Electric Tinplate coil and sheet for sales

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25 m.t.
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40900 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheets Details

1.Structure of Description

 Electrolytic Tinplate Sheets is one of the metal packing materials, which is widely used for making painting cans ,chemical package cans , electrical cable ,battery and metal printing etc. For caps, there are some customers also need TFS, if you have some demand for TFS,also can contact with us. 


2. Main Features 

Steady and high quality

Fast shipment

Good experience for export work

For the surface, Plate uniform in thickness,uniform and smooth tin coating, without flaws,rusts,scratch,wave,nick of tin coating etc.

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheet and Coil For Sale

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheet and Coil For Sale

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheet and Coil For Sale

Minumum Order Quantity: 25 MT              Loading Port:China Main Port

Annual Capacity: 400,000MT                      Payment Terms:TT or LC

Product Specifications:

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheets Usage and Applications

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheets Specifications

  • Standard : GB2520-2000 ,JIS G3303

  • Steel type : SPCC

  • Coating : 2.8/2.8

  • Surface: Bright, Stone ,

  • Thickness:0.18

  • Width :600MM~1000MM

  • Temper : T1~T5

  • Package: tinplate wrapped completely with an inner cover of plastic or waterproof papers with vorners protected with metal angels.




  • Chemicals and painting cans

  • Dry food cans, such as fancy cans, biscuit cans, milk power cans, tea cans

  • Liquid food cans, such as edible oil cans, beverage cans, Tomato paste cans

  • Sea food cans

  • Crown corks, easy open ends(EOE)

  • Electrical machinery parts

  • Bakeware and household kitchen parts




A. What is the package of tinplate? (Referred as below)

For sheets, thin plastic film + rust-proof paper + metallic cover + metallic angles+ steel band strips + fumigated wooden pallet. 

For coil, thin plastic film + rust proof paper + metallic cover + steel band strips + fumigated wooden pallet 


B. The surface of tinplate could you supply? 

Stone finish, Bright finish, Matte finish, Silver finish

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Q:What material is that ultrafine cemented carbide?
Comparison of high-end materials, suitable for high - quality products, are generally fine particles of products. Its hardness and strength are superior. So the price is relatively high
Q:What are hard alloys? Which ones are they? How often are they chosen?
It is based on one or several carbides (TiC and WC) as the hardening phase, with carbon steel or alloy steel (such as high-speed steel, chrome molybdenum steel) powder as binder, powder metallurgy materials through proportioning, mixing, pressing and sintering. After annealing, it can be machined. After quenching and tempering, it has the same hardness and high wear resistance as the hard alloy. It can also be forged and welded, and has the characteristics of heat resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The utility model is suitable for manufacturing various tools with complicated shapes, such as twist drills, milling cutters, etc., and can also manufacture moulds and wear-resistant parts which work at higher temperature.
Q:What are the well-known brands of cemented carbide materials at home and abroad?
Domestic mainly Zhuzhou, the other side, the 601 factory is the best made in Zhuzhou. That is, the Taiwan side of the spring insurance is equal to the domestic better, and even better point is the German Lu Sheng Fort I know these, ha ha!
Q:What alloy tool can be used as hard alloy?
At present, the world's best tool materials used for cutting high alloy steel is CBN, CBN is the world's second hard materialsThe hard material is diamond, but the chemical composition of diamond are carbon, in high temperature processing conditions, the carbon will react with iron, so the processing of diamond is not suitable for high alloy steels
Q:Is Zhuzhou the largest cemented carbide producer in Asia?
Of course, yes, or how could the 601 factory be so famous? That's the old military enterprise. It's the hard tool factory now. I hope it can help you!
Q:Carbide drills and high-speed steel drills, which are suitable for processing stainless steel 10?
High cutting force and high cutting temperatureThis kind of material has high strength, large tangential stress and large plastic deformation during cutting, so it has great cutting force. In addition, the material has a poor thermal conductivity, which results in the increase of cutting temperature, and the high temperature often concentrates in the long and narrow area near the cutting edge of the tool, thus speeding up the tool wear.Serious work hardeningAustenitic stainless steel and some high alloy stainless steel is austenite, high work hardening tendency when cutting, usually plain carbon steel several times, the tool in hardening region cutting, shortening tool life.Easy to stick the knifeBoth austenitic stainless steel and martensitic stainless steel exist in the process of chip toughness, cutting temperature is very high. When the tough chip flows through the rake face, the bonding, welding and other sticking phenomena will occur, which will affect the surface roughness of the machined parts.   Tool wear acceleratedThe materials generally contain high melting point elements, large plasticity, high cutting temperature, so that the tool wear faster, sharpening and changing knives frequently, thus affecting the production efficiency and improving the tool cost.Mainly to reduce the cutting line speed, feed. With special processing stainless steel or high temperature alloy cutting tools, drilling, tapping the best internal cooling
Q:The milling of hard cutting workpiece hard alloy cutter knife edge collapse and Countermeasures of reason
Hard to turn materials require different speeds and special turning tools. There is a reasonable amount of feed. Ordinary alloy knives are very easy to break
Q:Carbide die how to calculate weight, that is to say, its kg weight
The density of tungsten, cobalt and titanium carbide is 9.7~13.2, and the higher the content of titanium carbide, the lower the density.
Q:Hello, what's your company? What do you do with carbide? Thank you in advance
Our company is the manufacturer of woodworking knives, made of carbide alloy circular saw blades and forming tools.
Q:What are the main causes of wear of high speed steel cutting tools and carbide cutting tools?
The tool wear mainly depends on the physical and mechanical properties and cutting conditions of cutting tools and materials. Under different conditions, tool wear has different characteristics. 1, hard point wear; 2, adhesive wear; 3, diffusion wear; 4, chemical wear;

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