Electric Pallet Truck (Et18m 1800kg)

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Product Description:

Electric Pallet Truck (Et18m 1800kg)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ET18M


Color:Green (Customized Accepted)

Battery:Maintenance Free


Charger:Built in

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:2 Sets/Pallet

Standard:CE, SGS



Production Capacity:100 Sets/Month

Product Description

Capacity 1800KGS. Walkie Type. AC Motor. Full Electric Pallet Truck. High efficiency. It's used for middle and low frequency applications. Especially designed for replacing hand pallet trucks and semi hand pallet trucks.


1.4Operate Type
1.5Load CapacityQ(kg)1800
1.6Load Centerc(mm)600

2.1Service Weight(Incl. Battery)kg320

3.1Tyre Type
3.2Tyre Size,Drive WheelsmmΦ230x70
3.3Tyre Size,Load WheelsmmΦ80x60
3.4Tyre Size,Balance WheelsmmΦ84x48
3.5Wheels,Numbers(x= drive wheel)

4.2Height,Mast loweredh1(mm)-
4.3Free Lifth2(mm)-
4.4Lift Heighth3(mm)205
4.5Height,Mast Extendedh4(mm)-
4.9Height of tiller arm,Min/Maxh14(mm)785/1250
4.15Fork Height, Loweredh13(mm)85/74
4.19Overall Lengthl1(mm)1625
4.21Overall Widthb1/b2(mm)680
4.22Fork Dimensionl/e/s(mm)1150x160x50
4.25Outside Fork Widthb5(mm)540/680
4.32Ground Clearancem2(mm)35
4.33AST,1000X1200 pallet crosswaysast1(mm)1980
4.34AST,800X1200 pallet crosswaysast2(mm)1860
4.35Outer Turning Radiuswa(mm)1430

5.1Travel Speed, Laden/Unladenkm/h5.0/5.5
5.2Lifting Speed, Laden/Unladenm/s0.04/0.05
5.3Lowering Speed, Laden/Unladenm/s0.04/0.05
5.8Max Gradeability, Laden/Unladen%8.0/16.0

6.1Drive Motor Rating S2 60Minkw1.10DC/AC
6.2Lifting Motor Rating S3 15%kw0.85DC
6.4Battery Voltage/Capacity(5h)V/Ah24/80

7.2Service Brake
7.3Parking Brake

Electric Pallet Truck (Et18m 1800kg)

Electric Pallet Truck (Et18m 1800kg)

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Q:My age 608 days before the truck from the diamond Lassa to half sand discharge hydraulic gear pump shell rupture, with a few days and similar problems for a new pump
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Q:Howard truck car suddenly no electricity what reason?
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With the rise of the rotary valve is pulled up (sometimes is directly pulled, oil control is another gas controlling the rotary valve to rise around the file).
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Water tank blockage:1, external blockage, the use of water or gas will remove dirt;2, the internal blockage will affect the cooling cycle, and will produce pressure, there will be two kinds of results, one is leaking water tank, and the other is in high speed, the water temperature is particularly high.
Q:Rear eight wheel self unloading operation method?
After the eight round of the general has a climbing gear (turtle stalls), truck unloading shall be in place of discharge or flat, and prone to rollover, relatively speaking, more easily than in hydraulic top front hydraulic rollover. Of course, this is also related to the goods during the carriage of the stacking height, and the carriage length before the operation note above are similar to wire like obstacles, unloading must ensure the carriage back door can fully open and discharge 3/1 should be appropriate to move forward, to ensure to avoid living space back door hanger is broken, after or before the car weight if the front wheel off the ground at the beginning, should stop lifting, pending reverse recovery.

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