Electric resistance welding machine for big can size

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Product Description:


can making machine
1. Equipped with human-computer-interface and PLC.
2. Adopt digital control technology.
3. Fully automatic

Product Description


NEW DODO-150D is a fully Automatic can making machine . It is specially designed for making big diameter can, It is the best canning machine suitable for the can manufacturer who plan to produce the big can, the operating system is highly reliable, easy and convenient to operate, best and steady welding quality, good-looking welding seam. It is the ideal equipment for the big can making.

Main Feature:

   1. Equipped with human-computer-interface and PLC.
   2. Adoptdigital control technology.
   3. Full control for every operation steps.
   4. New digital inverter for power supply.
   5. Use the best international eletronic and pneumatic components.

Speciflcations of the series NEW DODO-150D Full Canning Machine

Welding speed40m/min.
Production speed120-180cans/min.
Welding Points distance0.5-0.9mm
Material thinckness0.16-0.3mm
Can dismeter72mm-155mm
Can height65mm-265mm
MaterialTinplate,Ni plate
Tin coatingTin:5#-100#
Copper wire1.38mm,1.5mm

three phase, voltage:380V

frequency:50Hz electric comsumption:45kw
welding frequency200-400Hz
Cooling water392-490kpa,12-18oC,  20L/min.
Compressed air490kpa,800L/min.
Dimensions2160 X 2020 X 2060mm

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