Electromagnetic Relay 1500v rms

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Q:KG316T microcomputer timer switch how to set the ring time?
Press the timer button, there is 1 open / 1on, and then press the hour, minutes to set your opening time, then press the timer key, there is a off / 1off, by hours, minutes are off time; followed by input; , Press the cancel / reply key 3 5 times to unlock it.
Q:How to view and delete the computer switch machine time record?
Open the "Control Panel", double-click "Administrative Tools", then open the "Event Viewer", in the left window, select "System" option.
Q:With two time relay how to achieve 10 seconds repeated switch
A time relay control on, another time relay control off. But each time the relay to be equipped with a small relay Caixing.
Q:Want a switch, the switch time can be adjusted, the time setting is milliseconds.
Directly to buy a programmable controller can meet your requirements.
Q:How can the length of the closing time of a switch be controlled in the PLC to control the output voltage?
You can need to add analog expansion module but is a level of voltage changes rather than stepless changes should be used to control the timing is only a very short time interval and the output of the analog signal and then through the amplifier output control voltage on the line because the PLC The rated voltage on the point of the estimated that you can not reach the requirements of the PLC is not directly add the load are generally added to the middle of the relay or the rules do not lose the craft Oh
Q:Microcomputer time control switch how to adjust the time
Second, the use of methods (using the timer function, please hand switch in the open state) 2.1 Adjust the clock (the factory has a good clock) If you need to re-adjust the press the "clock" key while holding the "school week" button, "school" key, "school" key. 2.2 Set the first time to open: Click the "timer" button. LCD screen appears (Figure 1) state, then press the "school" key and "school" health, enter the first time to open. 2.3 Set the first time to turn off: Click the "Timer" button. LCD screen appears (Figure 2) state, then press the "school" key and "school" health, enter the first turn off time. 2.4 continue to press the "timer" button, the LCD screen appears "2 open, 2 off ... 10 open, 10 off" reference steps 2 and 3, set the time after the opening and closing, if Only once a day and off once, you must press the "Cancel / Resume" button, "2 open, 2 off ... 10 open, 10 off" the storage time to eliminate, so that the LCD display "----" pattern. 2.5 timing is set, should press the "clock" button, so that the LCD screen shows the current Beijing time.
Q:Mobile phone switch time set in which unit?
The [automatic power on / off] tick, set the required power off time. After the above operation, the phone will automatically switch the machine according to the set time.
Q:Switching power supply to Canada NRcan energy efficiency time about how long
To ensure that the charger and battery voltage uniforms, your battery is 25.6v of the job, 65AH is the battery capacity
Q:Kg316t microcomputer control switch how to adjust the time
Timer three-phase wiring method, N into the T-side is the negative level C into the positive level of the timer connected to the contactor coil?
Q:How to prohibit the computer record switch machine time
the other: the antivirus software real-time monitoring diary clear, real-time monitoring start time that is your boot time, but no shutdown time (every time before shutdown)

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