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Electric power communication network is major communication network of the country and support networks of modern

network with the main feature "three second high". Power industry has a unique advantage in developing optical fiber

communication as power network spread all over the urban and rural areas and laying fiber optical cable along the

electric power lines has high reliability and economy. Special cables used in power communication network mainly

include ADSS cable and OPGW cable. OPGW cable is special for power line formed from traditional structure added

fiber unit. It also has the function of overhead ground wire and optical cable.

This optical cable uses 6 loose tubes (or partial gasket for packing) to wind around the FRP and become the a complete

round cable core, which is stranded of certain number of Kevlar with potentiation after being covered with PE internal sheath.

Finally, the PE external sheath will be squeezed. The loose tube is made of the materials with great temperature properties.

Several single mode or multi mode optical fiber (2-8 core) of a proper extra length and the oil jelly used for moistureproof optical fiber are put into the tube. The slits of the

cable core are fulfilled with water-blocking compound.

The compact and round shape cable core is a combination of the loose sleeve pipe (gasket for packing) and center-strengthened core, the gap in the cable core is filled with water retarding compound. The polyethylene overlayer will become optical cable after the plastic-plated Aluminum belt is covered vertically.

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Q:Power Cable for a Hanns-G Monitor?
This is a standard item. Go to an electrical/electronic/computer shop with the old one.
Q:What is the role of patch panels generally, why should the switch connected?
Customers want what you should have, others do not you should have. Shop to people-oriented.
Q:Power Cable for a keyboard?
what type of power cord does it use? if its a regular ac input, you could just use any ac plug with the correct amount of power <-- this isn't the recommended choice, just a posibility.
Too hot means the current is very high. Probably in excess of 200 amps. I suspect there is a short in the amp, specially if you tried to connect it hot and drew a spark. That will kill a lot of electronics. .
Q:laptop charger (20v 3.5A) as adapter with IDE/SATA to USB cable to power 3.5 HD?
NO!! Don't do that - I got a hard drive in for repair recently where someone did that - she said it fitted so I thought it would be ok, it's got loads of data I need on that drive can you recover it? I was like - not any more I can't. 20v will blow the hard drive. If the PSU has gone on your external drive your best solution is to take the screws out of the external hard drive casing and open it up. You will find inside you have just a standard SATA hard drive.
Q:Where can I order a good power cable for a powersupply to outlet cord?
all you need is a bog standard power lead. The power unsit runs off mains voltages so a 500W supply uses only 2A (ish) (if on a 220V system) and 4A if on 110 (approx)
Q:Can I use 300 v power cable on a cx500?
Yes, this is just the maximum power the cable is rated to carry, it won't be what is coming out of the wall
Q:Can we wire coxial cable beside power cable?
No can do. You can run coax with your Cat 5e cable though.
Q:Power cable yjv22-10kv-3 * 50 what it means
This model is called copper core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed steel tape armored 3 core, each core conductor size 50mm. the cable voltage is 10KV cable. YJ: cross-linked polyethylene, cable insulation material for the chemical cross-linked polyethylene V: PVC, cable inner jacket material for the PVC jacket material first 2: plating Zinc steel strip, cable armor layer material for the galvanized steel strip Second 2: PVC, cable outer jacket material for the PVC sheathed material 10KV: that the use of the voltage of the cable waiting for you 10 kV 3 * 50 : That the cable is 3 core, each core conductor section 50mm2
Q:why my pc is shutting down and restarting only when removing the power cable and connecting it again?
What she is saying is that when she goes to shut down the system,it shuts down fine. but will not start again unless the unit is unplugged from power,then is plugged back in,and then the power switch is hit. If the system is shut down and the power is not removed then re- connected it will not restart.. Not that hard to understand.. unless you are brain damaged. Try having someone swap the power supply out with a known working one. I had a system that did that until i changed out the power supply. It's usually caused by bad capacitors in it. Another thing that can cause it is bad caps on the motherboard and sometimes tho rarely an improperly seated ram chip.

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