Electronic Code Metal Safety Bank Vault Door

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product name: electronic code metal safety bank vault door size: H2000*W1000*D240mm Brand Name: golden tortoise
lockset: LAGARD Lock(UL1548),electronic lock,key lock OEM/ODM: yes allocation: a LAGARD Lock(UL1548),a wheeling,barrier door inside,emergency door
Door board thickness: 8mm delivery time: 10-25 days after confirming the order Model number: anjiu -78
material: cold rolled steel

Product Description:

Priduct information:

Name Electronic Code   Metal Safety Bank Vault Door
LockestLagard   Lock(Ul1548)
ColorGray,It'S   Optional.
AllocationA   Lagard Lock(Ul1548),A Wheeling ,Emergency Door On The Door,Barrier Door   Inside
Packaging DetailPacked   One By One In Strong Wooden Box,1Pcs/Box;According Customer'S Needs
Delivery Detail10-25   Days After Confirming The Order
Installation door hole sizeH2020*W1020Mm

Product  Details:

Our Luxury vault door could be customized according to your needs .

* Outside door  covered by 1mm thick stainness stteel

* Steel Thickness of  the door  board :8mm, 60mm thickness fireproof material layer;

   inside  with  alloy anti-drill  plate.

* 3mm thickness cover board ; 100mm thickness inside frame; 20mm thickness back cover board

* one set  transmission mechanism for vault door

* Stainless steel  locking bolts,  one set  Luxury stainless steel  barrier door

*Lockset :two  pcs  USA LAGARD BRAND  code , one round  handle  for the vault door

* Package:  Strong wooden  box


Electronic Code Metal Safety Bank Vault Door

Electronic Code Metal Safety Bank Vault Door

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1.OEM/ODM orders acceptable

2.On-line service all day

3.Any product sold from our company is attached with a manual describes.

4.Different styles and models are available.

5.Fastest delivery,saving more storage cost at your end.

Company Files :

*We are the professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of  safe box,gun cabinet,cion cabinet,

   vault doors and office furnitures have 17 years.

* Based on a long history, strong technical force, advanced equipment and reliable quality, 

   our company has become a member of National Security Association.

* Our company takes the lead in passing ISO9001 International Quality Management System

   and CCC certifications. 

* Our Golden Tortoise series products are insured by Chinese People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd.

* Our safe box has been saled for many years in the international market ,whichever series of  safe boxs have   got the nod from customer .

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Electronic Code Metal Safety Bank Vault Door

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Q:What is the difference between the safe and the safe?
Use:First, the choice of a well-off family, the needs of a happy family.Place the important documents and valuables. Such as contracts, contracts, birth certificates, academic certificates, property permits, notarization, etc., to avoid disorderly placement and when necessary, can not find.He placed a small amount of emergency or spare cash, coins, precious collections or very personal items, stamps, coins, antiques, jewelry, jewelry, gold etc..
Q:Why didn't the safe place the password?
According to the # key input code 1234 or the original password to the factory according to the # key light blue screen, the screen shows "open", press * key input (1-8), according to the new password # key to open under the blue light to try a new password to change the code successfully.
Q:How do I open the safe deposit box 77-38-52.5?
Turn right at the 10; the number of rotating wheel to the right to 10, at this time, three groups of cipher code completion.Be careful! The first two sets of passwords must be accurate for the last time. If you turn a little bit, you should start from the beginning, and the last set of passwords can be turned back.
Q:Why don't you see the external battery box in the safe?
The external battery box is an independent small box, can put four No. seven or no. five battery box with a line can be connected to the safe of the external power port, the connection port is generally below the display panel. You are not defeated or sell when the business did not give you no see. The function of an external battery box is to use the box to supply power outside the cabinet when the battery in the safe is used up and the machine cannot be switched on.
Q:Forgot how to reset the password for the safe when you forgot your password
I wonder if your safe is with an indicator or a display, as follows:A: indicator, electronic code lock, change the method; how to change the electronic code lock of the indicator light?
Q:How do I change the safe deposit box?
First, the first set of code number to the right three time alignment reference line; two, second groups of codes to the left two time alignment reference line; three, third, a group of password right aligned to the reference line. Be careful:1. see even a digital.2., the last number of dials, if turned too far, should start all over again, not turning
Q:The order of unlocking the safe
Is it a mechanical code or an electronic one?,The electronic password should first according to the key well in the password confirmation
Q:How to change password for electronic safe?
General opening of electronic safety box: (password must be correct, battery voltage is sufficient)# # passwordOpen the door with the master key and the emergency key. There is a reset button inside. Press it:1 enter a new password, press button #2 restore the factory password. # factory password #* new password input can be #Please take a bonus (try 1234)Please accept the answer and support me.
Q:Do you have the right or reverse of the old safe?
The 3 group is the first to the right:Turn right, circle 3, aim at the first number (01)!Turn left to go through the first number (01) and aim at the second number at a time (02)!Turn right and point directly at the third digit (03) door!
Q:Selection of materials for safes
From a durable point of view, the best material should be stainless steel, especially for surface materials, the brighter the use. Its strong strength, corrosion resistance, color unchanged. But there are many kinds of stainless steel, mainly divided into ferrite and austenite. Ferritic stainless steel has a magnetic, commonly known as stainless steel, long time, the environment is not good will rust, only austenitic stainless steel will not rust, identification method is very simple, with a magnet to try to identify.

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