Elegant and stylish and durable and highly speed usb 2.0 card reader

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1.Browse and edit files through the card reader directly,

2.Support bandset and all kinds of memory card without capacity

limit.Support USB1-1/2-0.Easy plug and play installation device.

NO external power needed.


High-Speed USB 2.0 Compliant
Slim size,easy for carry


- TF card reader Mini T-Flash/TF/Micro SD/MicroSD Micro Card Reader/writer.
- 100% Brand New and high quality.

- Smallest Micro SD Usb Card Reader with Cover.
- Read / Write to your T-Flash/TF/Micro SD/MicroSD card (no adapter).
- Plug and play hot swapping, easy to install and use.
- High Speed USB2.0 Compatible With USB1.1.
- Backward compatible to the existing MicroSD cards.


- USB 2.0 Micro SD Card Reader with 480mb/s.
- Power supply by USB port directly.


- USB 2.0 Portable WiFi SD Card Reader .
- Single card reader, No USB wire required, Supper slim pocket size, easy for carry.
- Rope hole for hang.
- Supports Windows 7 XP, 2000, 98, and Mac OS 9.2 and higher, No driver required.


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Q:i have attached a all in one card reader to my pc and it says i cannot open it i have a 1/0 error,?
Theres okorder
Q:can you recommend a good tarot card reader in dublin ireland?
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Q:Can you take an SD memory card out of a USB memory card reader without stopping the drive?
yes it would as far as I know at the moment
Q:What is the use of the reader?
3. After confirming that the built-in card reader of the notebook supports the memory card on hand,
Q:How does the PC card reader works?
I just got a 2007 Civic Hybrid with a Navi system. You use a PCMICA flash drive reader. You can buy a PCMCIA 4-1 or 6-1 reader. SD and CF memory plugs into those readers. The reader will plug into a laptop and then into your car. I am going to try the sony hi speed memory stick reader and sony hi speed memory stick though I'm not sure this format works. Will keep you posted if you want.
Q:what is card reader for in a laptop?
Buy okorder
Q:Card readers vs. transferring from camera?
Am sorry to say that my daughter's MIL just ran into trouble on a virgin card (first fill with images), using her HP printer's SD card slot. In her case, I suspect static discharge might have played a part. I'm having hers *disassembled* for evaluation. There's an outfit here in Colorado that (for a price) will actually repair a card sufficiently to retrieve images. I doubt there's anything wrong with your camera. You can demonstrate that to yourself by continuing to use USB to transfer the images and waiting to see if any new errors crop up. I suspect that they won't. I'm not also comfortable with installation or removal of SD (or in your case, XD) cards while powered. I've heard of too many cases where, while it appeared that the file system of the card had been properly shut down before the card was removed, it evidently had not been, and while the user was only READING data, the card was left in some peculiar state on removal. I'm fuzzy on this, and in the next week or two, plan a concerted effort to understand what they're packing into these SD cards that allows them to be left in these states. One would have thought that removal after only reading would not create these conditions. Then there's the simple problem of removing a device while it's powered, regardless of the question of the state of the file system when power is dropped ************************************** ************************************** ALL of the digital camera manufacturers frown on powered insertion and removal of memory cards -- they explicitly warn against this in their user manuals. Why are card readers, either connected to a PC or a printer, exempt from this concern? Sounds like a separate question for this forum! ************************************** **************************************
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Q:Is it necessary to buy a memory card reader for my digital camera?
Most card readers accept many of the standard memory cards. Just ask the salesperson if the reader you are buying accepts Memory Sticks and SD cards. You never know when you may buy a camera that uses SD cards most do.
Q:I went to another tarot card reader?
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