Electrical Single Screw Pump for Corrsive Medium

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The series G of Single Screw Pump is a rotating mesh and positive displacement pump.   

The main working parts are the Eccentric Screw ( Rotor ) and the Bush fixed ( Stator ).   

With the special geometry of these two parts, dividing the cavity into two independent sealed chambers.  

Fluids flow to the direction of axis with low flow rate,  and the volume and pressure remain stability,  

so it will not have swirl and stir inside. 

OUTPUT PRESSURE: 0.6Mpa for each class of pump

HEAD: 60M for water


TEMPERATURE: MAX . 80°C . It can reach to 150°C for special request.

FLUIDS: For transporting high viscosity,  hard suspended partilcles and fiber with its varity of flexible materials.

And the flow rate is proportional to the speed.

ELECTRIC MOTOR COUPLING: It’s direct and you can use motor speed, wedge shaped belt and transmission case etc. to shift gear.

FEATURE: Fewer accessories, compact structure and facilitate maintenance.    The rotor and stator are easily damaged parts.  But don’t worry, it’s easy disassembly for its simple structure.



Single Screw Pump of series G is a kind of Gerneral Pump.   Its speed can be switched freely and its output rated pressure can be increased by its level.  The pumps can be widely used in many different areas.

Especially to be emphasised in the application in plant s of:


Environmental protection:

oilwater separator,plate and frame filter press for conveying industrial sewage, domestic sewage and sludge and filth which contain solide particles and short fibers

The shipping industry:

the bottom of ship cleaning, plants for conveying oil-water, oil-residue and oily sewage.

The petroleum industry:

oil delivery In recent yeas,  it pumped mixture of oil and water, coal field gas and water  from the kilometres’ deep undergroud successfully so that greatly reduced the cost.   Then you can use the screw pump to pour polymer into layer to increase the efficiency of the exploitation of oil fields by the late time.

The medical and daily health product industry:

plants for conveying dope, oil water emulsion and salve cosmetics.

The canned food industry:

plants for conveying viscous starch, edible oil, honey, syrup, fruit puree, cream, minced fillet and minced meat and their residues.

Brewing industry:

plants for conveying viscous liquid fermentation, thick lees, residue of food product,  all kinds of syrup and paste and mucus which contain blocky solid matter.

The construction industry:

plants for conveying cement mortar, lime mortar, coating material and other pasty material.

The mining industry:

plants for discharging groundwater and sewage which contain solid particle to the surface.

The chemical industry:

transport all kinds of suspension, grease, colloid and adhesive

The printing & paper industry:

plants for conveying high viscosity painting ink, PVC high molecular plastic paste of wall paper, paper pulp and short fiber stuff.



Make sure the running direction before starting the press.

Do not operate it without any fluid in sake of protecting the stator.

Do not start the pump immediately when it just installed or stop it for several days.  Please pour some engine oil intothe casing first and use pipe wrench to running some laps before you start the press.

Please wash the pump by water or solvent after conveying fluids with high viscosity , solid particles and corrosive.

Please clean out liquid loading in winter in order to avoid frost cracking.

Please add lubricating oil regularly into the bearing house during the operation.  If you find some leakage at the shaft end,  please deal with it in time and change the oil seal.

Please stop the pump immediately if you find something unusual happened during the operation, check it up to trouble shooting.

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Q:Intelligent pump controller, water is full water transfer automatically shows the next pool of water shortage, what is the matter?
The sensor is out of order or the line is out of contact.
Q:What is the difference between self-priming and non self suction?
Non self suction is the ordinary water pump for the water inlet pipe, but the flow of water is small,Self suction for the water inlet no water (that is, 4, 5 floor water, no water on the 6 floor), it uses the principle of negative pressure to suck up the water
Q:How can I pump the motor insulation?
A submersible pump to shake the insulation, water pump distance more than 20 meters away from the cable distribution box is fixed, at this time to shake the insulation in the distance distribution box can only shake, disconnect the power cable is connected with the shake table, the ground end is connected with the electric box so that the pump shell shake shake, also must be reliable grounding to shake to now, the pump shell grounding not only in the water, it must be a wire connected with a shell or a wire will be immersed in water, this is right insulating shake,
Q:Why can't sprinkler system and hydrant system share water pump in fire fighting system?
The design code of sprinkler system GB 50084 - 2001 (2005 Edition) stipulates that the sprinkler system shall be provided with an independent water supply pump, that is, the water pump shall not be shared with the hydrant system. The aim is to ensure the reliability of the water supply and prevent interference.See the code for design of automatic sprinkler system, GB 50084 - 2001 (2005 Edition), 10.2.1 and the corresponding provisions of the following interpretation.
Q:What is the reason for the overload of the water pump indicator?
If the power is normal:1, the pump is indeed overloaded (at work to see how much the ammeter indicates).2 、 the motor is out of order.3 、 the thermal relay is not adjusted properly or aging.
Q:Is the pump lift horizontal or vertical?
The vertical height from the center line of the pump impeller to the surface of the water source
Q:Should the no-load power of the pump be equal to the rated power?
We must first clear the meaning of rated power; rated power is called the reference numerical electrical power consumption in the voltage conditions specified, and the actual power consumption of electrical appliances is different in different situations, the pure resistance (such as lighting, electric) as long as the voltage conditions, the actual consumption of electric power close to or equal to the rated power, and for appliances like motor, electric power consumption, not only related with the voltage, but also with the relevant load. For example, someone with 200 pounds of energy, then the person in the condition of small meal, maximum load of 200 pounds, but if you take as long as he is 100 pounds, of course he relaxed, he would not say must bear 200 pounds!You measure the pump power is less than 1200W, first you did not mention your use of voltage is not rated voltage, then you don't want him full load, the suction is far less than 8 meters, there is no mention of whether you send water to 50 meters (Yang Cheng), there may be insufficient voltage, and you have don't need it so much power consumption. Of course, one advantage is that it doesn't burn easily. It is easy to burn if it is used at full load.
Q:What does the lift of a pump mean?
The pump lifts water from the surface to the highest point, such as a submersible pump working below the surface of the water. The pump head is still applied to the water level, not the water pump.
Q:The flow of the pump will be reduced, the speed will change, the power of the motor will change?
1, this pump flow reduction is not the reason for speed. Because it is not matching the motor frequency conversion, the frequency of power supply unchanged, the motor speed will not change.2, the flow of water pump down, the reason may be that the impeller due to cavitation or wear and tear smaller, second, the gap between the impeller housing change, and the impeller plug foreign bodies, and some of the suction port leak.3, it is possible that the whole system resistance increases, so that the work point of the pump left.
Q:Is it illegal to produce aluminium submersible pumps?
No, the state does not have special laws to prohibit the use of aluminium wireIn fact, the aluminum core wire or mechanical or good, low prices, especially in the dry environment of small and medium-sized mechanical and electrical, with good performance. Only in the submersible pump, because aluminum is easier than copper wire, moisture infiltration, bacteria and other corruption, and its survival time is sometimes less than copper wire. But the pump inlet, aluminum often requires rewinding coil, because of a small submersible pump well around Electromechanical General scrap. Therefore, the quality of submersible pumps will not generally use aluminum, but the production of aluminum submersible pump is not illegal, but in the sale should be based on the principle of honest business detailed notification.

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