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Product Description
1. Model:SPB-1002 after oxidation of aluminum alloy shell
2. Capacity 4000mAh new PCBA circuit boards
3.  Li-polymer Battery in high quality
4. Output:5V/1A
5. Input:5V/1A
6. Super thin Size:116*65*7.5mm
7. Weight:116g

*After oxidation of aluminum alloy shell, and touch with frosted.
*Four LED power indicator light display battery percentage.
*Only 8 mm thickness and Lightweight, easy to put it in any place.
*Compatible with a variety of models of mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPod, PSP, camera, etc.
* Can be fully charge iPhone4 twice. Will Fully Charge Most Smart Phones in 1 to 2 Hours.
* New polymer batteries, 4000 ma, new PCBA circuit boards, imported IC, with over charge and discharge

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