Electric tube defrost heater electric heaters with silicone freezer defrost heater

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Product Description:


- AC110V-240V, 500W-10000W
- High quality Low cost
- CE,CCC,ISO9000 certificated
- Hot seller model yearly

Item No.: KS028


1. Voltage range: AC110V-240V

2. Power range: 500W-10000W

3. Length: according to client's request

4. Tube Diameter: Ø 6.5 mm, Ø 7.5 mm Ø 8.5 mm,Ø 14 mm,Ø 16 mm,Ø 18 mm,Ø 21 mm
3. Material: Copper,Stainless steel SS304,SS310,SS316,SS321,Inconel & Incolloy sheath

4. Sealing: Epoxy PTV

5. Surface:Polishing,Nickel--Plating

Our preponderance:

We have strong engineer team, can supply enough technology support.

And our best moulding ability let us can produce all special heaters OEM for you.

If you have special shape and specification,we can open new mould for you

based on your appointed drawing.

Pls show us following important points when enquire price and sample:

1) Used voltage(V), and frequency(Hz)

2) Demand request power(Watt)

3) Heating tube material( Copper, or Stainless steel,or Iron?)

4) If you have Size drawing or product picture,or sample in hands,will be much better
and helpful f
or exact price calculation.

Send a message to us:

Remaining: 4000 characters

- Self introduction

- Required specifications

- Inquire about price/MOQ

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Air is not a very good conductor. When you generate a spark, you are finally overcoming the insulative value of air and establishing an electrical connection through ionization. Anyone who has seen lightning can appreciate the randomness of the path of this connection. If there are any nearby conductors, the electricity will jump to them. An option for you would be to convert your power into some sort of form that you could beam towards a receiver (laser or microwave comes to mind). A receiver would then take the energy from the signal and convert it back to usable power for your device. A lot of energy will be lost in this process.
Q:Why when appliance or electrical equipment fail do they recommend unplugging for a certain amount of time?
It's called a power cycle and that 30 to 45 seconds give any capacitors in the circuit time to discharge, wiping out any unwanted trash. Power cycles can clear lots funky little annoying issues in electronic and digital devices.
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Electrical engineering. I don't know a lot about Wyoming but I know a lot about electrical engineering . EE is one of the largest branch of engineering majors and you can change your field of job whenever you want.
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A great deal of electric power is used in extracting oil and gas from the ground, transporting it through pipelines, separating and refining the crude products and distributing the products. Electrical engineers design the required electrical equipment and the associated electric power distribution and control systems. In some situations, electric power must be generated on site rather than purchased from electric utility companies. In addition, electrical engineers are involved in the process instrumentation and control system design. The process control includes both computer systems and specialized electronic equipment.
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Mr. C. has an excellent answer. I might also add that as an electrical worker I find it very important to make sure that when I work with electrical circuits and safety equipment that I try and eliminate a flow path from live to ground that can pass through my heart area. We always use safety equipment and follow procedure but at times you have no choice but to get very close to energized exposed circuits. They can and do bite. I have been known to take an extra step and insulate exposed energized areas that are near my legs when I am working with energized circuits above my waist.
Q:Can we use land line phone to control houshold electrical equipments. Is the techonology available?
The answer is a qualified yes. You can connect your lights and appliances to X10-based switches and dimmers, and use the X10 Telephone Responder to control them remotely by phone. This will not allow you to turn on a microwave, because microwaves require their buttons to be pushed. But you could control lights, appliances and HVAC remotely with the right X10 receivers connected. See the links below for some phone-based controllers.
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According to Wikipedia: An electrode is an electrical conductor used to make contact with a nonmetallic part of a circuit (e.g. a semiconductor, an electrolyte or a vacuum). There is an example of an electrode used in generators, and all industrial/commercial electrical systems. It is called a grounding electrode. It is a metallic rod that is driven deep in to the dirt, to establish a contact with the background Earth voltage. Is the dirt a nonmetallic part of the circuit? Well, dirt often does contain metals in it, but it isn't dominantly metal, so it still is considered non-metallic. And we normally hope that the dirt isn't part of the circuit, but there is a chance that it can become part of the circuit, and that is generally why grounding electrodes are installed. The grounding electrode doesn't really play an active role in the operation of any of the electrical equipment. It is more of a safety feature, as a JUST IN CASE the insulation on the live wire fails. Suppose the live wire insulation fails, and the live wire contacts the metal structure of a device (that isn't intended to play an electrical role), and you as a human victim touch that metal structure. You are also standing on the ground, and the natural path of electric current from the metal structure to the ground is through your body. Unless of course, a better path is established in advance. And that is what a grounding electrode, and the rest of the grounding system does. It establishes electrical continuity with all metals that aren't intended to be electrically involved, so that any failure of the live wire will trip the circuit breaker before there is a chance that the human gets injured.

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