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1. Type: Induction Motor
2. Frequency: 50/60Hz
3. Output Power: 0.75 to 355kW
4. Phase: Three-phase
5. Efficiency: IE2, IE1

CAG Electric Machinery is a global manufacturer of electromotors and their accessories. Our products are constructed in such a way that they are environmentally friendly. Due to this effort, our electromotors achieve low energy consumption while maintaining their performance.

Our Products Type:

1. Aluminium Frame,
2. Cast Iron Frame,
3. Three Phase Motors IE2,
4. Single Phase Motors.

Cast Iron Frame: CAG HGIE2 Cast Iron Frame Three Phase Electric AC Induction Motor    

HG series with cast iron body. Three -phase induction motors. Motor for frequency convertor.  


1. Bearing shields in aircraft design for greater load capacity.
2. Fan cover in new aircraft design for better cooling.
3. Terminals with the exact diagonal division. Accelerated access  saves time during assembly.

Quality of Processing :

1. Complete development according to EU standards.
2. Certification of production and manufacturing standards by TUV-SUD.
3. Production under constant surveillance quality manager from the EU.
4. Certification for efficiency IE2 motor in the EU.


1. Double painting of winding.
2. The screws on the front shield and the fan cover in stainless steel.
3. Thermal protection of winding as standard.
4. Control and power glands in the base price.
5. Reduced vibration by max. 1.5 mm/s.
6. Each engine goes through routine tests and the test result is delivered together with an invoice. Everyone can consider motor parameters.
7. Engines above axial height 132 is provided with bearing shields made of cast iron. The engine obtains robust construction in compliance with weight limits.      

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Q:What is the difference between dc brushless motor and dc brushmotor?
No carbon brush, need drive electron commutation, have the brush structure is the stator magnet, the rotor coil, no brush on the other side, have uvw three, is ac motor winding
Q:How to control ac motors with dc 24V voltage
The 24V contactor is also very expensive, with intermediate relays, and then use the intermediate relays to control the contactor
Q:The difference between a converter motor and a regular ac motor
Electromagnetic design For common asynchronous motors, the main consideration in redesigning is overload capacity, start-up performance, efficiency, and power factor. And frequency conversion motor, because of the critical slip inverse ratio at power frequency, you can directly start when critical slip is close to 1, therefore, overload capacity and startup performance is not need to think too much, and to solve the key problem is how to improve the ability to adapt the motor of the non sine wave power. Here's how it works: 1) minimize stator and rotor resistance Reducing the stator resistance can reduce the copper consumption of the base wave to compensate for the higher copper consumption. In order to suppress the high harmonics in the current, the inductance of the motor is needed. However, the main effect of the rotor slot leakage resistance is large, and the high frequency harmonic copper consumption increases. Therefore, the size of the leakage resistance of the motor should be adjusted to the rationality of the impedance matching within the entire speed limit. 3) the main magnetic circuit of frequency conversion motor generally designed to unsaturated state, one is to consider will deepen higher harmonic magnetic circuit saturation, 2 it is to consider at low frequency, in order to improve the output torque and appropriate to increase the output voltage of inverter.
Q:What is the difference between a brushless ac motor and a brushless dc motor?
Our company's no brush ac motor is the largest in the country. There is no much difference in composition, for maintenance and low maintenance requirements, stator winding heat dissipation is more convenient, moment of inertia is small, easy to improve the quickness of bellows coupling system, suitable for high speed large torque working condition, with the power of a relatively small volume and weight.
Q:What is the ac motor made up of?
Alternator is divided into two parts, the stator winding and rotor winding three-phase stator winding Angle of 120 degrees of electricity distribution according to the differences in the shell, rotor winding is composed of two pieces of a claw. When the rotor winding is connected to a direct current, the two polar claws form N poles and S poles. The line of magnetic force starts from the N pole, and enters the stator core through the air clearance to the neighboring S pole. Once the rotor rotation, the rotor winding will cut lines, mutual difference 120 KWH in stator winding sine electromotive force, the Angle of the three-phase alternating current (ac), through the six of silicon diode rectifier components into a dc output. As the output voltage of the generator increases with the speed of the engine, the voltage regulator should be adjusted to meet the need. The modern car's generators are compact, putting an integrated circuit regulator into a generator and filling it with a multi-tube form. For example, the xiali car generator has eight semiconducting tubes, six rectifier used only, the other 2 is used only for three-phase neutral point voltage rectifier output, so as to improve the power of generator.
Q:The difference between dc brushless motor and ac servo motor
Simple dc brushless motor can not do position control and can only do speed control. Ac servo can do position control and other kinds of control.
Q:Is the extruder in 110KW a good ac motor or dc motor?
Now we use frequency conversion to ac motor. Very few dc machines, because dc machines need to be maintained too often.
Q:Common problems with ac motor
 the bearing room is too big. (3) tighten the screws; (4) there is clutter in the motor. Electromagnetic aspect: (1) the motor is overloaded; (2) the three-phase current imbalance; (3) missing phases; (4) stator, a short circuit failure of the rotor winding; (5) the welding part of the cage rotor welding is caused by cutting. What are the causes of overheating of motor bearings? The motor itself: (1) the inner and outer ring of the bearing is tightly coupled; (2) there is a problem with the parts, such as seats, ends, shafts, etc. (3) improper bearings; (4) the bearings are not lubricated or the bearings are not cleaned, and the grease contains sundries; (5) shaft current. Usage: (1) the unit is improperly installed, such as the shaft of the motor shaft and the shaft of the device that is dragged. (2) the pulley was pulled tight; (3) the bearing is not well maintained, the grease is not sufficient or exceeds the use period, and the hair dries out. What is the cause of low electrical resistance? (1) the windings of the winding or water intrusion; (2) gathering dust or oil on the windings; (3) aging of insulation; (4) the insulation of the motor lead or the junction plate.
Q:Is the mainstream subway car traction motor, ac or dc?
Big trend is ac traction motor, a few big metro vehicle control system manufacturers (bombardier, Siemens and alstom, modern - rotem, etc.) are in the production of communication control technology products, traction motor of metro vehicle use dc has been rarely, in addition to Beijing line 1 metro vehicle with dc motor, the current of the metro vehicle use is ac motor, the power supply is a dc power supply.
Q:Does ac opportunity generate recoil voltage
At higher requirements, a diode is connected to the end of the relay coil and the voltage is released. To avoid interference.

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