enameled copper wire Srandard:IEC 60502 .Cu/XLPE/PVC power cable

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1.Srandard:IEC 60502
2.Used for construction
3.Cu/XLPE/PVC power cable
4.fast delivery
5.OEM factory

This series is mainly for laying indoor, tunnel, channel and under ground, shaft with large differences of level and other conditions.Rated voltage 10-220kV XLPE insulated power cables have been widely used in our country with the advantages of excellent electric properties, high long term working temperature, strong ability to resist short circuit, long service life, lightweight and without the limit of fall, easy to install, operate and maintain.
The XLPE insulated cables of our factory are strictly produced according to the standards of GB/T12706 (power cable with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from 1kV up to 35kV) and GB/T11017 (power cable with cross-linked polyethylene insulation and their accessories for rated voltage of 110kV).The GB/T12706 is equal to IEC 60502 (1-30kV plastic insulated power cable) andGB/T 11017 is equal to IEC 60840 (the test of 30kV -150kV extruding insulated powercables).
We can produce products complying with IEC 60502-0997 (rated voltage1-30kV extruding insulated power cable and accessories) to meet the requirementof our clients. We can produce XLPE power cables with special requirement andhigher properties according to clients' requirements. Characteristics:1) The highest rated temperature is 90°C2) The highest temperature of the conductor of cables shall be less than 250°C (max. duration: 5s)3) The cables can be laid without the limit of fall with enough mechanical pull,but the single core cable cannot be laid in iron tube or cannot be fixed by circled iron tools around the cables4) The laying temperature of cables should not be lower than 0°C, When the ambient temperature is below 0°C, the cables should be heated up to 0°C orhigher with certain methodsThis series includes:* XLPE insulated, PVC or PE sheathed power cables* XLPE insulated, steel tape armored, PVC or PE sheathed power cables* XLPE insulated, steel wire armored, PVC or PE sheathed power cables* Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV, 1.8/3kV, 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/20kV, 21/35kV,6/35kV
* Number of cores: one, two, three, four, five* Relative manufacturing standards: IEC60502, BS5467, BS6622, ASTMPacking:Wooden drum,steel wodden drum
PVC cable

we can produce UL cable as below:

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Q:Power cable question.?
Possibly on the BoxiT-200 that takes 12 to 19 volts at 3 amps, positive center. Read the printing on user manual, it gives the requirements. Most other Elmo projectors are plugged into an ac outlet.
Q:just got a dell inspiron laptop and was wondering about the screen dimming when I remove the power cable.?
normal, although you can chage some of the settings under control panel as well as using the function key and raise/lower the brightness
Q:Can A bad battery or power cable cause a laptop to Blue Screen?
BSOD errors are usually caused by driver problems. Try updating the computer's drivers. Try switching between the manufacturer's drivers and the drivers provided by Microsoft Update (assuming it is a Windows laptop). Overheating can cause BSOD errors, and is especially common on Pentium 4, Pentium/Celeron D, and Pentium M era laptops. Bad memory is another strong possibility. You can test your memory using MemTest86. Just search for it on Google. The power supply being about to give out is another possibility. That is more common on desktop models though. Laptop PSUs tend to go out suddenly, all or nothing. Batteries will die in a similar way, although won't hold a charge for as long leading up to eventually not having enough power to even start the computer without support from the power cord. Again, assuming it is a Windows computer, you can use the command prompt and the sfc /scanonce command to fix problems with the operating system files that could be causing the problem. If you want to actually READ the BSOD error before it disappears, right click on My Computer, click Properties to bring up the System Properties screen. Click on Advanced, under Startup and Recovery click Settings, then under the on system failure heading, uncheck the option for automatic restart. Then when the BSOD error occurs, you'll have to press Control Alt Delete to restart instead of the computer restarting automatically. If you get a box afterward that says the system has recovered from a serious error, look for anything in the box that might direct you to an explanation. Be sure to send the crash report to microsoft, because they may send back a link to info on how to solve the problem.
Q:Where can you find a replacement VOX Valvetronix power cord and guitar jack?
The power cable is just a standard plug. The one in the back of your computer will work. You can find replacements at drug stores, Radio Shack, hardware stores, Best Buy, and of course guitar stores. The instrument cable is a standard 1/4'' jack and the cable is shielded. This you can find at Radio Shack, a guitar store, or Best Buy. Make sure you get an 'instrument' cable. Speaker cable looks similar and will actually work but it's not shielded and you'll get electrical interference messing up your signal.
Q:Can i plug in the power over Ethernet cable into my laptops NIC Card?
if you plug the cable from the antenna into your computer nothing will happen, or work. that white box puts power into the Ethernet jack going to the antenna, powering the antenna up.
Q:Do most computer MB does not contain a power supply connector for a SATA power cable coming from the SATA HD?
The power for your hard drive actually comes from your PSU, in the form of a 4-pin molex connector. As for the SATA...if it is a SATA hard drive, you'll want a SATA motherboard. Almost all modern motherboards have these connections. If yours doesn't, I'd imagine it's just old...or really cheap.
Q:Were can i buy a replacement power cable ?
FOR WHAT??????????
Q:Where do i put the power cable of a video card on the Motherboard?
Ask okorder.com/ They give you the answer in a video
Q:Will my 40 GB PS3 power cable work with my fat PS2?
Google the voltage the PS2 used, and if the PS3's power cable voltage is the same as the PS2's power cable then it's all good. Hope that helps.
Q:Windows Media Centre starting when power cable gets plugged in?
Use windows defender hit softwares tab and remove windows media center from startup programs list

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