EMC XLPEFLEX Wind Energy Shielded Control Cable

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 Enterprise  Standard

 EMC  XLPEFLEX wind energy shielded control cable is applicable for free hanging or  fixed installation in fin cabin.

Type and Name




EMC XLPEFLEX Wind Energy    Shielded Control Cable


Environment  Conditions:
 Altitude:  1000m
 Ambient  air temperature: Perennial mean temperature: 10℃
 Extreme high temperature:  50℃
 Extreme low temperature:  -42℃
 Average  relative humidity: normal value for accumulated year: 80%
 Earthquake  Proof: Horizontal acceleration: 0.2g
 Normal acceleration:   0.1g
 Safety factor: 1.67
 Note: g is acceleration of gravity. g=9.8m/s²
 Extreme wind speed:30.0m/s

Range of Laying:
 Cables  mainly lay in the cabin of fan, where machinery oil may leak or overflow.

Operating Properties:
   Rated Voltage U0/U: 300/500V
 Continues  operating temperature: Flexible: -5~+90℃
                              Fixed: -40~+90℃
 Min.  ambient temperature when laying: -5℃
 Min.  bending radius :  Flexible:10d
 Note: d is outer diameter.
 Product Introduction
 •Conductor should comply with the  requirements for Class 5 specified in IEC60228.
 •The surface of conductor should be bright and clean no grease, no burr  or bulge or faulted wire to  damage the  insulation.
 Isolated Layer:
 •Every conductor coat with an isolated layer made from appropriated  material.
 The nominal value of the  insulation thickness shall comply with IEC60227-7. The average value of  insulation thickness should be no less than nominal value, and the thinnest  part should be no less than 90% -1mm of nominal value.
 Insulation adopts XLPE, whose property should  comply with provisions in IEC60502-1. The insulation should be rapped on  conductor tightly and easy to peel without damaging the insulation, conductor  and coating. The surface of the insulation should be flat and color evenly.
 Insulated conductors are separated  by colors, and in accordance with DIN VDE 0293. Generally, adopted colors are  brown, black, gray, yellow/green.
 The  shield adopts the structure of tinned copper braid and aluminum foil lapping.  The density of tinned copper braid should be no less than 90%.
 •The nominal value of sheath thickness should comply with the  requirements of GB9330, and the average value of outer sheath should be no less  than nominal value. The thinnest part should be no less than 85%-0.1mm of  nominal value.
 •Sheath is made from PVC mixed material, whose properties should comply  with requirements for PVC/ST5 specified in sheet Two of IEC60227-1. The sheath  should tightly rapped on stranded insulated core or coating. Meanwhile, the  outer sheath should be clean and color evenly.
 •The outer diameter should comply with requirements in GB9330. The color  for sheath is grey or black.
 Finished Cables:
 •The ohmic value of conductor should be no more than specifications in  IEC60228 at 20℃.
 •Finished cables and insulated cores should withstand the rated AC  voltage test of 2500V, and no breakdown in five minutes.
 •The resistance of insulated conductor should be no more than 20MΩ•km.
 •Mechanical and physical properties for finished cable insulation should  comply with IEC60502-1.
 •Mechanical and physical properties for finished cable sheath should  comply with IEC60227-1.
 •Finished cables should withstand the burning test specified in  EN50265-2-1 or IEC60332-1.
 •The shield impedance for finished cable should be no more than 10Ω/km at 20 ℃.
 Inspection Rules:
 •Products can leave factory only after passing examination of technology  department. Each package should be shipped with the product quality inspection  certificate.
 •Products should inspect according to GB9330. If it fails for the first  time in sample inspection, then take another two samples to examine the failed  project. If the two samples are acceptable, then the products are acceptable,  false otherwise. The number of samples is accepted by both sides, or decided by  manufacture at the time of no requirements from the buyer.

MarkPackingTransport and  Storage
 •There should be marks of maker, type, nominal cross-section area,  voltage on the cable. The   marks should  comply with the requirements for conductor and color specified in DIN VDE  0293-308. 
 •Marks shall be legible, not easy to erase. The writing should be  clearly visible after 10 times graze in absorbent cotton cloth.
 •Cables can be packed both in coils and in circles. Cables in circle  should be packed on cable specified in JB/T8137. Cables should be positive  sealing, for those outside the circle, protective cover should be made. And the  length of outside should be no more than 300mm.
 •Tags should identify:
 ①  Maker or trade-mark
 ②  Type and specifications  mm²,V
 ③  Lengths m
 ④  Manufacturing Date:  Year Month
 ⑤  Product Standard Code
 ⑥  Correct direction for circles
 Transport and Storage:
 •The cables should avoid high temperature and cable circle does not  allow flat.
 •Forbid throwing circles with cable from high attitude and mechanical  damage.
 •Forbid lifting several circles at  the same time. Circles should be put firm with appropriate  methods to avoid tip over.

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