Electrical heating alloy wire high strength

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High resistance alloys for electrical heating


FeCrAl heating wire


We can offer heating wire/resistance wire such as NiCr , FeCrAl , CuNi ,CuMn and so on .


They have high electric resistance , good formability and weldability .


It can be sued for making heating element and resistror .


FeCrAl alloys are characterized by excellent oxidation resistance and very good form stability resulting in long element life.

They are typically used in electrical heating elements in industrial furnaces and home appliances.

FeCrAl alloy with high resistivity and service ability temperature than that for NiCr alloy and also has lower price.

The Performance of Fe-Cr-Al Electrothermal Alloys refers to th following table.

Forms: wire, bar, strip,sheet/plate,forging,tube/pipe,etc.

Fecral Electric Resistance Heating Wire

Do you provide free samples?
Yes, we can provide a free sample for testing, If we have sample in stock, The quantity based on the material type, The buyer should bear all the shipping costs.

Please feel free to send us a inquiry and we are looking forward to cooperating with you!


Fecral Electric Resistance Heating Wire

Fecral Electric Resistance Heating Wire

Grade   Performance1Cr13Al41Cr21Al40Cr21Al60Cr23Al50Cr25Al50Cr21Al6Nb0Cr27Al7MO2
main chemical compositions%Cr12.0~15.017.0~21.019.0~22.020.5~23.523.0~26.021.0~23.026.5~27.8
The highest use temperatureºC950110012501250125013501400
Melting point ºC1450150015001500150015101520
Density g/cm37.407.357.
Thermal conductivity KJ/m.h.ºC52.746.963.
Specific heat J/g. ºC0.4900.4900.5200.4600.4940.4940.494
Number of repeated bending≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5≥5
Accelerated test lifetime
Coefficient of linear expansion aÍ10-6/ºC
Tensile strength MPa588-735637-784637-784637-784637-784637-784686-784
Elongation %≥16≥12≥12≥12≥12≥12≥10
Hardness HB200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260200-260

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