Electronic Lawn Mover garden cordless

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Robot lawn mover

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Robotic Mowers


Anti-Slip,Antistall,Cordless,Self Propelled



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20'ft quantity:


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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Color Box:87*53*31cm (L W H) G.W.:25KG N.W.:22KG 20"FT Quantity:189pcs 40"FT Quantity:399pcs 40"HC Quantity:456pcs
Delivery Detail:20days


Robot Lawn Mover,85W,3cm-6cm cutting height, 25.4cm cutting width, 20m/min cutting speed. Best-selling models.


Coverage (for once charging)800m2±20%1200m2±20%
Working capacity2000m2±20%2600m2±22%
Virtual wire maximum length300m300m
Standard virtual wire length100m100m
Mower size70*48*27cm(LWH)70*48*27cm(LWH)
Charging station size45*38.5*23.5cm(LWH)45*38.5*23.5cm(LWH)
Qty for cutting blades1pc1pc
Cutting height3-6cm3-6cm
Cutting width25.4cm25.4cm
Cutting speed20m/min20m/min
Blades rotate speed4000rpm4000rpm
Hill capability30 degree Max slope30 degree Max slope
Max ambient functioning temp.40°C40°C
Average working time3hours4.5hours
Wireless remote control6m6m
Type of batteryLead-acid batteryLithium battery/sumsung
Gross weight25KGS22KGS
Net weight22KGS19KGS
Charging time3hours5-6hours
Rain sensorYesYes
Auto rechargeYesYes
Intelligent spiralYesYes
Go straightYesYes
Anti theftYesYes
Lift sensorYesYes
Tilted sensorYesYes
Ultrasonic waveYesYes
Bumper sensorYesYes
LED displayYesYes
Human sensorYesYes
Time set-up systemYesYes
Emergency switchYesYes
Set up passwordYesYes
Around virtual wire walking selectionYesYes
Mower can't been start when charging station power lessYesYes
Mower can't been start when virtual wire has been cutYesYes
Auto turn off if mower went out signed areaYesYes
Intelligent test lawnYesYes



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Q:Which factory produces the domestic mower quality is better
Hangzhou Tongan Science and Technology Mower Basic data: The lawn mower is a livestock machinery that can cut pastures or other hayable crops and lay them on the ground. There are reciprocating mowers and rotors
Q:How to reduce the sound of the lawn mower
I was worry about how to end it, and heard Yu shouted: "small rabbit! Little rabbit!" Look along the direction of Yu fingers, a little girl is there to put a small rabbit! Yu music Oh ran over, small Sister is very friendly, so that young people gently touch the white rabbit also teach Yu feed small rabbit! Yu very successful feeding a few slices of leaves, happy to clap!
Q:The lawn mower can not hit the fire
There is a strong spark, there is a very strong oil mist spray. After continuous start several times there is still a very strong oil mist spray, indicating that the mixture is too thick, please adjust the carburetor float oil needle height, reduce the oil surface to reduce fuel injection.
Q:Mitsubishi mower on the motor how to install the rope
Mitsubishi on the line, simple and easy to use. If you use the stepper motor, I suggest you add the best encoder or scale, so you can check the wheel position. Want to adopt
Q:Germany Steele fs150 lawn mower how much money one
Not to the warranty, the shop that the import of things that are not warranty, and shopkeepers fight, and now bought a domestic brand lawn mower, the quality is very stable, much better than Steele
Q:Is the cutting machine and the lawn mower the same machine?
Exhaust 30CC-50CC, 0.8KW to 2.0KW. Generally used in small shrubs, thick weed cutting; exhaust more than 50cc, 2.0KW above the general use of large shrubs cutting; road use exhaust 30CC --- 50CC power mower
Q:Does anyone know how my two-stroke lawn mower is so fueled?
Under normal circumstances, the 2-stroke gasoline engine is much more fuel-efficient than 4 strokes. Because of its structure causes some of the mixture is not burning, directly discharged.
Q:Is it good for mebikes?
3, to maintain soil and water: artificial hoe weeding, due to weeding at the same time loosening the topsoil, it will often cause a certain soil erosion, artificial hull in the ladder, resulting in soil erosion will be more serious. And the use of lawn mower weeding, because only cut off the ground part of the weeds, the soil surface almost no effect, coupled with the grass-roots solid soil effect, to maintain water and soil is very favorable.
Q:Lawnmower carburetor oil spill how the matter
Pay special attention to the oil seal at the front and rear ends of the crankshaft. Crankshaft front seal seal damage, aging or crankshaft pulley and oil seal contact surface wear, will cause the front of the crankshaft oil spill.
Q:Two-stroke lawn mower can not hit the fire
Filter block blocking, carburetor, but the oil, how the cylinder, the exhaust pipe block blocked. This can solve the basic solution.

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