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Product Description:


Electronic Single Fiber Strength Tester
1.Max load:2KN
2.use for FRP,ABS,EVA,PU
3.computer control display
4.prompt shipment

Equipment summary:

Electronic Single Fiber Strength Testeris a new material testing machine that combined withthe electronic

technology and mechanical transmission, it has accurate load speed, range of forcemeasurement, has high

accuracy andsensitivity for the load, displacement measurement and control.This series of machine using singlespace structure, operationalspace at the bottom,it is mainly applied to test

nonmetallic and metallic material ,which the load is less than 1kN, it has the parameters, such as stress,strain,

control mode of displacement ,calculated max force, tensile strength, bending strength, compressive strength,

elastic modulus, rate of elongation, yield strength and others.

Applicable industry:

Electronic Single Fiber Strength Tester iswidely used in wire and cable, hardware, electronic andelectrical

equipment, packaging, printing, medical equipment, auto parts, textiles and leather, clothing, shoes,rubber and plasticproducts, colleges and universities; research laboratories; inspection arbitration,technical

supervision departments and many other industries, it is the basic equipment for quality management and

physical tested.

Technical parameters:  


HZ-1007E Electronic Single Fiber Strength Tester

Maximum load

50N,100N,200N, 500N, 1KN,2KN(optional )

Accurate grade

1grade / 0.5 grade

Effective measuring range

Force from 0.2% to 100% / from 0.4% to 100%

Measuring accuracy

the value ±1% /  the value ±0.5%

Tester resolution

Max load: 1/200000, constant the resolution

Load sensor

Basic configuration sensor max load: one

Effective tensile stroke

400, 500mm (can be increased the tensile space according to

customers requirement )

Testing speed

From 0.001 to 500mm/min

Accruacy of displacement measurement

Tolerance:±0.5% / tolerance: ±0.2%


Electronic-limit protection

Testing platform moving  device

Fast /slow( two speeds to control ),can jog

Return Back

Manual or automatic operation, After the test, the moving iron

return to initial position with

the highest speed by manual or automatic operation

Overload protection

Overload 10%, automatic protection


A set of tensile clamp

Machine dimension

450*580*135mm3 (L*W*H)


AC  servo motor and drive

Power supply

220V , 50HZ or according to the requirement


0.4KW (depending on different demand of force,using different motor)


About 160  Kg

Main function:

This machine can be applied to test lots of materials in tension, compression, tear, peel (can 90 degrees and 180

degrees) and other mechanical test, such as rubber, tires, belt, shoes, plastic, film, acrylic, FRP, ABS, EVA, PU,

aluminum-plastic pipe, composite materials,waterproof materials, fibers, textiles, wire and cable, paper,

gold foil, ribbons,thread, spring, wood,medicine packagingmaterials, tapes etc.

Main features:  

1. Adopt  Panasonic servo motor,the beam moves up and down to test the load through the transmission.

2. The whole control system is safe and high reliability.

3. Microcomputer control the whole testing process, real-time dynamic display the load values,

displacement values, deformation,testing speed and testing curves.

4. Microcomputer for data processing and  analysis, testing results can be saved automatically, testing curvers

can be transferred out after the test, you can know the testing process through the testing curvers, or compare

with others curves, or amplify the curvers.

5. the testing software of the Window, with strong processed capabilities of data and graphics, it can immediate

print out a completetesting report and testing curves.

6. Has limit protection, overload protection, emergency stop and other safe protective functions.

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