Electric tube defrost heater electric heaters with silicone freezer defrost heater

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Product Description:


- AC110V-240V, 500W-10000W
- High quality Low cost
- CE,CCC,ISO9000 certificated
- Hot seller model yearly

Item No.: KS028


1. Voltage range: AC110V-240V

2. Power range: 500W-10000W

3. Length: according to client's request

4. Tube Diameter: Ø 6.5 mm, Ø 7.5 mm Ø 8.5 mm,Ø 14 mm,Ø 16 mm,Ø 18 mm,Ø 21 mm
3. Material: Copper,Stainless steel SS304,SS310,SS316,SS321,Inconel & Incolloy sheath

4. Sealing: Epoxy PTV

5. Surface:Polishing,Nickel--Plating

Our preponderance:

We have strong engineer team, can supply enough technology support.

And our best moulding ability let us can produce all special heaters OEM for you.

If you have special shape and specification,we can open new mould for you

based on your appointed drawing.

Pls show us following important points when enquire price and sample:

1) Used voltage(V), and frequency(Hz)

2) Demand request power(Watt)

3) Heating tube material( Copper, or Stainless steel,or Iron?)

4) If you have Size drawing or product picture,or sample in hands,will be much better
and helpful f
or exact price calculation.

Send a message to us:

Remaining: 4000 characters

- Self introduction

- Required specifications

- Inquire about price/MOQ

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an over loaded ckt will ''draw current''
Q:battery choice and power consumption?
what i can't believe is that you've found a gyroscope, microcontroller, and bluetooth circuitry to fit in there - please tell us the manufacturer and part numbers for your parts - i would love a microcontroller that small - not to mention bluetooth
Q:How is the electrical maximum demand?
We refer to it as Demand Factor. Its the total calculations of all lighting, dedicated appliance, general use power in the unit of Current (Amps). We have a NEC formula to calculate what is required when build a dwelling or commercial build. usally done by engineers on the E-sheet of blue prints, but any lic. electrical contractor, journeyman, etc. can make those calculations. I am not going to write a 10 page explanation of Demand Factor calculations. Its not one easy formula. You have to add percentage value for light loads, general use is 180 watts per outlet. Continus duty circuits need to be cal. at 125% demandetc. See there is alot more, When I was an apprenntice I did not learn this stuff until fourth year. EDIT: Well isn't that a *****! Thats why i never heard of that term. UK refers to metered service as maximum demand? USA its called Kilowatt hour usage
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I would love to live in a non technological world like the victorian times when toilets were amazingly comforting and social interaction with the women was the talk of the night. Oh sorry, i forget this was about america, im sure with the budget you have to spend on this it will be enough to make it a top priority so it should not be too long, unless they are keeping it a secret from the public eyes till doomsday arrives to see if it works. Industrial work will be hard work, but i will be sure to have a jolly good time pumping water out by hand and employing kids to sweep chimneys. Also a few media tip offs say iran has enough for 5 nuclear weapons so if all air defense forces chip in around the world it will be a russian roulette to see what the outcome is to where they land. Whats to say that they might become duds and not explode? Also how long does the EMP last for? if it instantly kills the electronics surely they have replacement parts hidden away in a nuclear bunker where some tunnel rat worker will guard it till someone gives it a lick and tests them to see what a masterpiece the human race can acheive.
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Both the previous contributors have given good advice. I think they are good enough. You can make lot of noise, but be careful nobody should get annoyed.
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Your electric drive motors run on high voltage. Three phase 480v. All of your controls and safety systems run on low voltage. Battery powered, 24 or 48 volt. This is so that the lift can operate properly in the event of a power outage that cuts power to the drive. Lifts have backup drives, usually a diesel generator that can supply power to the electric drive motor, or an actual gas or diesel motor that can be coupled to the gearbox and drive the lift itself. Controls are usually a programmable logic control that monitor proper operation of different components of the lift and through a series of relays send power to the drive. Snowmaking is as aforementioned powered by large electric pumps and air compressors. Air and water are pumped usually from a central location and piped around the mountain to hydrants. Here, the snow guns are connected to the air and water. Some types of guns simply blow the water and air to make snow, while some have motors on them. These plug in to electrical pedestals, high voltage, that are located at the hydrant locations. These power large fans that help disperse the water and also control oscillating guns.
Q:Electrical equipment abroad producing static.?

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