Electrical Single Screw Pump for Corrsive Medium

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The series G of Single Screw Pump is a rotating mesh and positive displacement pump.   

The main working parts are the Eccentric Screw ( Rotor ) and the Bush fixed ( Stator ).   

With the special geometry of these two parts, dividing the cavity into two independent sealed chambers.  

Fluids flow to the direction of axis with low flow rate,  and the volume and pressure remain stability,  

so it will not have swirl and stir inside. 

OUTPUT PRESSURE: 0.6Mpa for each class of pump

HEAD: 60M for water


TEMPERATURE: MAX . 80°C . It can reach to 150°C for special request.

FLUIDS: For transporting high viscosity,  hard suspended partilcles and fiber with its varity of flexible materials.

And the flow rate is proportional to the speed.

ELECTRIC MOTOR COUPLING: It’s direct and you can use motor speed, wedge shaped belt and transmission case etc. to shift gear.

FEATURE: Fewer accessories, compact structure and facilitate maintenance.    The rotor and stator are easily damaged parts.  But don’t worry, it’s easy disassembly for its simple structure.



Single Screw Pump of series G is a kind of Gerneral Pump.   Its speed can be switched freely and its output rated pressure can be increased by its level.  The pumps can be widely used in many different areas.

Especially to be emphasised in the application in plant s of:


Environmental protection:

oilwater separator,plate and frame filter press for conveying industrial sewage, domestic sewage and sludge and filth which contain solide particles and short fibers

The shipping industry:

the bottom of ship cleaning, plants for conveying oil-water, oil-residue and oily sewage.

The petroleum industry:

oil delivery In recent yeas,  it pumped mixture of oil and water, coal field gas and water  from the kilometres’ deep undergroud successfully so that greatly reduced the cost.   Then you can use the screw pump to pour polymer into layer to increase the efficiency of the exploitation of oil fields by the late time.

The medical and daily health product industry:

plants for conveying dope, oil water emulsion and salve cosmetics.

The canned food industry:

plants for conveying viscous starch, edible oil, honey, syrup, fruit puree, cream, minced fillet and minced meat and their residues.

Brewing industry:

plants for conveying viscous liquid fermentation, thick lees, residue of food product,  all kinds of syrup and paste and mucus which contain blocky solid matter.

The construction industry:

plants for conveying cement mortar, lime mortar, coating material and other pasty material.

The mining industry:

plants for discharging groundwater and sewage which contain solid particle to the surface.

The chemical industry:

transport all kinds of suspension, grease, colloid and adhesive

The printing & paper industry:

plants for conveying high viscosity painting ink, PVC high molecular plastic paste of wall paper, paper pulp and short fiber stuff.



Make sure the running direction before starting the press.

Do not operate it without any fluid in sake of protecting the stator.

Do not start the pump immediately when it just installed or stop it for several days.  Please pour some engine oil intothe casing first and use pipe wrench to running some laps before you start the press.

Please wash the pump by water or solvent after conveying fluids with high viscosity , solid particles and corrosive.

Please clean out liquid loading in winter in order to avoid frost cracking.

Please add lubricating oil regularly into the bearing house during the operation.  If you find some leakage at the shaft end,  please deal with it in time and change the oil seal.

Please stop the pump immediately if you find something unusual happened during the operation, check it up to trouble shooting.

