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1.Software own designed

2.Since 1991

3.Wonderful Price

4.All kinds of related components

5.OEM for famous Elevators Company

We have been supplying various specifications of elevator controlling cabinet as per customer’s requirements.

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Q:Home has been renovated, toilet running water, who is responsible for the responsibility?
Looking for your decoration company to bear, as for the elevator to find professionals to detect the assessment
Q:What is the most valuable part of the elevator?
Is the motherboard and inverter
Q:What is the highest part of the elevator car roof?
Traction wheel and then the car top maintenance switch ah
Q:What parts are inside the elevator control cabinet?
power supply.
Q:The elevator has a certain useful life
This really is not, only reference scrapped, not forced to scrapped!
Q:What is the easy parts of the elevator?
Mainly easy to damage the components are generally: control cabinet contactors, relays, pit safety switch (due to pit damp and other reasons), door slider, door hanging wheel, buttons, etc.
Q:Elevator overweight crushed what parts are broken need to repair how much money
Switch not much money, mainly for the switch to do after the overload test, weight, handling == cost
Q:How long is the service life of the elevator?
Generally 15 years should be scrapped. (1) the building only designed an elevator (no spare ladder), the use of time for 15 years; a spare ladder to 18 years; (b) belong to the national industry authorities (3) the host and other major parts wear serious, the equipment has been over three times overhaul, re-maintenance project investment costs than the depreciation of the equipment residual value; two, in line with the following One of the conditions of the residential elevator, elevator property rights should be the local special equipment testing center or the local housing equipment inspection and testing and national elevator quality supervision and inspection center for identification, to determine whether the need for retirement. (1) there is a serious defect in the quality of the product or the quality of the installation. (B) due to damage to the structure of the building or the elevator had a serious accident, resulting in serious damage to the ladder equipment. (3) The building has been seriously inclined or settled, resulting in the elevator running direction and the vertical direction of inclination greater than 15. (D) the main mechanical parts serious corrosion, deformation or electrical equipment serious aging, damage. (5) other basic conditions that can not guarantee safe operation.
Q:Inside the elevator how to do leakage
See is not the pit of water, and to dry Yeah, or else will burn the circuit board, hope to adopt
Q:The elevator does not need to be sealed
If it is emergency electric operation, need to block the safety gear switch, gripper switch (asynchronous machine), speed limit switch, upper and lower limit switch, the buffer switch
We have expert designers and managers and set up effective quality control system and achieved ISO9001 certificate for quality management system. We strictly control the product quality from design, manufacture, inspection, installation to service according to ISO9001 standard.

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