Electric Pallet Truck (Et18m 1800kg)

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1500 PCS/month

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Product Description:

Electric Pallet Truck (Et18m 1800kg)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ET18M


Color:Green (Customized Accepted)

Battery:Maintenance Free


Charger:Built in

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:2 Sets/Pallet

Standard:CE, SGS



Production Capacity:100 Sets/Month

Product Description

Capacity 1800KGS. Walkie Type. AC Motor. Full Electric Pallet Truck. High efficiency. It's used for middle and low frequency applications. Especially designed for replacing hand pallet trucks and semi hand pallet trucks.


1.4Operate Type
1.5Load CapacityQ(kg)1800
1.6Load Centerc(mm)600

2.1Service Weight(Incl. Battery)kg320

3.1Tyre Type
3.2Tyre Size,Drive WheelsmmΦ230x70
3.3Tyre Size,Load WheelsmmΦ80x60
3.4Tyre Size,Balance WheelsmmΦ84x48
3.5Wheels,Numbers(x= drive wheel)

4.2Height,Mast loweredh1(mm)-
4.3Free Lifth2(mm)-
4.4Lift Heighth3(mm)205
4.5Height,Mast Extendedh4(mm)-
4.9Height of tiller arm,Min/Maxh14(mm)785/1250
4.15Fork Height, Loweredh13(mm)85/74
4.19Overall Lengthl1(mm)1625
4.21Overall Widthb1/b2(mm)680
4.22Fork Dimensionl/e/s(mm)1150x160x50
4.25Outside Fork Widthb5(mm)540/680
4.32Ground Clearancem2(mm)35
4.33AST,1000X1200 pallet crosswaysast1(mm)1980
4.34AST,800X1200 pallet crosswaysast2(mm)1860
4.35Outer Turning Radiuswa(mm)1430

5.1Travel Speed, Laden/Unladenkm/h5.0/5.5
5.2Lifting Speed, Laden/Unladenm/s0.04/0.05
5.3Lowering Speed, Laden/Unladenm/s0.04/0.05
5.8Max Gradeability, Laden/Unladen%8.0/16.0

6.1Drive Motor Rating S2 60Minkw1.10DC/AC
6.2Lifting Motor Rating S3 15%kw0.85DC
6.4Battery Voltage/Capacity(5h)V/Ah24/80

7.2Service Brake
7.3Parking Brake

Electric Pallet Truck (Et18m 1800kg)

Electric Pallet Truck (Et18m 1800kg)

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Q:How thick is the wear resistant steel plate used as a dump truck lining?
This should be based on your situation to choose, generally choose 6-50mm is more common.
Q:Want to buy five Altria 1800 dump, the amount of money 490 and 4102,
1058 air brake rear axle. 750-16 triangle, exquisite. Famous brand tyre. Car metal paint. The tightness is good. Direction hydraulic assistant.
Q:How much longer does the dump truck increase its service life? What about the JFE wear-resistant steel plate made of Shanghai steel?
This is a Japanese imports of steel, you should know the German and Japanese steel industry is the best in the world in terms of quality, but you may not know Japanese in wear-resistant steel etc., already is the first in the world, JFE is one of the representatives.
Q:Can the flat semi-trailer of 10 meter 05 be container?
Special purpose vehicle(1) recreational vehicles. Such as golf courses, cars, beaches, cars and so on.(2) racing car. As a formula one car, 24 hours of Le Mans endurance racing
Q:Can the truck with the procedures be changed into dump trucks?
On board the flat can be changed to dump trucks1, other formalities need not change2, the need for differential modification of containers3, the tank to install a top hydraulic cylinder, the overall size of the car can not be changed, so that when you work, you can control the rise and fall of the container.4, now there is a special dump truck with self unloading function
Q:Buy second-hand dumpers should pay attention to what
Mainly depends on the condition of the car, there are no accidents, procedures are complete, I do not recommend the liberation of eight after the dump truck, because the liberation of dump truck performance is the worst!
Q:Is truck loading refitted from flat dump truck? Why?
Flat truck almost one hundred percent at the time of discharge, will take the form of direct roof or rollover, and the traditional truck without any distinction, after unloading, car still in the car fixed, you don't have any way to prove the car is a part of the goods, also belong to private cars. Fifth, search control system more and more on the road, you can tune out the monitor screen for a long time, you can find tens or even hundreds of times in the same box carrying different goods, which proves that the vehicle and the vehicle you are inseparable, so as to further prove your private behavior. Do not listen to advice, or manufacturers, do not buy this car, in the end, is difficult to do, is seized, let you out.
Q:How much is the weight of the last eight wheel dumper?
A dump truck is a vehicle that unloads the cargo by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also called tipcart. The utility model is composed of an automobile chassis, a hydraulic lifting mechanism, a cargo box and a force taking device
Q:Personal transfer of second-hand Dongfeng day Kam 160 horsepower, single bridge dump truck?
Wheelbase of 3.8 meters and 4.2 meters and 4.5 meters and 4.7 meters, and should be Dongfeng days Kam dump truck box length is not the same. "360dfc Dongfeng Automobile home" site inside the Dongfeng Tian Jin dump truck configuration is introduced in great detail, and as long as there is a new Dongfeng Tian Hua dump truck configuration
Q:What brand of dump truck is better?
Jac dump trucks have many brands, complete models and good quality. The dump truck can choose to buy the JAC JAC, we is a set of commercial vehicles, passenger cars and powertrain research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of integrated automobile manufacturers, our company product types, good quality, welcome to buy.

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