Electric Lady's Bike with 250W Front Motor Samsung battery cell, European Design

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Cartons with 7 Layers

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250W Electric City Bike, Green Bike

-Frame: Aluminum alloy 6061T

-Seat Tube Height: 1200px, 1275px, 1400px etc

-Riding mode: Pedal Assist System (PAS)/ Throttle/Pedal assist and throttle assist

-Motor: 250W/350W brushless DC intelligent hub motor

-Battery: 36V 10Ah Lithium-ion battery 

-Max speed: 25km/h 

 -Range per charge: 45-50km with pedal assist

-Wheels: 700C with Al Alloy double wall rims 

-Tires: 700*38C  tires(CST)

-Saddle: Gel saddle with suspension seat post

 -Brakes: Front V brake  and Rear Roller  brake

-Derailleur: Shimano 7-speed-gears

-N. W/G. W: 25/28.5kg (with battery)


Smooth Welding is used, Light weighted Frame. Strong Resistance


E-Bike has completely independent human and electric drive system. That means they don’t interfere with each other and  you can choose to Pedal with or without assisted power, or not Pedal at all (with the throttle).


 Standard Bike parts: E-Bike is SHIMANO NEXUS 7- Hub Gears, seats, handlebars, brakes and other non-electrical parts can be found at bike shop and some department stores. 



1. Our products are targeted for the overseas market, and we have a strong sense of responsibility for the quality, we focus on Quality.

2. Parts Suppliers mostly From Taiwan, Japan, France and Holland. All of them have ability to make qualified products

3. We carry on periodic training to our staffs, in order to enhance their consciousness of quality.

4. All the components should be checked carefully before assembling, thus, we can make sure that the broken or deficient components will not be fixed to the bikes.

5. Each E-bike will be strictly inspected before packing and shipping out.,to insure that they could be satisfied with you.


Our Advantage:


