Electric Lady's Bike with 250W Front Motor Samsung battery cell, European Design

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250W Electric City Bike, Green Bike

-Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061T

-Seat Tube Height: 1200px, 1275px, 1400px etc

-Riding mode: Pedal Assist System (PAS)/ Throttle/Pedal assist and throttle assist

-Motor: 250W/350W brushless DC intelligent hub motor

-Battery: 36V 10Ah Lithium-ion battery 

-Max speed: 25km/h 

 -Range per charge: 45-50km with pedal assist

-Wheels: 700C with Al Alloy double wall rims 

-Tires: 700*38C  tires(CST)

-Saddle: Gel saddle with suspension seat post

 -Brakes: Front V brake  and Rear Roller  brake

-Derailleur: Shimano 7-speed-gears

-N. W/G. W: 25/28.5kg (with battery)


Smooth Welding is used, Light weighted Frame. Strong Resistance


E-Bike has completely independent human and electric drive system. That means they don’t interfere with each other and  you can choose to Pedal with or without assisted power, or not Pedal at all (with the throttle).


 Standard Bike parts: E-Bike is SHIMANO NEXUS 7- Hub Gears, seats, handlebars, brakes and other non-electrical parts can be found at bike shop and some department stores. 



1. Our products are targeted for the overseas market, and we have a strong sense of responsibility for the quality, we focus on Quality.

2. Parts Suppliers mostly From Taiwan, Japan, France and Holland. All of them have ability to make qualified products

3. We carry on periodic training to our staffs, in order to enhance their consciousness of quality.

4. All the components should be checked carefully before assembling, thus, we can make sure that the broken or deficient components will not be fixed to the bikes.

5. Each E-bike will be strictly inspected before packing and shipping out.,to insure that they could be satisfied with you.


Our Advantage:


