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tensile strength testing machine
1.tensile strength testing machine
2.LCD, connect to computer.
3.can operated through PC.

Products description

It is used to determine the breaking strength and extension ratio at break tovarious woven and non-woven fabrics. This machine can also be used for thetensile tests such as the constant speed, constant displacement, constant time,constant load, constant elongation, tearing, peeling, bursting, elasticityrecovery etc.
Standards GB/T3923.1.2; GB/T39172.3; FZ/T01030; ISO13934.1.2; ISO13935.1.2;ISO4606; ASTMD2261;ASTMD4964; ASTM D5034, ASTM D5035; Bs2576; DIN53835.13.14,DIN53838; DIN53861.2; DIN53868; NFG07-001; NFG07-119, 120; IIS L1093 and so on.
T1.The test indexes could be set on the LCD by the tester, such as the tensilelength, the load and so on. It is convenient to do test.

2. Use Servo motor, pneumatic clamp, imported sensor and ball screw rod.

3. LED Panel, real time display the breaking strength, breaking elongation,time, etc

4. Protection: overload, over current, limit protection and so on.
5. It can be connected to computer and printer, the on-going testing and testgraph, date and curve would be given out. The test result is more accurate,dependable.
6. The instrument has more functions, can do slip, peel etc. testing on thesame machine.
7. Can be operated under English system.

Technical index:









Testing gauge




Testing accuracy

≤ ±1% of indicated value

Tensile speed




Max. Stroke




External Dimensions




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