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Q:i need to change the water pump in my car?
I don't know how hard it is to change the water pump on this car, but do know some are real hard. I believe you are a female by your other question and because of that they are trying to blow you smoke. $500 to change the water pump is very high and another $500 for a timing belt is just to much. To replace the timing belt at that point most of the hard work is already finished, Take it someplace for an estimate. Better yet have a male, Dad, Uncle, BF take it in. This is no excuse, but a lot of places will charge a female 25 to 50% more and that not right. By the way, if you get the job done for a lot more reasonable price... guess whose nose would get the bill shoved under and I'd probably tell them what a jerk they are and every one else, just cost them as much business as possible.
Q:Looking for help picking a water pump.?
I think you may want to look at the small pond pumps and just about any nursery or home supply store or landscaping store. they may have the specs on hand, or see if they can demo one for you. some places have a display pond set up already. You also might try a small swimming pool pump and put a voltage regulator in the line and adjust the pump speed that way. maybe rig a sewing machine pedal in the line and use a C clamp for an adjuster. I love rigging thing. It may not work with a gfi plug.
Q:how do i restart a shorted out water pump?
sounds like not only did it come in contact withe wiring but also with the pump,when your working with electricity you need to be very careful and have the right tools to do the job with. to start this job you need a multi testing meter,this will let you check things like amp,volts,ohms,you know things that comes in contact with the pump and wiring,you didn't say what the voltage is on this pump,so first i'd find out what that is and make sure you have that going to the pump,then if so make sure the pump isn't froze or locked up,next go to the breaker box and locate the breaker for the pump,and test to see how many amps the pump is pulling when turned on.then find out if there is anything restricting the pump from doing its job,it may be something as simple as a run capacitor or even a shorted or burnt wire,but first make sure you have the correct voltage and amperage going to and coming out of the motor,once you get that taken care of you may need to prime the pump in order to get it pumping again
this is just a rought est. but Parts: water pump $129, Hoses $45 Each, Coolant 2 gal $30, hose clamps $ 5. Labor: water pump 1.2 hours @$89 per labor hour = $106, Hoses .4 hours x 2 hoses = .8 @$89 = $71.20 plus a possible cooling system flush $69. So your looking at around $500 bucks.........that is probably a little high Good luck!
Q:replacing water pump seal?
Drain coolant - #13 drain bolt Remove hose from water pump cover Remove water pump cover - #12 Drain oil Remove R side cover - #1 Remove circlip - #23 Remove water pump shaft - #19 Pull out water pump seal - #20 Note the direction the seal is installed Tap in new seal This entire procedure is explained in detail in your service manual.
Q:Difference between primary hot water pump and two hot water pump
Primary pump variable flow VPF (variable primary)Flow) system is the new layout of central air-conditioning system, compared with the one or two pump system has more advantages in initial investment and operation cost. At present, some with a pump with variable flow system engineering in the operation of many problems,
Q:How to remove a 1983 Chevy Silverado water pump?
83 Chevy Silverado
Q:Could I replace a water pump myself?
First thing is to stop driving it or you will have a bigger problem (ask me how I know this). Next go to your local parts store and get a repair manual, a rebuilt/new water pump and some gasket sealer. Then get to work. Good luck!
Q:can a water pump pumping out air instead of water?
# Water pumps are generally centrifugal pumps except few specific applications. #Centrifugal pump will not pump,untill and unless the the pump is properly primed [atleast ,casing upto impeller top should be fully submerged with water.] #Since the weight of water is approximately 8000 times that of air (50 miles vs. 34 feet or 80 Km. vs. 10 meters) the centrifugal pump can produce only 1/8000 of its rated liquid pressure. In other words, for every one foot water has to be raised to prime the pump, the centrifugal pump must produce a discharge head of approximately 8000 feet (each meter requires a head of 8000 meters) and that is impossible with conventional impeller diameters and speeds. *All of this means that if you intend to use a centrifugal pump you're going to have to come up with some sensible method of priming it. Your choices will include : *Install a foot valve in the suction piping to insure the liquid will not drain from the pump casing and suction piping when the pump stops. Keep in mind that these valves have a nasty habit of leaking. *Evacuate the air in the system with a positive displacement priming pump operating between the pump and a closed discharge valve. *Fill the pump with liquid prior to starting it. *Convert the application to a self priming pump that maintains a reservoir of liquid at its suction. # Also it is advisable to prime the positive displacement pump to run the pump smoothly, as if for some time it is pumping air,there will not be force balance which can cause damage to the pump spares.
Q:I have already replaced the thermotast but my vw bug still overheats .it blows water thru the tailpipe?
if it blows water through the tail pipe and white smoke it is your head gasket or a cracked block or a cracked head. if it does not have white smoke or milky engine oil than it is more than likley your heater core. if you determine that it is the heater core have your system back flushed before you replace the hearter core it could be pluged.

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