enameled copper wire Srandard:IEC 60502 .Cu/XLPE/PVC power cable

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1.Srandard:IEC 60502
2.Used for construction
3.Cu/XLPE/PVC power cable
4.fast delivery
5.OEM factory

This series is mainly for laying indoor, tunnel, channel and under ground, shaft with large differences of level and other conditions.Rated voltage 10-220kV XLPE insulated power cables have been widely used in our country with the advantages of excellent electric properties, high long term working temperature, strong ability to resist short circuit, long service life, lightweight and without the limit of fall, easy to install, operate and maintain.
The XLPE insulated cables of our factory are strictly produced according to the standards of GB/T12706 (power cable with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from 1kV up to 35kV) and GB/T11017 (power cable with cross-linked polyethylene insulation and their accessories for rated voltage of 110kV).The GB/T12706 is equal to IEC 60502 (1-30kV plastic insulated power cable) andGB/T 11017 is equal to IEC 60840 (the test of 30kV -150kV extruding insulated powercables).
We can produce products complying with IEC 60502-0997 (rated voltage1-30kV extruding insulated power cable and accessories) to meet the requirementof our clients. We can produce XLPE power cables with special requirement andhigher properties according to clients' requirements. Characteristics:1) The highest rated temperature is 90°C2) The highest temperature of the conductor of cables shall be less than 250°C (max. duration: 5s)3) The cables can be laid without the limit of fall with enough mechanical pull,but the single core cable cannot be laid in iron tube or cannot be fixed by circled iron tools around the cables4) The laying temperature of cables should not be lower than 0°C, When the ambient temperature is below 0°C, the cables should be heated up to 0°C orhigher with certain methodsThis series includes:* XLPE insulated, PVC or PE sheathed power cables* XLPE insulated, steel tape armored, PVC or PE sheathed power cables* XLPE insulated, steel wire armored, PVC or PE sheathed power cables* Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV, 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/20kV, 21/35kV,6/35kV
* Number of cores: one, two, three, four, five* Relative manufacturing standards: IEC60502, BS5467, BS6622, ASTMPacking:Wooden drum,steel wodden drum
PVC cable

we can produce UL cable as below:

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Q:Xbox 360 power adapter cable change?
Ya you can plug it in. It should be fine b/c its all emitting the same amount of power. I think. lol
Q:Power cable question?
It is fine, your power cable has a power rating of 6A @ 240V and your hp adapter can handle an input of 100-240V~ 1.6A 50-60Hz right? Then, you bought an adapter which has 10A 250V capacity and it is no problem handling your cable and hp adapter which has a lower power requirement. And also, the most important, in your area, the supply is 120V and your hp can handle from 100-240V and your adapter up to 250V, so there is nothing to worry about, as long as the supply voltage is lower than of the required of your hp, mind it if your supply voltage is 240V and your hp says it handles 120V for it will burn your adapter..............
Q:Panasonic pa-t480 ampere and voltage power cable must match?
Did you check to see if the fuse was blown? Non- operation can be caused by fuse deterioration over time, in relatively heavy current situations. However usually, a blown fuse is indicative of more serious problems, which will not be rectified by replacing a blown fuse. A replacement would just blow again. The power cord/ fuse markings are irrelevant, they're fine. They are there to ensure any replacements are fit for the purpose they were intended for.
Q:Can I use the PSP Power/Recharge Cable with the PS2 Slim?
No you can't, the PSP AC adapter has a lower volt ammount then the one required to power a PS2 So your going to have to play your PSP while you wait for the replacement PS2 cord to come to come
Q:how do i find a power cable for ViewSonic?
Monitor power cables are pretty universal, and are typically the same as the PC power cable, many printer power cables, and the like.
Q:why I only get 10MB in cat5 cabling?
Unlikely to be your cat5 cable - how about your NIC card? wdw
Q:Universal laptop power cord...can somebody recommend a good but inexpensive universal power cable for a laptop?
Laptops each have different power cords, because they have different connections to the laptop itself, so there's no one universal power cable. However, you can easily buy generic powercords for your specific laptop that are cheap. Just go to a site like OKorder and search for your laptop name.
Q:Big 3 upgrade using only ground cables?
Apex (by: Kove Audio) - EQ (by: Clarion - EQS746) Amp: JL Audio 300/4 and 500/1 (constant 800 watts) Cap: One Rockford Fosgate1 farad Cap Front: MB Quart 216 Rear: Boston Acoustics (6x9) SX65 Sub: 1 Eclipse 12 Alum. 4 ohm DVC (Dual Voice Coil) Battery: DieHard AGM Battery, Platinum P-4 - Group Size 34/78DT Alternator: 200amp, rebuilt Using a dual ANL fused D-block in the engine bay 1/0 ga wire to D-block (input and output) - ANL 200 amp fuse (used for H.O. Alternator) - ANL 300 amp fuse (used for power wire to amp) - Hyper Ground System (by: Sun Automobile U.S.A. Inc.) - “BIG 3” upgrade Please comment… Thank-you…
Q:were can i get a sata cable for data not power?
www.okorder.com/ If you can't find your comp parts here, you probably won't find them anywhere lol! But no seriously, I'm building a comp myself and have been in their City of Industry, CA store quite a few times, and they have literally everything you would need to build a comp from the ground up.
Q:Installing lighting in my car by connecting a power inverter to the cables going into my subwoofer amp?
You okorder.com/... Your power inverter, I am not sure what kind of cabling it will require for it to be powered properly as well. Ground is usually connected to Black. And +12v is usually Red.

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