TUV audited factory, OEM/ODM Service, BS certificate

 Super Electric system, motor is quite, and Smooth starting

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Q:An electric bicycle doesn't need a chain. Can it be used properly?
Electric bikes are now divided into two broad categories,1, electric bicycles [with pedals, that is, chains], this is in line with national standards for electric riding vehicles,
Q:What's the difference between electric cars 36V and 48V?! Detailed points ~ ha ha ~ thank you!
36V electric vehicles are generally using 12Ah batteries, basically are small models of electric vehicles, power between 220W-350W.
Q:The difference between a lithium battery electric vehicle and an ordinary electric vehicle
Generally speaking, there are several ways to compare (lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries (i.e., ordinary electric vehicle batteries):1: weight: lithium battery light weight, lead-acid batteries heavier weight, the use of lithium batteries generally lighter, more convenient to use;2, price: lithium battery prices higher, lead-acid batteries cheaper prices, the average capacity of lithium batteries is 4 times the price of lead-acid batteries, resulting in higher replacement costs later;
Q:Electric vehicle driver's licenseElectric cars need driver's license
Some users for the individual traffic accident cases in electric vehicles, belong to non motor vehicle or motor vehicle problem to me, or how to identify the vehicle type to discuss each one airs his own views. I think that the electric vehicle that identifies the accident should be a non motorized vehicle:First, the definition of non motorized vehicles by lawIn my opinion, not to look at electric cars as electric bicycles, but to classify them as non motor vehicles, and to make clear the law.People's Republic of China road traffic safety law "article 119th (four): the provisions of" non motor vehicles "refers to the human or animal driven vehicles on the roads, as well as though power driven design maximum speed, empty quality, dimensions with motor wheelchairs for the disabled and the relevant national standards for electric vehicles bike.Visible, relying on battery driven vehicles, only in the design of top speed, empty car quality, size and compliance with the relevant national standards for electric bicycles, only non motorized vehicles,
Q:What about opening an electric car repair department now?
1, the traditional project maintenance: electric vehicle common fault inspection and removal, motor, controller, charger overhaul, line fault inspection, common mechanical structure overhaul, frame and plastic parts replacement.2, the key components of the battery repair and inspection: the battery is the key component of electric vehicles, in the main components of the electric car battery, the high failure rate of the fault using the special equipment of lead-acid battery repair instrument for common battery repair and reuse, maintenance is an indispensable link of electric vehicles.3, to provide customers with the first aid, door-to-door services and other functions, and promised to provide free inflatable service in the store. If the electric car is dead, and the client is in a hurry, stores can provide a new battery to customers free of charge, in order to attract customers, forming a good reputation in the market, but the customer to pay a deposit and return the new battery deposit refund.4, the establishment of electric vehicles fast charging station. Is like a mobile phone rush service, equipped with various types of battery charger or battery speed meter, billing by the hour, in a high traffic parking place car factory, customer implementation of rush service, will travel the great convenience of electric vehicle owners.5, with well-known manufacturers in cooperation, the establishment of brand electric car after-sales service center. Each brand of electric bicycle manufacturers, in every city and county city to set up a maintenance point, but as long as we strive to 1 to 2 manufacturers, to establish relations of cooperation, will greatly enhance the visibility and benefit you.
Q:Buy electric cars need to pay attention to what problems?
Two tips: look at the brand consumers should choose the business a long time, low repair rate, good quality and reputation of the brand. However, attention has been paid to some of the more famous brands in the field of bicycles and motorcycles, but the quality of their electric cars is generally poor. Recommended brands: Emmelle, Si min, brilliant nickel hydrogen car, permanent, Qi Lei, Chizuru, Xinri etc..Three tips: choose a certain scale businesses, businesses operating for longer periods of time, we can ensure that your customer service service guarantee. Recommended brands: joint power car discount, car Shenda, industry, shopping malls and other people's good faith.
Q:The first time to buy electric cars, what problems need to pay attention to
Electric bicycles according to the selected battery group has 24V12Ah, 24V14Ah, 36V12Ah and so on. Among them, the 24V12Ah battery's maximum mileage is 25 km ~30 km, can meet the daily commuting distance within 15 kilometers of the user needs, more than 15 kilometers of users should choose 24V14Ah and 36V12Ah battery.2., expensive, luxury cars, performance is not necessarily cheaper than the price, simple appearance of the car.3. the key to determining the quality of electric bicycles is the quality of the motors and batteries. High quality motor, small loss, high efficiency, continuous driving distance, the battery is good; as for batteries, almost an electric bicycle is a decisive factor in good or bad. Basically, the electric bicycles sold in the market are free maintenance lead-acid batteries. They have the characteristics of low price, good electrical performance, no memory effect, easy to use and so on. The service life is basically 1~2 years. I can introduce to you more reliable car storage battery brand is Shenyang Matsushita lead-acid battery, basically can rest assured that the use of other manufacturers of batteries, I do not know much. Battery life is closely related to the selection of chargers, I still have not found the perfect products, we can only suggest that you must use the original charger.
Q:How to maintain the battery of electric vehicle
Technique two periodic inspectionDuring use, if the electric vehicle mileage in a short period of time suddenly dropped ten kilometers, it is likely that the battery pack in at least one cell appears broken, soft plate, plate active material shedding short-circuit phenomenon. At this point, should be in time to professional battery repair institutions for inspection, repair or distribution group. This relatively prolongs the life of the battery pack and saves money to the greatest extent.Tip three avoid high current dischargesElectric vehicles in the beginning, manned, uphill, please use the pedal power, as far as possible to avoid the moment of high current discharge. High current discharge easily leads to lead sulfate crystallization, which impairs the physical performance of the battery plate.
Q:Are there any speed limits for electric bicycles?
The new national standards for electric vehicles will be implemented from January 1, 2010. The standard will be more than 40 kilograms and more than 20 kilometers per hour electric bicycle, known as "light electric motorcycle" or "electric motorcycle", classified as motor vehicles category".
Q:Charging problems of electric vehicle wiring
First,From various safety requirements,220V AC power lines should not be hung outside the wall,Even a low voltage line,Hang down from the top floor,The cross sectional area of the wire and ordinary telephone wire is too small and the strength is poor,

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