Electro Galvanised Steel Wires

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Galvanized Wire/Galvanized Steel Wire/ Gavanized Iron Wire



Weaving, braiding, fencing, cable armoring, knitting, tie wire, for redrawn, for binding or forming etc.


low carbon steel wire



Tensile strength

350-500MPA, or higher

Zinc coating

Min 12g/m2, min 25g/m2, min 200g/m2,min 300g/m2,610g/m2

Surface treatment

Hot dipped or electro galvanized


On spools

In small coils of 25-50kg/coil, 10kg/coil

In rosette coil of 100-800kg/coil


ASTM 641, EN10257-1& EN10244-2

All can be produced according to customers’ requirements.

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Q:wiring sizes?
#12 because it runs for 3 hours or more and if you get a larger one it will be cababile of running it
Q:Question about wiring when removing a range hood...what is the purpose of a non-insulated wire?
The bare wire is ground, perhaps the most important wire because it is there for safety. Sure the hood would have worked with out it but you may have gotten electrocuted if it wasn’t connected. Whenever connecting wires in anything the ground wire must be connected. If the box you are connecting the wires in is metal, not only do you have to connect the ground wire to any other ground wires you also have to connect it to the metal box so that the box is grounded. Otherwise later you may come back and touch the box and get electrocuted. The ground wire is there to ensure the breaker/fuse gets tripped if a hot wire touches any metal part of any appliance that is connect in the circuit. If not it will be like touching a hot wire just by touching the appliance. Hope this helps!
Q:when wiring car speakers.. does the thickness of the wires matter?
This Site Might Help You. RE: when wiring car speakers.. does the thickness of the wires matter? do speakers function better with thick or thin wires?
Q:99 4 runner a/f sensor wiring diagram?
Why do u want to know what wires go to the sensor? If you have a code for the a/f sensor..99 % of the time it is an open in the sensor itself. On rare occasion there are others like a chewed wire by a rodent. But I would just recommend replacing the a/f sensor. And i u were to follow the wires from the male connector they would lead you to a big wire harness that basically just all ends up at the ECU. Just in case u wanted to know.
Q:Electrical Wiring In A Building?
Some places require a re-wiring of a home if you replace the main service panel and the wiring is old, such as post and wrap or two conductor. In general, unless you have very old wiring, have had a fire, or need to upgrade your power availability in a room, you will not need to replace the wire. And my advice, if you have ANY post and wrap, or cloth insulated two-wire, get it replaced. That stuff is a fire hazard, as the rubber and cloth in those kinds of wires breaks down after decades, and can allow arcing to occur. Which can lead to a house fire.
Q:Connecting a 3 wire light fixture to a 4 wire outlet in the ceiling.?
Canada and the USA Usually the Red wire in the cieling outlet is controlled by the switch. The Black wire in the cieling outlet should be live all the time. Cap the black wire off with the proper size wire nut. The white wire in the cieling outlet is the common wire. The bare wire in the cieling outlet is the ground wire. it should be attached directly to the metal ground screw in the outlet. The green wire on the light fixture must be connected to the ground screw in the cieling outlet. Connect the white wire on the light fixture to the white wire in the cieling outlet Connect the red wire on the light fixture to the red wire in the cieling outlet. If this does not work, whoever did the wiring did not follow convention. Interchange the red and black cieling outlet wires: Connect the red wire on the light fixture to the black wire in the cieling outlet. Cap off the red wire in the cieling outlet with the proper sized wire nut.
Q:hot wiring your car - identifying the wires?
The okorder.com/
Q:Magnetism question on current carrying wires?
i'm uncertain we've a sparkling theoretical answer to this although that is a demonstrable fact that shifting quotes have an effect on different shifting or movable quotes.even while there's no internet value obtrusive it is summarized as magnetism
Q:Are WIRES expensive? ........?
no. romex, household wiring, can be as little as $0.57/ft and i bett you don't really need 3 wire, 8 gauge romex for your project...
Q:what is the difference between a phone wire and a lan wire?
A phone jack, also called CAT3, usually has only two physical wires attached at the jack for a single line phone, 4 wires attached if a two line jack. It is meant to carry voice traffic from a standard telephone. The jack itself is called an RJ11 and usually has only four pins. A modern day LAN jack, also called CAT5, has eight wires physically connected to a wider jack called an RJ45. This is the standard wiring for Ethernet (even though only four of the wires are really used). When you are talking about the patch cord, the wire you use to connect a PC or phone to the wall, the Ethernet cord has eight wires and the phone cord has 4 wires inside the insulating jacket. The standard Ethernet used by PCs cannot use existing phone wiring for networking. However, there is special hardware you can buy to allow computers to communicate using standard phone wiring. But his has limited functionality, less range and slower speed than standard Ethernet. If you want to use this wiring for long term networking, I would invest in CAT5 wiring. For a few drops, it runs around $100 per jack. The other option is to buy a wireless router and use that to network your PCs.

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