TUV audited factory, OEM/ODM Service, BS certificate

 Super Electric system, motor is quite, and Smooth starting

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Q:Why are there lithium batteries,no lithium batteries, electric motorcycles
The main aspects are as follows:First: the question of cost. Lithium batteries are known to be expensive because the materials and processes for producing lithium batteries are much higher than those for lead-acid batteries and are more stringent.Second: it is a question of interest. Now the electric car market in the lead-acid battery as the core power source, while the share of lithium battery in the electric vehicle market is less than its price of lead-acid battery expensive, which caused the market sale ten eight aircraft lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries only two.
Q:Can Changsha electric bicycles take the loop road?
No, ring road does not allow electric cars to goBut now electric cars are generally ignored this regulation, recently, Changsha traffic police are controlling this piece, Sheung Wan line on the deduction of cars
Q:Relationship between voltage, speed, motor power and mileage of electric vehicle
Exercise 1, electric vehicle mileage ("life time" is associated with motor power), is also related to the power supply capacity of the battery life time, namely: power supply capacity battery (voltage * capacity, namely: 60V * 20AH = 1200Wh), motor power (W), the calculation result is hours. So, the same is a 60V20AH battery, 500W motor and 800W motor (500W motor), the life time is much larger than the latter (800W motor).
Q:How often does electric car battery change? Usually how to maintain it?
Protect the charger.The general instructions for use include instructions on how to protect the charger. Many users do not read the instructions of the habit, often in addition to the problem after thinking of looking for instructions, often too late, so the first look at the instructions is very necessary. In order to reduce the cost of the charger, now basically no design, high vibration resistance so that the charger is generally not on the electric bicycle and bicycle in the trunk. Special circumstances, you must move, but also the charger wrapped in foam plastic, to prevent vibration bumps. Many chargers after vibration, the internal potentiometer will drift, so that the entire parameter drift, resulting in abnormal state of charge. In addition, the need to pay attention to when charging is to maintain the ventilation of the charger, otherwise, not only affect the charger's life, but also may occur thermal drift and affect the charging state. This can cause damage to the battery. Therefore, it is also important to protect the charger.
Q:How to maintain the battery of electric vehicle??
With the rising price of electric vehicle batteries, electric vehicle batteries to learn how to do the maintenance becomes more and more important, because the battery can be well maintained, can extend battery life, it is equivalent to saving money!
Q:How far can an electric bicycle go before embarrassing?
Experts and industry calls for the establishment of China's electric bicycle industry standards as soon as possible in order to promote the healthy and orderly development of the electric vehicle industry. A thriving industry in 1995, Tsinghua University developed our first light electric vehicle. In just 10 years, China has developed into the world's largest electric vehicle industry, and also has an international competitiveness of the industry. It is understood that, only in 2006, the country's 2000 electric car companies produced 19 million 200 thousand electric cars, exports about 3000000, to achieve output value of about 40 billion yuan, profits and taxes over ten billion yuan, the employment population of about 1000000 people. At present, China's light electric vehicle production and sales accounted for 95% of the world, has become the world's largest electric vehicle production, consumption and export countries. By 2010, the number of light electric vehicles will reach 30 million, and the export volume will reach 5 million, with a total output value of about 100000000000 yuan. Chinese Electric Vehicle Association vice chairman Lu Jinlong in an Chinese intellectual property news reporter said, the electric car is from 1996 began to develop, now for 10 years, it can be said now is a key stage of the development of electric vehicle industry. Although the electric car industry growth rate dropped significantly, but the speed of technology innovation is not slow, such as drive technology, battery technology, control technology, charging technology, energy recovery technology has been the leading foreign 4 to 6 years.
Q:What is the horsepower of an electric bicycle?
Electric vehicles are generally divided into 350W 500W according to the power of motorsIf running continuously at full speed, 48V14AH batteries, brushless 350 motor, according to time can run for about 2-4 hours48V20AH battery brushless 350 motor, according to time, you can run for about 3-6 hours
Q:How to change the locks of electric cars?
Electric car handlebar lock is broken, the electric car to the repair point, maintenance personnel directly to a new, the price is not expensive, the Bureau quickly repaired
Q:Do lead acid batteries in electric bicycles have a memory effect? Usually how to maintain?
(7) if the battery is broken, the electric leakage is that the battery should be replaced so as to avoid acid corrosion. (8) the battery electrolyte is corrosive, do not touch the skin and clothes, more avoid splashed into eyes. In case of the above, flush with water immediately and send to hospital for medical treatment immediately. Some questions on the battery in 1, = almost all kinds of batteries are affected by environmental temperature. Generally speaking, when the temperature is higher, the discharge performance of the battery is better. When the temperature is 0 degrees, the power of the battery may drop by more than 1/3. So when winter or cold area, after a single charge continued to reduce and is normal driving in winter when riding, please try to use the whole pedal power, it can make your body to get exercise, do not let the cold parts of your legs, and to prolong the service life of batteries (because of the high temperature battery capacity drops, the same cycling distance, increase the depth of discharge). When temperatures rise to more than 20 degrees, their functions naturally recover. However, when the temperature exceeds 60 degrees (such as summer sun exposure time is too long), may affect the normal use of electrical appliances. 2, the mainland line of electric cars in the factory have passed "spray " experiment, not afraid of rain and snow, but not wading. When the water level controller, electric circuit or submerged motor hub, will cause short circuit and damage to electrical appliances; rainy days should not be parked in the rain in the electric car long time, may cause the infiltration of rainwater into electrical components in. Attention please! Three
Q:How to maintain the battery of electric vehicle
Six skills of electric vehicle battery maintenanceSkills 1. No loss of electricity when storedBattery storage is prohibited in the state of power loss. The state of power loss means that the battery has not been charged in time. When the battery is stored in the power deficit state, it is easy to appear sulfation. The lead sulfate crystal is attached to the polar plate, blocking the electric ion channel, resulting in insufficient charging and decreasing the battery capacity. The longer the idle state, the more serious the battery damage. Therefore, when the battery is idle, it should be fed once a month, so that it can keep the battery healthy.

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