Electrical Juice Extractor

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Electrical Juice Extractor


220-240V,50/60Hz,Power: 350W
Power cord total length 1.2M
With stainless steel  grater & stainer
High juice extraction rate
Separate juicer&pulp containers
With safety switch and temperature control
Skid resistant feet
Two speeds and pulse mode

DimensionsPCS/CTNN.W.(kg)G.W.(kg)QTY /20'GPQTY /40'GPQTY/40'HQ
25.5*23.5*2972*52*316pcs13.30 14.50 1446pcs2790pcs3510pcs

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Q:When the juicer is in the juice, will the blade gear be harmful to the plastic?
Juicer plastic shell formal manufacturers produced for food grade polypropylene or ABS plastic, the material itself is not toxic, but is biologically inert, even by the debris into the stomach to eat will not be digested with corrosion, finally the stool excreted from the body, so basically do not have to worry about. The thing to worry about is that the flying blade smashed the side wall of the container and hurt the pieces.In other words, a good quality Juicer should not hit the wall of a container when used normally.
Q:Is it good to use a hand squeezer?
Times the juice squeezed out of the juice is not easy to oxidation. The traditional centrifugal juice extractor uses high speed crushing and cutting, in fact, it is the crusher, which completely destroys the nutrition protection layer of the pulp and seriously loses the nutrition. It is difficult to swallow after the juice is oxidized. Joyoung times juicy juicer, innovative juicy spiral press technology, low speed soft take juice, do not destroy the nutrition protection layer, juice is not oxidized, the original flavor is more nutritious. In front of the booth, the reporter saw the juice squeezed out of the juice is completely layered, and no foam, clear bottomed out, and the general Juicer squeezed out of the fruit juice layer of serious, foam thick.
Q:Can I use the meat grinder?
(1) plug in the power to confirm the power on;(2) turn the knob to the gear "1" or "2", start the product, turn the knob to the gear "0", and stop the product;(3) after completion of processing, please pull the plug out of the power socket and confirm the power failure;(4) turn the meat cup counterclockwise, remove it from the main body, open the cup cover, remove the meat cutter, and then remove the processed ingredients.
Q:What kind of food can you make with a juicer?
Potatoes are best not to juice, and can not drink directly. Other vegetables are generally juice, drink, and if you feel bad taste, you can add a little sugarIntroduce several fruit juice practices:1., tomato, cucumber and water juice, add sugar can be eaten2., banana juice with water, add milk and sugar, you can eat banana milk shake(above applicable machine)If the ordinary juicer is in use, you can process the juice, such as adding things, heating, freezing, mixing, etc., will make the juice better
Q:How can the juicer press the mashed potatoes?
Steam the potatoes first, then squeeze them in. Add some pepper. The water is delicious
Q:How do I choose the juicer?
Selection of juice machine, mainly in the following aspects:1. squeeze the juice in a low pressPress the way to extract juice, so there is no damage to the nutrients, to maintain the natural flavor.2. has many functionsWith the production of vegetable juice, soybean milk, fruit juice, tofu and other functions, you can according to the needs of more quickly cooking. 3., simple operation, separation structure: container and host separation structure, easy to wash.
Q:How to judge the quality of a juicer mixer?
PHILPS is best to buy Joyoung, juicer, this thing is a price per cent of goods.You can buy a cheap tractor like MM that can pick up things and sound it.And not much juice, it is better to move your mouth to eat, to squeeze, but waste.PHILPS's products also have low-priced, mainly functional single
Q:Juicer Juicer more than 2 thousand than 99 blocks to where
At the same time, juice machine according to different ways of juice is divided into two major categories of structure, one is centrifugal juicer, and the other is an extrusion type juicer. Centrifugal juicer and low-speed centrifugal Juicer with high-speed centrifugal juicer, low-speed centrifugal Juicer juice rate will be relatively low around 10%, but the fruit is not easy oxidation, good taste and high speed centrifugal Juicer; although the juice rate is high, but the juice taste well, drink the juice with more acid.
Q:How to use the juicer and how to maintain the juicer?
There is a little trick, to tell you that there is a small toothbrush brush or discarded some people's homes, after do not discard, because small place in cleaning up the juicer, these things will be especially useful, but also very clean up. There are friends love with the juicer meat, so there will be a lot of meat residue in the blender, then we can be Steamed Buns Baicheng Steamed Buns slag, and then put into the juicer stirring, it will easily be the meat adsorption down, the cleaning effect is quite good. After that, we can wash it with clean water.
Q:Which juicer is better?How do you choose the right Juicer?
Appearance: it's important to have lots of friends, but the main purpose of our purchase is to use it. As long as the appearance is generous, fashion is good. Do not deliberately pursue these superficial.

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