Embossed MDF Wallboard Panels Classic Type

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30 m³
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20000 m³/month

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Formaldehyde: E2,E0,E1

Product Description:

Embossed MDF Wallboard Panels Classic Type

Quick Details

  • Type: Fibreboards

  • Model Number: JD-HBE050

  • Material: Wood Fiber, poplar and mix wood

  • Usage: Indoor, furniture and decoration

  • Grade: First-Class, E1

  • Fibreboard Type: HDF / Hard Boards

  • Formaldehyde Emission Standards: E1

  • Thickness: 2.5-6.0mm

  • Size: 1220*2440mm

  • Color: dark brown and brown

  • Tolerance: -2%---+2%

  • Density: 950-1100kg/m3

  • Misture content: 4-8%

  • Min.order: 1x20 feet container


1 Top quality 
2 Thickness:2.5-6.0mm 
3 Glue:E1 
4 density:950-1100kg/m3 
5 high density fiber board 

Technology Specification


Test Items 

Technical Specification 


Test Result 


Moisture Content 










Density Tolerance 





Expansion ration in thickness 




due to water absorption


Internal bonding 





Modulus of rupture 





Modulus of elasticity 





Screw holding







Surface bonding 




Formal Dehyde Emission 

E1: ≤9.0



E2: ≤30.0



Embossed MDF Wallboard Panels Classic Type


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Q:fixing heavy bathroom cabinet to plasterboard wall?
They are the BEST, bar none, anchors you can use!
Q:Which would be better to soundproof a bedroom - soundbloc or polystyrene backed plasterboard?
Polystyrene Backed Plasterboard
Q:Replace rippled plasterboard tape?
Inside corner or outside corner? Inside corner use Plaster Patch and more drywall tape. Apply with a putty knife,let dry,sand. You might need a second coat. After that prime,then paint. Outside corner I would use some corner bead then plaster patch or spackle.
Q:Warehouse in the office with Caigang sandwich panels or light steel keel gypsum board?
Caigang sandwich board is good, at least after the partition to do inside the office inside the winter is relatively warm, unless the winter you have the company warehouse heating! Color steel sandwich board material price 30 yuan / ㎡, gypsum board package package material about 40 yuan / square, aluminum alloy grille more expensive, so the color steel sandwich board construction is convenient, low cost of materials, insulation effect, sound insulation effect is better than The other two
Q:Feeding wires through a plasterboard/stud wall?
Get a wire puller and insert it between the the drywall and the insulation vapor barrier(paper or plastic). There shouldn't be any joists in the way unless you have a split level house. If there is an obstruction it is probably conduit or fire blocking. I ran into fire blocking when doing my house and had to cut open dry wall and drill a hole to feed the wires through. Then I got expandable fire blocking foam to spray around in the hole with the wires after they were pulled. Lastly put back on the drywall and tape and paint. This was a lot of work but worth it for the look of a flat panel on a a wall with no wires showing. Or you could get track to put on the wall to conceal the wires that can be painted to match wall color and almost disappears.
Q:Will the gypsum ceiling be deformed?
Gypsum board to gypsum as the main material, adding fiber, adhesive, modifier, by mixing to suppress, dry from. With fire, noise, heat, light, high strength, low shrinkage and other characteristics and good stability, not aging, anti-moth, available nails, saws, planing, sticky and other methods of construction. The main categories are: gypsum plaster board, decorative gypsum board, gypsum hollow slab, fiber gypsum board. Decorative gypsum board: to build plaster as the main raw material, hue pattern realistic and innovative. Gypsum hollow slab: the same building gypsum as the main raw material, is a light plate, the installation does not require keel, mainly used in the interior walls and partitions. Fiber gypsum board: In addition to building gypsum as the main material, but also incorporates the right amount of fiber reinforced materials, the bending strength than the paper gypsum board can also be used in the interior walls and partitions, in addition to wood materials can also be made of furniture The
Q:my bedroom walls are drylined ,is there a way of soundproofing without removing the plasterboard?
Here is a drywall product designed for sound control. Egg cartons are just so ugly.
Q:Can JML Iron Gym be used on a stud/plasterboard wall?
there's a video, and it's used on a regular door. reviewers all say it hasn't taken any damage / caused any to their door.
Q:Can gypsum board be nailed?
To be fixed in the fixed gypsum board in the wood or keel on the firm,
Q:The difference between silicon calcium board and gypsum board
Gypsum board and calcium silicate board have advantages and disadvantages, gypsum board is relatively environmentally friendly, easy construction, easy to crack, affordable, but not as good as watertight calcium carbonate board, bathroom available plaster board. Calcium silicate board water resistance is better, but the construction is not easy to cut difficult, and dust easy to cure, the market in addition to Etienne and other small plates without asbestos other small plants are containing asbestos, the other cost is about three times the gypsum board Above, it is recommended to use gypsum board decoration. Gypsum board line brand dragon card, Lafarge, can be resistant, cheap second and third line brands such as Taishan, according to your standard decoration it.

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