environment-friendly dn50 hdpe pipe, water supply hdpe tube, fire fighting pipeline

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10000 m.t./month

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Shanghai China (Mainland)

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5.8m or customized


2mm to 90.2mm


ISO4427, AS/NZS4130

material standard:

PE80, PE100


PN4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12.5, 16, 20, 25

working time:

more than 50 years

recycled and environment-friendly:



dn50 hdpe pipe water supply hdpe tube fire fighting pipeline

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:standard export package or customized
Delivery Detail:1-30 days after accept deposit


environment-friendly DN50 HDPE pipeline for building
3.PE80, PE100
4.full export certification

Name:environment-friendly dn50 hdpe pipe, water supply hdpe tube, fire fighting pipeline




Product Description

DN50 HDPE pipeline product description


Outer Diameter  (mm)Thickness  (mm)



2.corrosion resistant

3.lower installation cost

4.higher flow capacity

5.longevity: 50 years

6.recycled and environment-friendly

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Q:Is the material inside the fire door gypsum board?
Can also use rock wool board, foam cement board to do filling
Q:Composite foam cement insulation board, composite foam insulation board What is the level of fire insulation materials?
Composite foam cement insulation board is a1 grade fire insulation materials
Q:What does the fire door frame fill with?
The top of the floor if the gap between the door frame and the wall is not the general seal glue on the OK to open the gap, then it is the construction of the marshchel rap snaer に inn              
Q:What are the building firefighting materials?
Fire water, fire pumps, fire pumps, wet alarm valves, water pump adapters, shower heads, indoor (outdoor) fire hydrants, flow indicators, signal valves, galvanized pipes and fittings, etc .; fire main fire alarm series , Emergency evacuation series, radio and other communications; gas fire mainly include cylinders, pharmaceuticals, manifolds, selection valves, high pressure pipe fittings, nozzles, etc .; in addition to smoke control system, fire doors, fire shutter, fire window Wait
Q:Do you need to do floor fire isolation? There are those regulations for fire protection
5.3.3 Building height of not more than 100m high-rise buildings, the cable wells, pipe wells should be every 2 to 3 layers at the floor with the equivalent of floor fire resistance of the non-burning body for fire separation; building height More than 100m high-rise buildings, should be in each floor with the equivalent of floor fire resistance of the non-burning body for fire separation. Cable wells, pipe wells and rooms, walkways and other connected holes, the gap should be non-burning material packing dense. The cable wells and pipe wells in the building shall be sealed at each floor with a non - combustible body or fire - resistant sealing material not less than the fire resistance of the floor. Buildings within the cable wells, pipe wells and rooms, walkways and other holes connected to the use of fire blocking material should be blocked.
Q:Rock wool board for building fireproof materials need to test what the project, according to what is the specification?
Compression, Tensile, Acidity Coefficient, GBT-2017 Building Exterior Wall External Thermal Insulation with Rockwoel Plate Rover Porcupine Cabbage Cabo Goggles. Dayton fire insulation materials Co., Ltd
Q:Is plastic as a fireproof material?
No, generally with pvc steel
Q:What are the materials for the kitchen ceiling that meet the fire protection requirements?
In all the interior decoration of the fire design, the ceiling of the fire design in the most important position. This is because the fire is burning up the fire, the ceiling first and directly accept the fire test; the same time, there is a direct impact on the evacuation, will directly constitute a threat to the safety of evacuated personnel. Therefore, in the interior ceiling decoration design, should give full consideration to its fire problem. "Fire protection within the building design fire code" on the different civil buildings of indoor ceiling material fire performance has a detailed requirement. Ceiling (prungroof), refers to the roof of the living environment of the decoration. The ceiling is an important sub-division of the building decoration project. The ceiling has the function of insulation, insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption. It is also a hidden layer of electrical, ventilation and air conditioning, communication and fire prevention, alarm pipeline equipment and so on. The ceiling in the whole room decoration occupies a very important position on the top of the room for the appropriate decoration, not only to beautify the indoor environment, but also create a colorful interior space art image. In the choice of ceiling decoration materials and design programs, to follow the two materials, solid, safe, and beautiful, practical principles.
Q:Indoor to do with the gypsum board or good or good use of fire board board, fire board is made of what material ah how environmental
The key depends on the appearance of the cut off the preparation of how to deal with. If the appearance of the surface to be directly brushing latex paint, then directly with the wooden keel frame, and then seal the gypsum board can be, and if you hang the TV, when the framework, in the appropriate location fixed a large core board, Gypsum board is to withstand the TV) If the appearance of the facade to think about the paint, then use the wooden keel to do the framework, and then Daixinban substrate, do the decorative panels, and finally do paint. Advantages and disadvantages of fire board: 1, fire board, that is, we usually heard in the life of the fire board, usually the use of kraft paper or titanium powder in the phenolic resin and melamine impregnated under high temperature after the pressure made of a Plate type, belonging to a refractory building materials. Its insulation, heat insulation is six times the glass, clay three times, ordinary concrete ten times. 2, ALC board is a silicate material, there is no aging problem, it is not easy weathering, is a durable building materials, the normal life and all kinds of permanent buildings can match the life span. 3, ALC board is not radioactive, there is no harmful substances spill. Aerated concrete fire board superiority: in the production process, there is no pollution and hazardous waste generated. When used, there is no radioactive material and harmful gases, even at high temperatures and in the fire. Each of the independent micro-bubbles, so that aerated concrete products have a certain impermeability, to prevent water and gas penetration, green.
Q:Is it permissible or permitted to block the use of fireproofing in cable ducts?
Cable wire bridge through the fire zone specification must be used to block the fireproof material!

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