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Product Name: Electric Column Heater:SH20160HT-2


Electric Column Heater SH20160HT-2 Wholesale  Buy  Electric Column Heater at Okorder

Electric Column Heater SH20160HT-2 Wholesale  Buy  Electric Column Heater at Okorder


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Electric Column Heater:SH20160HT-2

* Column Heater with Bar Table
* Anodized Aluminium Alloy Frame
* High Efficiency Carbon Fibre Heating Elements
* Two Power Settings: 1000W, 2000W
* 1.8 Metres Power Supply Cord 
* Stainless Steel Bar Table: D=50cm
* Stainless Steel Base Cover: D=40cm
* Height: 160cm
* 360 Degree Tip-over Safety Switch
* IP24 Approved

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Electric Column Heater SH20160HT-2 Wholesale  Buy  Electric Column Heater at Okorder

Electric Column Heater SH20160HT-2 Wholesale  Buy  Electric Column Heater at Okorder

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