Electric & Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire

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Galvanized Iron Wire
1.Wire diameter:8.0mm-0.7mm
2.Tensile Strength:350-550
3.Zinc coated:10-250g/m2

Electric & Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire

1.Wire Diameter:8 # to 22 #   (4.0mm-0.7mm)

2.Standard Weight: 25-100kg/roll

3.Tensile Strength:350-550N/mm2

4.Material: Low carbon steel wire Q195-Q235

5.Production Process: Processing with high quality low carbon steel wire, through drawing and then annealed or galvanizing

6.Types of Iron Wire:

   a) black (annealed) iron wire

   b) electro galvanized iron wire (zinc coated 10-30g/m2)

   c) hot dipped galvanized iron wire (zinc coated 40-250g/m2)

7. Packaging: Plastic inside hessian woven outside or plastic inside nylon woven outside, or as requirements. 25-100kg/roll

8. Application: Communication devices, medical equipment, weaving of wire mesh,high pressure pipes, construction, arts and crafts, etc.

9.Payment term: TT, 30% down payment and balance paid against copy of BL.

10.Delivery time:7-15 days after receiving the deposit.

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Each okorder.com/
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