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Made from 100% recyclable materials, CMAX epoxy cast iron pipe systems are not only environmental friendly, but also satisfy many properties necessary to withstand the aggressive conditions both internal and external of the pipes and fittings: these properties include its excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, impact and fire. CMAX also has low noise transmission compared to common UPVC drainage pipe systems. CMAX is designed as long lasting building materials.


CMAX epoxy cast iron pipe systems with nominal size between 40-300mm comply with BS EN 877.BS EN 877 guarantees the quality of the materials, dimensions and tolerances, mechanical properties(like water pressure, tensile strength and brinell hardness) appearance, and the standard coating for the epoxy cast iron pipes, fittings and couplings.


Iron is well known for its strength and abrasion resistance. The shape and impact strength of CMAX products are unchanged under exposure of sunlight and weathering, while UPVC and PVC pipes would soften, deform and become brittle under intense temperature change.


CMAX’s sturdy and dense properties reduce pipe vibration a silent drainage system.Studies had proven iron is the quietest material out of all other common drainage system.

Non-Toxic and Non-Combustile:

No toxic gas will be emitted from CMAX in the event of fire. Iron is also non-combustile,so epoxy cast iron pipes and fittings are recoverable after fire.


All CMAX epoxy cast iron pipes and fittings are internally and externally finished with corrosive resistant epoxy coating to prevent fouling and corrosion. The epoxy on CMAX epoxy cast iron pipes and fittings provides an excellent exterior under humid and tropical conditions.

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Q:3 tips before becoming a real estate agent?
my broker said I needed to start out with $10K in pocket and a new or nearly new car. (this is both a positive and negative statement). you work under a broker but have your own business. You think you can run your business like you want but there are too many rules and regulations to do that. broker said to stay with their agency you need to sell/buy 3 properties per month. You get dumped but your peers don't. some people bring in one sale and stay. broker said they won't teach you about their office if you have a full time job elsewhere (to support yourself while you get on your feet in real estate), but they pick and choose who they train (their favorites). there's a great amount of competition in the agencies and other agents will steal your sale, even the broker. It's a cut-throat (excuse he expression) business. you must use the phone of the agency to get your calls, then you don't get all your calls or mail. This is not a business for the faint of heart. There's a statement out there that says something like 20% of agents bring in the business. A person with the title of million dollar seller only earns $35K a year. If a couple is married who are selling or buying, interview them together (never singly).
Q:What degree should a real estate agent get?
Agree with Bill... Get your degree in business as you don't need a formal education to get your real estate license Once you have been working in the field for a couple of years you can study and get your brokers license and eventually open your own real estate firm. Great answer!
Q:How do you become a real estate agent in Florida?
Becoming a real estate agent can be a very rewarding and fun, but requires dedication and patience. To become a real estate agent, the first step you must need to take is to attend your state approved real estate agent school or course. Then you need to pass your licensing exam. And then you need to find business buyers or sellers as clients.
Q:self directed IRA FOR REAL ESTATE, HELP?
maximum Roth's are already self-directed, so there should be no situation there. And certain, a Roth does enable you to make investments in genuine sources. even if, this funding comes with a numbe4r of regulations - first, you won't be able to purchase or promote genuine sources to and from the Roth with a relative (which ability you won't be able to purchase your own abode). 2d, you won't be able to acquire products or amenities or provide products or amenities which includes your IRA. this suggests you won't be able to purchase a house and connect it up your self and promote it (which may be providing amenities) or in case you opt for to employ it, you won't be able to be the single searching tenants, amassing lease etc. which ability you could ought to apply a administration agency and contractors (and also you won't be able to use a relative both). also want to go back up with the money for interior the IRA to purchase and guard the sources without disposing of a private loan. shop in concepts also that you'll carry out no upkeep on the land itself, so the IRA (get a custodian) can ought to employ a backyard/grounds upkeep agency. And technically, upkeep might want to intend choosing up a scrap piece of paper on the backyard.
Q:Homeschool/College/Real Estate?
If your homeschool isn't accredited and isn't issuing you a diploma, you are wasting your time. You need to get involved in a different program, or maybe a cyberschool that will issue a diploma, or your highschool years are wasted, and you would then need to get your GED before starting college or to get into the real estate world.
Q:Real estate career?
Why aren't you researching with people in the field - who know the ropes?
Q:finding a real estate agent?
Real estate taxes in my area are due semi-annually. The mortgage company adds about 1/12 of annual amount due to the payment. That goes into an impound escrow account, and when the taxes for the home are due the mortgage company pays the county. The agent's commission comes from the proceeds of the sale of the house. You won't pay more than you agreed in the sales contract; the money comes from what the seller would receive. So, technically, the seller is paying the agent.
Q:real estate classes?
I currently work for a release tracking company, which is the backside of real estate law. YES! Take any class you can, and look on-line for seminars. You will be amazed of how many people screwed every day because they have no idea how the real estate world works! Some associations may give free seminars, and some banks! Do a lot researching! Everyone is out to make a buck! Protect yourself and learn as much as you can! I am glad my company maintains honesty still! There also grants that you my be eligible for from your town and state if you meet certain qualifications! Check those out. My friend bought her first home, and got $30,000.00 in grant money from her town and a bank! You really should learn about title insurance, 1st 2nd mortgages, and learn about your state laws! All real estate laws differ from state to state! you also want to make sure you protect your self, and that all of the requirements are met from the seller!
Q:Multi million dollar real estate agents?
Figure four to five% for the dealer(s), and a 30 to 50% cut up for the sellers. Example: $a million,000,000.00 residence Total fee is $50,000. If the directory agent and shopping agent are from specific firms, then each and every will most likely get a million/two of this quantity, or $25,000.00. If the agent has a 50% cut up with their dealer, they get $17,500.00 for this transaction. Keep in brain that sellers typically ought to pay for his or her possess advertising and marketing (commercials, and so on). But, approximately, that is the way it works. Some sellers get bigger or worse splits...
Q:Become a Real Estate agent in New Jersey?
Most large brokerages and all the national chains offer real estate training in a classroom setting. Just call one of them and ask to speak to the sales director. You can also go to your community college or adult education center or vocational school for training.

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