End-Pump Laser Marking Machine CNBM from China

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The output laser facula is small and mark the sign line to be thin.

The Light beam quality is good and output the laser stability is high as well as mark the patterns effect to be easy to debug.

The laser Frequency is high and suit some non-metallic materials to mark pattern,The marking speed to be quicker.

The cubage is small and do not need exterior water cooling system.

The complete machine performance is stable ,The cubage is small,The power loss is lower.




Compare with the Side-YAG Laser Marker ,Its pluse with is narrower and the carving line width is more average ,fine that is very suit to mark many kinds of nonmetallic materials . More suitable for precision and high accuracy condition.

It was applied in the fields of Electronic spare parts,Plastic&Rubber Keyboard,IC,Electric Appliance,Mobile&Communication etc.


Matching Type :























Output Power





Beam Quallity :


Adjusting Q frequency


Min. laser impulse width of adjusting Q


Max. laser power of adjusting Q


Marking scope

110x110mm / 200x200mm

 Min. line width



 Min. character size


 Repeat accuracy


Input power



 Electrical source




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