Embossed MDF Wallboard Panels Classic Type

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30 m³
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20000 m³/month

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Formaldehyde: E2,E0,E1

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Embossed MDF Wallboard Panels Classic Type

Quick Details

  • Type: Fibreboards

  • Model Number: JD-HBE050

  • Material: Wood Fiber, poplar and mix wood

  • Usage: Indoor, furniture and decoration

  • Grade: First-Class, E1

  • Fibreboard Type: HDF / Hard Boards

  • Formaldehyde Emission Standards: E1

  • Thickness: 2.5-6.0mm

  • Size: 1220*2440mm

  • Color: dark brown and brown

  • Tolerance: -2%---+2%

  • Density: 950-1100kg/m3

  • Misture content: 4-8%

  • Min.order: 1x20 feet container


1 Top quality 
2 Thickness:2.5-6.0mm 
3 Glue:E1 
4 density:950-1100kg/m3 
5 high density fiber board 

Technology Specification


Test Items 

Technical Specification 


Test Result 


Moisture Content 










Density Tolerance 





Expansion ration in thickness 




due to water absorption


Internal bonding 





Modulus of rupture 





Modulus of elasticity 





Screw holding







Surface bonding 




Formal Dehyde Emission 

E1: ≤9.0



E2: ≤30.0



Embossed MDF Wallboard Panels Classic Type


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Q:I have leaks in my ceiling flat, which is plasterboard, how should the work be done properly?
Its not a big issue, if your landlord is not willing to fix this problem, you can do it by yourself, there are lots of online resources from where you can choose a good product and apply it on your roof, i am also going to recommend a link and hoping it can be helpful for you, check out the link in the source box.
Q:Silicon calcium board with gypsum board is the same thing?
LZ first clear what is "calcium silicate board" or "silicon calcium board", which is two different things. Calcium silicate board - cement as the main raw material. Silicon calcium board - gypsum as the main raw material. Gypsum board: can be divided into paper gypsum board, decorative gypsum board (that is, silicon calcium board), plant fiber reinforced composite gypsum board and other types. In general, silicon calcium board is a class of gypsum board. The largest gypsum board on the market is the gypsum board, which adds a layer of paper to the surface of the plaster, which reduces the risk of cracking from the plaster itself. The plasterboard has a complete line. Strength is not high. Silicon calcium board is no surface paper, but in the plate inside the glass fiber reinforced materials, all the calcium calcium board is a composite material, and the paper gypsum board is not a composite material. Calcium calcium board than the gypsum board light, and strength High, but the silicon calcium board is not a complete pipeline, the basic or manual operation, which led to the size of the silicon calcium board factory uneven, the product quality gap is huge. Please LZ according to the above to determine whether the calcium calcium board, 8 of the calcium and calcium plate and three of the gypsum board are in the low-end products .8 block calcium calcium board ex-factory price is 3-4 yuan.
Q:Plasterboard to cover up crumbling wall?
it seem the wall is lathe and plaster ...if you look at the plaster carefully you will see hairs sticking out from it ...this is horse hair ..it was put in to give a better grip as the hairs curled around the gaps in the lathe ...you have two choices ..either remove loose plaster ...pva exposed lathes ..then apply BONDING COAT plaster ..and then skim ..or remove all plaster ..and board over ..the upright studs will be spaced at 16centres ..scrim the joints and plaster with BOARD FINISH
Q:Gypsum board how much money a
The general ten, twenty or so
Q:Sound proofing a plasterboard wall?
One thing you can do is add another layer of plasterboard (we call it drywall or gypboard in the US) on top of what's already there. Here's the trick that makes it work really well: don't attach it directly to the existing wall. You need standoff clips that will hold the drywall up, but don't provide a straight path directly to the old wall. That gives the sound energy less ability to move the old wall, less material to be transmitted through. A lot of the sound energy gets eaten up by the heavy drywall. But there's direct transmission if the wall is one big solid piece, so having the standoff clips gives the new drywall layer just a little bit of flex. Most of the sound energy is dissipated moving your wall surface, and the rest is absorbed and dissipated by the standoffs. Transmission through the wall drops precipitously.
Q:Why can gypsum board can be flame retardant
Gypsum. We don't use...plaster...anymore.
Q:On the gypsum ceiling of the drilling, repair, load bearing
1, can not be fixed in the gypsum board load-bearing items. 2, it is best to find woodworking method to find the keel position, to choose a fixed point. 3, if not a heavy item, but it can not find the location of the keel. You can drill a hole in the gypsum board, with a wire tied to the root of the long sticks like the electrode, the electrode and wire together into the gypsum board hole. Jitter wire, so that the electrode across the gypsum board. So that you can use wire to fix some of the weight is not a big item.
Q:¿How do I fix a hole the size of a baseball in a plasterboard wall?
MUD alone won't DO the job. I suggest cut a larger square, use Liquid nails, or screws to attach shims/1x2's/2x2's, etc inside the wall cavity against the inside face. Cut a scrap piece of appropriate drywall to size, install it in the hole, tape, mud, sand, paint. If you happen to be near enough to a stud, cut your square out to the stud center, at least allowing more strength in support on that one side of the patch. I have also, often, used a 2x4 just inside the patch area, recreating a Stud, for the purpose of strength against any pushing at the patch. Steven Wolf
Q:can i tile straight on plasterboard?
You can if it's not in a shower, or other location subject to high moisture and it would be best to roll on a primer/sealer first.

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