Electric Heavy Stand Mixer Full Aluminum Body Full Function

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Product Description:

Electric Heavy Stand Mixer Full Aluminum Body Full Function

Heavy quality die-cast aluminum body

Powerful 1500W motor

6 speeds rotary switch control with LED light

5.5L high quality stainless steel bowl with handles and splash guard

Superior mixing proformance

Designed in Holland

Outlets for Total Food Preparation:

Meat grinder with sausage;

kebab maker ;

cookie maker and pasta maker;

Vegetable slicer and shredder attachment;

Standard three mixing tools;

1.6L glass jug attachment;

Rotary switch with LED light



--Multi-function, Can mix dough, dumpling stuffing, circumrotate eggs and cream.

--Constant-torque and infinite variable speed technologies have been used in the mixer. You can ---select any rotating speed for different load.

--There is overload protection installation in the newest mixer.


--Easy and safe to operate.Works efficiently and smoothly, widely used in restaurant,cofe shop and market store.


--CE approved,according with food standard.




OEM acceptable.


1 Year warranty and long life after-sale service

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Electric Heavy Stand Mixer Full Aluminum Body Full Function

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