Electrical Single Screw Pump for Corrsive Medium

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The series G of Single Screw Pump is a rotating mesh and positive displacement pump.   

The main working parts are the Eccentric Screw ( Rotor ) and the Bush fixed ( Stator ).   

With the special geometry of these two parts, dividing the cavity into two independent sealed chambers.  

Fluids flow to the direction of axis with low flow rate,  and the volume and pressure remain stability,  

so it will not have swirl and stir inside. 

OUTPUT PRESSURE: 0.6Mpa for each class of pump

HEAD: 60M for water


TEMPERATURE: MAX . 80°C . It can reach to 150°C for special request.

FLUIDS: For transporting high viscosity,  hard suspended partilcles and fiber with its varity of flexible materials.

And the flow rate is proportional to the speed.

ELECTRIC MOTOR COUPLING: It’s direct and you can use motor speed, wedge shaped belt and transmission case etc. to shift gear.

FEATURE: Fewer accessories, compact structure and facilitate maintenance.    The rotor and stator are easily damaged parts.  But don’t worry, it’s easy disassembly for its simple structure.



Single Screw Pump of series G is a kind of Gerneral Pump.   Its speed can be switched freely and its output rated pressure can be increased by its level.  The pumps can be widely used in many different areas.

Especially to be emphasised in the application in plant s of:


Environmental protection:

oilwater separator,plate and frame filter press for conveying industrial sewage, domestic sewage and sludge and filth which contain solide particles and short fibers

The shipping industry:

the bottom of ship cleaning, plants for conveying oil-water, oil-residue and oily sewage.

The petroleum industry:

oil delivery In recent yeas,  it pumped mixture of oil and water, coal field gas and water  from the kilometres’ deep undergroud successfully so that greatly reduced the cost.   Then you can use the screw pump to pour polymer into layer to increase the efficiency of the exploitation of oil fields by the late time.

The medical and daily health product industry:

plants for conveying dope, oil water emulsion and salve cosmetics.

The canned food industry:

plants for conveying viscous starch, edible oil, honey, syrup, fruit puree, cream, minced fillet and minced meat and their residues.

Brewing industry:

plants for conveying viscous liquid fermentation, thick lees, residue of food product,  all kinds of syrup and paste and mucus which contain blocky solid matter.

The construction industry:

plants for conveying cement mortar, lime mortar, coating material and other pasty material.

The mining industry:

plants for discharging groundwater and sewage which contain solid particle to the surface.

The chemical industry:

transport all kinds of suspension, grease, colloid and adhesive

The printing & paper industry:

plants for conveying high viscosity painting ink, PVC high molecular plastic paste of wall paper, paper pulp and short fiber stuff.



Make sure the running direction before starting the press.

Do not operate it without any fluid in sake of protecting the stator.

Do not start the pump immediately when it just installed or stop it for several days.  Please pour some engine oil intothe casing first and use pipe wrench to running some laps before you start the press.

Please wash the pump by water or solvent after conveying fluids with high viscosity , solid particles and corrosive.

Please clean out liquid loading in winter in order to avoid frost cracking.

Please add lubricating oil regularly into the bearing house during the operation.  If you find some leakage at the shaft end,  please deal with it in time and change the oil seal.

Please stop the pump immediately if you find something unusual happened during the operation, check it up to trouble shooting.

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Q:Water Pump on 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora?
When you mean it wont come loose, do you mean you cant break the bolts loose or is the pump stuck on the motor like glue? If the bolts are stuck, try spray them with penetrating oil and let it work in for about 30 mins. If the pump is stuck, use a narrow putty knif, gently tap in between the pump and the block, and pry it off, then clean the mating surface completely to ensure the new pump seals properly.
Q:50 meters deep well with what water pump: home?
What types of household water pump, self-priming pump, centrifugal pump, submersible pump, according to the size and utility of water pump, self suction pump is the advantage of direct water, normal household to 1500 watts can, but must keep the water clean, water there can be no silt or small sand. Centrifugal pump need drinking water, that is not self suction;But the advantage is a large amount of water. When used, the power will be reduced, because the use of centrifugal switch is automatically disconnected, energy savings can be used, the general household on these two, as for submersible pumps, home generally less than.
Q:Does a dodge avenger water pump run off of the timing? ?
Yep, but it's not as bad as you would think, but bad enough to take a weekend.
Q:what kind of water pump will I need?
What you want is called a sump pump. Most have a system built into them that is triggered by rising water. The idea is to have a hole beneath that allows the inevitable water that will collect a place to go, then when a certain amount gets in the hole, the sump pump comes on and pumps it out to wherever you have the hose or pipes ran to. Being underground, good luck keeping the humidity level down. It won't be easy, and much depends on where your natural water table is, and what it is during rains. Someone in your area might know all that, I don't.
Q:40 hp mercury outboard water pump not working.?
requires visual inspection of the water pump. actually, checking the telltale outlet first might be preferable.
Q:how to remove rear bolt from water pump?
yes you,ll probably have to remove the pulley from it to get to all of them,i usually remove the pulley first anyway ,this makes it a lot easier to do ,but you should be able to get to the bolt after the pulley is off,good luck i hope this help,s.
Q:Whats wrong here? 98 Cavalier z24 2.4L antifreeze/water pump?
Hi... There could be two problems here. First ,the thermostat is stuck open, second, a blown head gasket. Compression leaks out to the cooling system,increasing pressure ... So ,no it won't correct the situation.
Q:pressure of a water pump?
you must use density*gravitational acceleration*height. density=1000kg/m^3 Gravity=9.8m/s^2 height=given=236 m 1000kg/m^3*9.8m/s^2*236m=2312800kg/(m*... = 2312800 Pa=2312.8Mpa hope this helps, looking at the units it all works out: N/m^2=kg*m/(s^2*m^2)=kg/(m*s^2)=Pa
Q:How can I be sure the water pump is the problem before spending $ on repairs. 97 civic overheating.?
Check the thermostat, if that's the problem you'll be looking at a 5 or 10 dollar bill if you do the work yourself.
Q:What could it be...? Water Pump or Thermostat?
Do you see any leaks the Front of the Engine or Radiator Area? is the Coolant Mixture Correct? Low Cost, Replace the Thermostat. From the Shaking you could also be in need of a Good Tune-Up? Also after all that shaking you might want to check the motor Mounts to make sure they haven't Cracked.

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