Electric Soldering Gun SG106

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Electric Soldering Gun, SG106

> Voltage: 110V or 220V 

> Power: 100W,

> Cord: GB or A plug

> Packed in printed box

> Durable, Dependable 


We are a direct manufacturer of electrical tools with experience of more than 25+ years.  With our well experience and the stricted quality control, our company has become famous in many markets over the world.


Agents or distributors wanted. OEM is welcome!!


Our annual production quantity is two millions pieces for assorted models.

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Q:How can the external and internal electric irons be distinguished?
As the name suggests, the heating wire of the external hot electric iron is outside the iron head.Internal heating is just the opposite.
Q:Electric irons, hot melt guns and electronic components can be checked through the high-speed rail station?
Yes, we have. We haven't stopped it.
Q:How do electric irons weld wires and strips of copper?
Estimate that you are a novice, wire and copper bar is very good welding, said the method, but also try more, slowly understand, or else it can not be welded.1, the wire and copper strip welding surface polished bright.2, the rosin into powder, bubble point of alcohol, that is, rosin solution (yellow thick). Apply to wires and jump together. Or directly pour rosin powder in two places, slightly hot, melt on the line. This step is necessary, or it won't be welded.3, the copper strip and wire together. The iron head slightly against the copper wire, stretch into melted, saw smoke coming out, can take away the iron, 5, 6 seconds after the solder solidification is good. Remember to solder the wires around, so it's secure.4, welding wire better. With active welding wire.
Q:The skill of soldering electronic components with electric irons
This is related to the size of the soldering iron and tin, and of course, the skill of the operator is also very important. Talk about my own experience: take the iron tip slightly a little place to this part of the heat welding device, very good use, and then send the solder must be fast, to withdraw into the fast, also faster, slightly smaller pads, a solder can fill, not into the too much solder. Maybe that's all. I hope I can help you. If you have any questions, you can continue the discussion!
Q:Why do solder always stay on the soldering iron instead of the circuit board when soldering it with a soldering iron?.
The first iron to clean, second iron to apply flux, third temperature is good
Q:Electric irons have internal heat and external heat What is the difference between them and how to distinguish them?
Copper electric iron with internal heat.
Q:What effect does the electric iron plug in and the electric iron head on the ground?
No electricity, electric iron is electric energy into heat, can't get an electric shock.
Q:How do you get the tin on the new electric iron?
Buy a new electric soldering iron head if it is ordinary red copper, tin after treatment: first to the surface oxidation layer of iron head with sandpaper polishes suitably, to expose the copper color, and the mixture is ready for some rosin solder. Then, the electric heating of the wire is made. When the surface of the iron head becomes yellow red, the iron head is inserted into the mixture of the rosin and the solder rapidly, and a little friction is made, so that the soldering tin is coated with the front end of the iron head.If you buy a new type of advanced iron head, you do not need to pass the tin processing, you can use normally.It should be noted that when soldering tin on the new soldering iron, do not use solder oil or solder paste, nor do you use zinc chloride solution.
Q:When I solder the original with an electric soldering iron, why is it that the solder iron is not smooth and sharp when leaving the solder joint? I'm using 50W's internal heating circuit, iron!
If the solder is not fused thoroughly, try some rosin (flux) to aid it. If it is a temperature regulating iron, please increase the welding temperature properly.
Q:Help me to the bathroom faucet close the holes. In dianlaotie how much the soldering on W
The tap is generally copper plating layer to scrape Ti oh 40W on itEither the hole is too big and your technical problem. It is recommended that you use a big gun head. The gun head is heated at the entrance of the hole without leaving the hole on the tinHands move faster, too
We have been a specialist in the manufacturing of electrical appliances, tools and printer cartridges. Most of our products have been test-certified and proved to comply with renowned safety standards, such as UL and CE. With a labour force of more than 100 workers and our excellent production facility, our success is reflected by our sales volume of HKD50 million every year. We have a wide variety of products: Handy Steamers,Glue Guns, Soldering Tools ,BRIFLON Heat Resistance Adhesive Tapes ,Printer Toner Cartridges

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