Electric Oven for Family Usage Kitchen Appliances OEM

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Product Description:

 Electric Oven Family Cooking Kitchen Appliances


Specifications and Advantages of electric oven:

  1. Stainless steel material

  2. Capaticty:  9 Liters

  3. Power: 800W

  4. 60mins timer with bell ring

  5. With upper and lower quartz heating element for heating

  6. High temperature-resistant glass door, transparent and clear, stylish and durable

  7. Mechanical-type control the operation

  8. With red ready indicator

  9. 4 stainless steel powerful heating elements

  10. 4 stages switch for heating selector (top-buttom heaters)

  11. white or black body finish, two control knobs


Accessories of electric oven:

  1. Food tray 1pcs

  2. Wire rack  1pcs


Loading Information of electric oven:

20GP: 956pcs   



Gift box size(mm): 399*284*249

Outer carton size(mm): 582*411*267

Psc/Carton: 2

N.W.: 5.6

G.W.: 7.5

What can it do?

This electric oven can be used in family for frying, baking eggs, bread and meat. 

It's the best choice of family. Because it's easy operation, easy to remove and make breakfast ready in several minutes. When don't use, its small volume can be stocked easliy in kitchen.

It's also the best choice for distributors and retailers. Because its price is very competitive and quality is good.

How to use electric oven:

1.Turn on the oven on,turn the timer clockwise to select the time(maximum 15 minutes)

2.At the end of the programmed time the timer will ding loudly and the oven switched off automatically

3.The cooking progress may be manually turned off by turning the timer dial counter clockwise to

the "off" position.

Electric Oven

Electric Oven for Family Usage  Kitchen Appliances OEM


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Q:The damper is also used to regulate the amount of air entering. 1, winter is best to pull, not too much, too much air, 2. Pull it out, can't you pull it up? If there's no problem with other parts of your car, 3. No, it is not for Santana, manual throttle, pull a little wind speed will increase, but not to hot, can use a short time.
Remind the driver friend, after the engine water temperature reaches forty degrees, be sure to put the damper back to the original position. Otherwise, not only waste fuel, but also in the cylinder to form carbon deposits, to speed up cylinder wear and tear, shortening engine life.It is difficult to start in winter, mainly on carburetor engines. The design of the engine takes into account the winter gasoline is not easy to evaporate, start difficult, specially designed damper.
Q:Is there any fermentation function in the Depp embedded electric oven?
Ferment in the oven's heat insulation. That's how I did it. It was a great success. Because the inner area of the oven is large, it is better to ferment at one time.
Q:The beauty of the oven has a fermentation function, how to use?
In fact, the oven can ferment the dough. My own method is: the grid on the bottom, the oven 40 degrees 5 minutes the first heat to preheat, small plastic boxes in the oven and then put a full 80 degrees hot water, the hot water is to maintain the temperature effect and maintain a certain humidity effect.
Q:What brands of ovens are of good quality and easier to use?
The oven temperature on the market is 0-250 degrees and 100-250 degrees. The starting angle of the oven is about 90 degrees. It is OK to choose which temperature mode.
Q:How do you make homemade bread in the oven?
Oven with steam function, mainly for baking sticks or European hard bread, which will make the crust of bread more crisp, so the epidermis is also hard.
Q:What's the difference between an oven and a toaster?
What's the difference between a toaster and an oven?. The toaster can only make bread and cannot make other cakes. The oven is different. It makes all kinds of cakes, including bread, of course.
Q:Can mousse be put into the oven?
When the oven is in use, the temperature should be adjusted first.The oven is in use, should be adjusted well lit, temperature under fire, on the fire to adjust, then clockwise twist time knob (don't screw counter clockwise), then the power indicator lights, oven proof in the working state. During use, if we set 30 minutes baked food, but through the observation of 20 minutes, food is cooked, so this time we don't screw counter clockwise time knob, please fire the stall three knob, adjusted to close it, so you can extend the service life of the machine. This is different from the use of microwave ovens, microwave ovens can be reversed.
Q:What's the difference between an oven and an oven?
The oven in the heat should avoid scalding.In addition to the internal heat, the shell and glass doors are very hot, so be careful when opening or closing the oven door so as not to be scalded by the glass door. Place the pan in the oven or remove it from the oven. Be sure to use the handle. Do not touch the pan or baked food directly with your hands. Do not touch the heater or other parts of the stove by hand so as not to burn.
Q:How much does the oven make when it is fermented?
1. in addition to butter, mix all the ingredients and start kneading dough. The dough is about equal. After molding, add the butter and knead until the dough shows a large amount of film. 2. wait for the dough to ferment, about two times larger after flattening out the air. 3. knead the dough into the shape of the bread and then put it on the baking tray and wait until it is two times the size. 4. preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake for 25 minutes. The bread is ready.
Q:Which brand of electric ovens is good? What's the difference?
The heating elements used in electric ovens can be broadly divided into three categories: one is an electric oven using a far infrared tube and a quartz heating tube, and the other is the lower grade of all electric ovens. However, the basic function is to achieve the electricity, just baked speed will slow down a bit. Therefore, it is suitable for families with an average economy, but needs to buy an electric oven and a single family. The other is an electric oven with two far-infrared tubes and a quartz heating tube, which is characterized by faster heating. However, compared with the former, the price should be slightly higher, generally expensive one hundred or two hundred yuan. Another is an ultraviolet heating tube attached to the attachment, which can be used for high temperature sterilization. It can disinfect, disinfect, the hygiene degree is higher, and the heating speed is fast, so the price is more expensive, it is suitable for the consumer with good economic condition.

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