Electro-hydraulic excavatorCED1000-7

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Product Description:

1,Hydraulic system provide perfect power and accurate control to ensure continuous digging operation.

Main components, such as pump, valve, are manufactured by international top brand enterprises.

There is an open hydraulic system with Tri pump & Tri circuits, controlled by load sensing system and limit power to ensure higher efficiency and productivity at the lower est hydraulic loss. Reasonable power distribution and double pumps with crossover power control system can reduce circulation time under multiaction operation and promote productivity.

Swing secondary pressure control for better starting and braking pressure so as to ensure fast and stable swing operation.

Hydraulic hose, connection: world famous brand with excellent performance ensure better reliability for operation in mine.

High efficiency features:

Starting with zero displacement with better starting load and starting performance

Technique with minimum flow control at neutral position for best energy saving and economical efficiency

Technique with pressure cut-off to provide better system protection

Control of constant power of single pump, limited power of three pumps for reasonable distribution of engine power

Confluence of three pumps for combined movements and increasing of operating efficiency

Logic valve control for automatic straight traveling, automatic release of swing brake

Confluence of two pumps for increasing operating efficiency

2,Power system(Unique power-driven technology in China)


Clean energy: zero-displacement, environmental friendly

Low cost: compare to diesel engine, the electromotor is more economical

Maintenance free: lower operating cost and easy maintenance

Separate hyd-oil cooler with better cooling effect and easy maintenance

3,Welding&casting structure for working attachment

Adopt international top brand cylinder seal for better sealing property

Working attachment pins are made of special wearresistant alloy, hardening and chroming treated for getting high strength and long circle life

4,Automatic central ludricating sestem

Top brand automatic central lubrication at setting time interval, for specified quantity and at all lubrication points. which results in saving of manual daily maintenance, reduced manpower and increased productivity

5,Classified esign & manufacture based on working condition

Special design & manufacturing of bucket, undercarriage, working attachment and other structure parts based on different working condition; customizing design on power unit, hydraulic system, oil products and electrical system to make our products suitable for all kinds of adverse circumstance

Working attachments such as breaker, cultivators, quick-change connector can be equipped to meet different working requirements

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Q:My excavator is KOMATSU PC650,the bucket is vulnerable to wear after changed . How could I choose a right one.?
Most people get a Welder to do what is called Hard Surfacing
Q:how fast can the following go:?
*Claps hands* Are we setting up a race here!?!?
Q:Which brand is good for excavator?
Integrated cost performance, I will consider, machine, Wang Jiateng! High speed, good stability, low failure rate, low fuel consumption. Key secondary values are very high.
Q:How much horsepower is the caterpillar 325c excavator?
Q:What is the difference between a Track Hoe (Excavator) and a Back Hoe?
A backhoe is usually mounted on the back of a rubber tired tractor while a trackhoe is mounted on a caterpillar-style tractor -- or is manufactured as a stand-alone track-mounted vehicle.
Q:Why is the Economy bad?
Wow, I am amazed that no one here remembers further back than the Bush administration. The problem dates back further than the 1970's, but that is where I will start. In the 70's is when the government became lax on illegal immigration laws and loosening tariffs on cheap foreign goods, and once again lowered taxes on the rich, and China began dumping cheap merchandise on America. To counter this in the 80s American corporations began outsourcing, and the government once again lowered taxes on the rich. Later in the 80's cities such as Chicago deemed themselves safe havens for illegal immigrants causing a huge influx of illegals to the area. Once again government (Reagan) lowered taxes on the rich, the tech bubble burst, and even more jobs were outsourced. In the late 90's early 2000's we had the SL scandal and Enron which the government had to help the workers financially, Government lowered taxes on the rich. Then war after war, Young Bush cut taxes for the rich and the housing bubble burst and still more jobs being outsourced. So basically over 40 years of outsourcing and tax cuts to the rich have created this corporate/rich Utopia in America where cheap labor will soon come to a job like yours.
Q:What can i do to keep the neighbors dogs from digging under the fence! They don't care!?
Unfortunately you may end up bringing a police report or trying to speak with your neighbors again about the dogs digging in, maybe suggest the shock collar.... you can spray apple bitter all day long, use those toe pads, place rocks under the fence line, and they may find a way to dig in, even when the shock collar battery dies. I own a beagal and he'll dig to china if you let him... 3 times and back. We ended up using a shock collar fence line burried under the fence line to keep him from digging under the fences.
Q:What brands do excavators have?
Caterpillar Doosan, Xu can also work Liu
Q:Why is my excavator heater not working?
Q:how to get my broken cat key out of the ignition switch?
Replace the switch... it will be fairly cheap in those. You could just by-pass the switch in the mean time. Pop the ignition switch out, there should only be two wires on that type of equipment, just jump them for now. Good Luck!

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