Electric Reach Truck Factory Price 1500kgs 3000mm

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Product Description:

Electric Reach Truck Factory Price 1500kgs 3000mm 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:HZCQD1530-14


Type:Powered Pallet Truck

Power:AC Motor


Load Capacity:1.5t



Load center:>500mm

Lift height:3000mm



Fork Size:1070*100*38mm


Fork Outer Width:200~600mm

Overall Length:3470mm


Overall Width:1000mm

Overall Height:2000mm





Driving Motor:1.2kw

Lifting Motor:2.5kw



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:Huize or OEM


Packing:Bubble Foam or as Required

Standard:CE approved


Origin:Taizhou, Jiangsu, China

HS Code:8428909090


Production Capacity:80PCS/Month

Product Description

Electric Reach Truck/Reach Stacker

Huize Electric Reach Truck is a kind of multi-functional electric forklift. It has the function of tilt forward and backward, adjustable forks ,etc. It is suitable for both single faced pallet and double faced pallet.

Long hadle structure makes its steering light and flexible.
Lifting cylinder placed on outer sides of the mast, improves the lateral stability and widens operator view.
Germany imported special steel mast.
AC frequency conversion traction motor: compact structure, good performance, regenerative braking and easy maintenance

I.   Loading Capacity: 1500kg,(or as required)
II.  Lifting Height: 3000mm,(or as required)
III. Load Center: 550mm
IV. Reach Distance: 500mm
V.  Battery: 24V/210AH


Electric Reach Stacker/Reach Truck
Double Stage Mast
Standing Steer Type
1.6Braking Mode
Electromagnetic braking
1.7Load Capacity
1.8Load Center
1.9Hydro cylinder
Red, Yellow ,Blue ,Gray
1.11Surface Treatment
Baking Painted
2.1Wheel Type
2.2Driving wheel No.& Size
1pcs, φ250mm*80mm
2.3Balance wheel No.& Size
2 pcs, φ150mm*50mm
2.4Load Wheel No. & Size
2 pcs, Φ178mm*80mm
3.1Single Fork Size
3.2Fork Overall Width
3.3Overall Length
3.4Overall Width
3.5Overall height
3.6Max Lifting Height
3.7Lowered Height
3.8Reach Distance
3.9Forward Max
3.10Backwards Max
3.11Aisle Width
3.12Min Aisle Width for Turning Around 
3.13Turning Radius
4.1Traveling Speed(with/without load)
4/6 km/h
4.2Lifting Speed(with/without load)
60/65 mm/s
4.3Lowering Speed(with/without load)
100/70 mm/s
4.4Gradient(with/without load)
5/8 %
4.5Braking Length(with/without load)
500/350 mm
5.1Driving Motor
1.2 KW
5.2 Lifting Motor
2.5 KW
5.3Driving Control Type
Horizontal AC
6.1Battery Voltage/Capacity
6.2Times of Recharged for Battery
750 times
6.3Battery Weight
187 kg

Electric Reach Truck Factory Price 1500kgs 3000mm

Electric Reach Truck Factory Price 1500kgs 3000mm

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