10%.

The special anti-alkali sealer, which cannot be allowed to dilute by excessive water, must be rolled evenly and cover totally the base. The color of the special anti-alkali sealer should be the same as the color of the stone coating in case the stone coating shows the bottom and the blooming of the coating happens.

The elastic texture paint should be painted on the wall after the special anti-alkali sealer dries off. Firstly, the coating should be painted on the surface of the wall with a wooden float, meanwhile the dropped material should be caught with a salver. Secondly, the layer should be leveled back and forth with a wooden float till the granules of the film distribute evenly and flatly. Then, the next layer should be painted with the same operating method after the last layer dries off.

        The overcoat varnish should be sprayed after the elastic texture coating dries off totally. Generally, the coating should be maintained for 3 days under fine weather. The viscosity should be paid attention to during the construction while the air pressure and the size of the spout should be consistent. The sag of the coating should be avoided during the whole procedure.

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