Emboridy Cushion for Modern Luxury Funiture

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Our Exclusive outdoor pillows are the best value you can find hand down, use the classic stripe pillow to bring comfort to the great outdoors and living rooms.


woven of soft, water-proof spun polyester

lined with 100% olefin   

100% polyester fill

Cushion Item

High Quality Sunbrella Outdoor Cushion , UV Resistance Cushion ,Outdoor Sofa Cushion

Cushion Cover Material

100% Polyester

Cushion Size


Cushion Cover Shape


Cushion Cover Techniques


Cushion Cover Sample available


Loading Port


Washing Care

Dry Clean Only / Ironing with  low temperature

Cushion  Color

Various Colors are available

Cushion  Use

Beach, Bedding, Car Seat, Chair, Christmas, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Outdoor, Seat


Q: What is the filling in the cushion?

A: The filling in the cushion is 100% polystyrene. It is safe, environmentally friendly.


Q: How can I do when the cushion is dirty?

A: You can just wash it. Don’t worry; the color of the cushion will not fade.


Q: Are these cushions poisonous?

A: No, all of our products are safe and environmentally friendly, we have OEKO certificate.


Q: Why is there a little difference between the products?

A: Our fabric is stretchy, if you push the cushion when you measure the size, you can get different result.


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Q:The sofa cushion is soft, suitable for use with any cushion
Sofa cushion material: sofa cushion material is divided into inner and outer material packaging materials, inner materials are generally sponge, cotton, cotton and other hollow, these materials are soft, the choice of time to adapt to their comfort and feeling. The general use of outsourcing material plain cotton, twill cotton, wool cloth, silk, nylon, canvas, packaging choice should not only conform to in their own comfort, also to collocation with the overall style of the sofa, the sofa outsourcing more detailed, do not choose too coarse fabric.
Q:Is car seat important? Why do we all need to get cushions?
There is a certain cleaning, cold insulation, insulation function, can be installed can not be installed; mainly depends on your own like, do not like, not non installed.
Q:How long can the seat of a car be wrapped in leather?
The question of whether the seat is well or the cushion is good is, of course, a better seat cover! Comparison of leather seat cover in effect is surrounded by a perfect fit perfectly, do not wrinkle, look nice, cushion pad is a thing, ugly, but also a year for 1-2 times, too much trouble, you can get a leather seats, with more than 5 years, and many good things!
Q:How to wash sheep fur cushion?
It can be sent to the dry cleaners or cleaned at home. Method is as follows:1. Pour the cashmere detergent into the pot full of warm water according to the instructions.2, put the cushion in the basin to soak, the water should completely have no cushion.3, soak for half an hour, half with a soft brush cushion tile on the ground.4, will wash the cushion rinse clean, roll well, put into the dry bucket, dry.5, hang in the ventilated place to dry, not to be exposed to the sun.6, brush the brush with pet's hair and comb the coat.
Q:Is the cushion under the sofa made of wood or with spring tension?
Spring is good.The best structure of the sofa, the front and rear direction of the cushion should be a serpentine spring, and the left and right directions are elastic bands. Most sofas now have this structure. Here are the planks, and they are basically simple sofas. The feeling of sitting must be comfortable without spring. In addition, some of the traditional Chinese style sofa is for winter and summer, that there is no spring, just put a few cushion wood frame, summer too hot to remove. But it's not really a sofa.
Q:Do you want to tear off a soft film on the pillow cushion of the new bed?
And every night to empty from the harem. In the shade of the flower emotional chaos, man will covered two lines down. When will the victory be held?.The most difficult thing to do is to read the pen and get sick. A heart without support, tea studies frame delay last month. Melancholy, who knows?.
Q:How to wash wool cushion?
Put the wool into a big pocket, and put a pack of salt in it. Pull your pocket tightly and shake it violently. Then pull out the wool pad and clean the salt ~ to disinfect and remove the dirt
Q:What kind of material is good for car cushion?
Generally popular cushion price between 300-2000 yuan, of course, does not mean that the higher the price. Generally speaking, winter cushions are slightly more expensive than summer. In addition, according to the brand, the material is different, the price will be different. We don't have to pick the most expensive car cushions, and pick the ones that suit us best
Q:Is the car a leather chair or a good cloth chair?
Poor heat dissipation. Because cloth chair heat absorption is relatively strong, so in the summer sit down will feel very uncomfortable, a kind of "stuffy" feeling.The leather seats are made of natural animal skins.Its advantages: 1. easy to clean. Relative to fabric seats, the dust can only fall on the surface of the leather chair, but not deep into the seat. Therefore, a clean cloth can be used to complete the cleaning.2. easier to dissipate heat. Although the dermis will also absorb heat, but it's better heat dissipation performance. In the summer, the sun is hot and the vehicle is hot. With a few hands, you can get rid of the heat, or sit down for a while and you won't feel so hot.Its disadvantages: 1., the surface is vulnerable. Sharp objects, such as knives, scissors, needles, etc., leave marks on the leather and are prone to aging. 2. sit feel more slippery. Because of the material characteristics of the leather seat, the friction is relatively small. 3. may scald. In summer, when the surface of the seat is exposed to the sun, the surface temperature can be very high, up to about 60 degrees, and may cause burns. 4., airtight, summer sitting on the leather seat for a long time, legs are sweat, this is the disadvantage of leather chair, but also the source of ventilation seats born.
Q:What's a good mahogany sofa cushion?
There are more than 1000 kinds of mahogany sofa cushions, characters, totems, flowers and birds.

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