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Product Description:


1.Digital Reeling Twist Tester
2.To determine single or plied yarns twist by conventional or untwist/re-twistmethods


Digital Reeling Twist Tester is designedto determine single or plied yarns twist by conventional or untwist/re-twistmethods.

Related Standards:    

Digital yarn twist tester

GB/T2543.1/2, 14345

FZ/T 10001

ISO 2061

ASTM D1422/1423

   Note: this tester can conform to but not limit to allthe standards above, for more standards conformance, please contact us.


1       Controlled by microcomputer,large-screen LCD displayer (made in CHINESE TAIWAN), support both Chinese andEnglish menus by switch, man-machine interactive dialogue operation;

2        With data storage function whenpower off, query up to 300 groups data, and print out test report in English orChinese optionally;

3         zero position is detectedby optocouple sensor to avoid zero shift caused by Hall sensor;

4         Right sample grip isderived high-performance direct-drive stepper motor, rotational speed can bearbitrary preset to avoid the problems of brush wear and spark interface whichis caused by DC motor completely;

5         Add the pre-tension athorizontal direction.

Key Specification:

1         Testmethods     1. Direct count;    

                                        2. Once twist/retwist method

                                       3. Twice twist/retwist method;    

                                        4. Triple twist/retwist method

2        Smplelength                     25,50,100,250,500(mm (selectable)

3         Range of tested yarn          1~499.9tex

4         Range oftest                    1~9999.9 twist

5         Rotationalspeed                 300~1200r/min(adjustable)

6         Metallic scaleaccuracy      1mm

7        Power supply                    AC220V  50Hz  20W

8        Instrumentsize                  1070 * 240 * 200mm

9        Instrumentweight               30kg

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