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1. Type: Induction Motor
2. Frequency: 50/60Hz
3. Output Power: 0.75 to 355kW
4. Phase: Three-phase
5. Efficiency: IE2, IE1

CAG Electric Machinery is a global manufacturer of electromotors and their accessories. Our products are constructed in such a way that they are environmentally friendly. Due to this effort, our electromotors achieve low energy consumption while maintaining their performance.

Our Products Type:

1. Aluminium Frame,
2. Cast Iron Frame,
3. Three Phase Motors IE2,
4. Single Phase Motors.

Cast Iron Frame: CAG HGIE2 Cast Iron Frame Three Phase Electric AC Induction Motor    

HG series with cast iron body. Three -phase induction motors. Motor for frequency convertor.  


1. Bearing shields in aircraft design for greater load capacity.
2. Fan cover in new aircraft design for better cooling.
3. Terminals with the exact diagonal division. Accelerated access  saves time during assembly.

Quality of Processing :

1. Complete development according to EU standards.
2. Certification of production and manufacturing standards by TUV-SUD.
3. Production under constant surveillance quality manager from the EU.
4. Certification for efficiency IE2 motor in the EU.


1. Double painting of winding.
2. The screws on the front shield and the fan cover in stainless steel.
3. Thermal protection of winding as standard.
4. Control and power glands in the base price.
5. Reduced vibration by max. 1.5 mm/s.
6. Each engine goes through routine tests and the test result is delivered together with an invoice. Everyone can consider motor parameters.
7. Engines above axial height 132 is provided with bearing shields made of cast iron. The engine obtains robust construction in compliance with weight limits.      

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Q:Dc brushless motor and ac motor
Dc brushless motor is used for direct current electricity only without the brush and the function of the electric brush is achieved by electronic circuit Of course, Some kinds of mechanical parts of the brushless dc motor and ac motor are nearly the same This type of Can be considered to use electronic circuit direct current into alternating current (ac) Recanalization for motor
Q:Increase the load on the motor, but not overload. Is the opportunity slow down?
No matter the dc ac motor, the motor is in the stable zone of the mechanical characteristic curve, but it will only slow down a little bit, but it will be stable.
Q:What is the difference between ac servo motor and three-phase ac asynchronous motor?
Stepper motor is the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or line displacement of the stepper motor open-loop control yuan, in the case of the overload, motor speed, stop position depends only on the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, and not affected by load change, when the stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it is driving a stepper motor, set the direction of a fixed Angle, known as the "step Angle", its rotation is based on the Angle of the fixed step by step.
Q:Which price is higher for ac motor and dc motor? Which service lasts longer?
In the premise of the same capacity, because of the low sales of the dc motor and the quantity of copper, the price is more expensive than the ac motor. 2 because of the dc motor brush need to replace frequently, if included in its life, the working life of the dc motor is ac motor is short, if not included in the replacement of the working life of the brush, the life of the two kinds of motor is basically the same
Q:There is a difference between ac frequency conversion and dc frequency conversion
To compare the differences, you must first understand the structure of the two. In order to realize the dc motor speed regulation, there are several ways: (1) in the winding internal series resistance, the method of reducing I increases the loss of the drag system, the mechanical performance is "soft", and now it is not necessary. (2) regulating the armature winding voltage U, which is by far the best method of regulating speed, has the following characteristics: A) the mechanical properties of the speed adjustment are constant, and the speed landing only changes with the armature voltage. B) to achieve stepless speed adjustment, zero speed adjustment C) because the main flux is constant, the motor rated current is constant, so the speed control process has a "constant torque" characteristic.
Q:Any 220V ac motor can be reversed?
The motor can be turned on and off, just changing the wiring, which is the connection between the switch and the capacitance
Q:Juicer, dc motor or ac induction machine?
Using the single-phase 220 V alternating current series motor, the control circuit is extremely simple, only needs the main switch and the protective switch.
Q:Can alternator speed improve power generation?
The first thing to verify is the synchronous generator, or the asynchronous generator. This synchronous generator, at synchronous speed (1 pair, 3000 RPM, 50Hz) In this case, the asynchronous generator is operating at a lower speed than the synchronous speed. The speed above synchronous speed is in the operating condition of generator
Q:Is the servo motor a dc motor or ac motor?
What is a dc motor? Answer: the output or input for the direct current to the rotation of the motor, known as the dc motor 2, a: what is ac motor output or input for the rotation of the ac power motor, known as ac motor.
Q:Why is the ac motor chain divided by time is voltage
The voltage base value is equal to the impedance base times the current base value, The impedance basis value is equal to the inductance base on the angular frequency basis, So, the voltage base is equal to the inductance basis times the angular frequency basis times the current base value,

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