Electric city Bike for woman with CE,EN15194 and EPAC

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80 PCS
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2000 PCS/month

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55 days


36V10AH Lithium battery, 250W crank motor,LCD display with 5 levels power assist ,alloy fork,adjustable stem post,PAS 


Packaging & Shipping


Loading capacity:20GP:82PCS,40HQ:210PCS




250W F/D   brushless gear motor


36V10AH   Lithium bateery

Charger   time:



Shimano Nexus   7 speed

Front   Brake:


Rear   Brake:

Roller brake


700*38C,   Dual Wall Alloy


tyres   including reflective tape(KENDA)

Wheel   Spoke:

Stainless   Steel( SLE Brand)


Alloy   6061


Alloy (   ZOOM Brand )


F &   R Light (XC Brand)


Standard   VELO Brand

Seat   Post:



Alloy   headset(ZHI XIN Brand)

Main   Crank:

Alloy    (LUN FENG Brand)


Aluminum   within plastic fender


Silver   Bell



Net   Weight:


Gross   Weight:




Power   Mode:

PAS   (Speed control by pedal accelerator)

Dimension   (Packing):

141 x   25x 2275px




1.) 8 years experience in design and manufacturing, 4 years of exporting. We are more professional.

2.) TUV audited factory, OEM/ODM Service

3) Super Electric system, motor is quite, and Smooth starting

4) High Trained Employees, 2000pcs Electric bike per month.

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Q:What kind of bearings are used on electric bicycles and what kind of bearings are they?
The front wheels are 6001 and 6200 more. As long as the electric car can turn, it is better waterproof performance, it is better to contact tightly with 2RS. Price, then the factory at around 1.5 yuan, if it is to repair shop to change, the price is 10 yuan, two sets. Electric motor with the 6004 bearings, this should choose a good point, the person or the Cixing bearing. Imports of NSK, and if you go to the repair shop to change, the price at least from 20 yuan to 35 yuan.
Q:How to reduce electric bicycle accidents
Ways to reduce accidents in electric bicycles are as follows:1, riding an electric car, not to speak back, do not watch the road.2, riding an electric car, you can not drink driving.3, riding an electric car can not take too many people, the center of gravity is not stable.
Q:How many children can ride an electric car on the road?
Two, electric bicycles are not bicycles, and classified as a moped. Therefore, according to the "Nanjing power management approach" stipulates that cyclists must be 16 years of age, rather than 12 years of age. Parents must pay attention to, when you give the electric bicycle to their children riding, must make sure he is on the road qualification, otherwise there is an accident, he not only suffer, but also responsible for the accident.Three, electric bicycle as a kind of moped, still belongs to non motor vehicle, it should be in the slow lane ride, and can not ride the fast lane. Electric bicycle has a certain performance of the vehicle, but an electric bike is not a group of specially trained, safe driving experience and emergency treatment is not specially trained driver as well, so who do not ride a bike ride on the fast track, so that the signs of danger appearing everywhere.Four, electric bicycles can not be illegal with people. Many people don't seem to know much about this one, so we often see that electric bicycles are illegal. Electric bicycles are illegal to bring people on the road. If an accident occurs, cyclists will be responsible for the accident.Five, do not violate the rules of cycling, but also to prevent some unexpected things happen. A parked car suddenly someone pushed the door to get off, the door knocked down the rider (once scraping are often very serious); two case of parked cars blocking the line of sight of people, suddenly across the slow lane pedestrian and hide behind, hit the pedestrians. Especially in the pedestrian crossing line and intersection, more attention should be paid, because the traffic environment in these two places is more complex, accidents are often more.
Q:How many batteries are there in electric cars?
The battery voltage of EV is 36 volts, 48 volts, 60 VOLTS, and the three refers to the voltage of the battery,
Q:How to choose an electric car? What should I pay attention to when I buy it?
There are two kinds of electric bicycles: brushless and brush motors. At present, brushless permanent magnet motors have the tendency to replace brush motors. The controller must have the functions of stepless speed regulation, undervoltage, overload and power-off protection, and also has an electric quantity display device. Charger should have automatic equalization charging function, generally observed from the plug for the four core, can be achieved after charging three sets of battery voltage consistent, so as to improve the capacity of the battery.
Q:What are the differences between a few volts and a few electric cars?
1 a battery is 12V, 36V is three batteries, and 48V is 4 batteries2, 12AN and 20AN refer to the capacity of the battery. In other words, the larger the data, the greater the capacity, the more power it is stored (capacity = current X, discharge time)3 to 350 watts. Watts can be bigger, more power consumption. But the motor strength. Low wattage, long life, long mileage.4, buy a used car, pay attention to the quality of the battery, but only you use, will find the quality of the battery, at the same time pay attention to the braking situation, the braking effect is good or bad, related to safety, is also very important
Q:How many kilometers can an electric bicycle charge at one time?
A year and a half later, the battery is basically only 50% of the storage capacity. 2 years, almost the same (scrap).If it is a lithium battery, usually 30-50 km, this battery is very durable, generally used, about 2 years, the basic can also be stored in the 60-80%.
Q:How to use electric bicycle correctly
2. switch off the power switch when you get off or push or stop. Daily use points can be summarized as: good maintenance, more power, frequently charging. Good maintenance: do not make electric bicycles suffer accidental damage. If you don't let the water sink, the center, the controller, you must open the car lock when you start,3. off after the closing switch, usually tire to the foot, the summer should avoid long time exposure to the sun, avoid storing in high temperature and corrosive environment, the brakes are moderately elastic; more power:4., the ideal way to use is to help people move the car, electricity, electricity to help people, manpower, power linkage, labor-saving and save power. Because the mileage and vehicle load, road condition, the number of starts, braking frequency, wind direction and wind speed, air temperature, tire pressure and so on, so before the start of the pedal riding, riding in the harmonic twisting process, bridge, uphill, against the wind and heavy traffic must use pedal power to avoid harm the battery, battery life mileage effect;
Q:Just bought a new electric car, so as to maintain
Do not change the charger arbitrarily, do not remove the controller's speed limit.Each manufacturer's charger generally has personalized needs, when not sure, do not change the charger at will. If continued long trip mileage requirements, we must charge to different places and with a number of chargers, the day complement chargers to add a separate charger, and the original use of the charger at night. Removing the speed limit of the controller, although it can increase the speed of some cars, will not only reduce the safety of the vehicle, but also reduce the service life of the battery.
Q:How to maintain the motor of electric vehicle
It took the car a year to find out, and the biggest expense was the battery. A set of lead-acid batteries 3, 400 yuan, up to more than a year on the scrap, and really some heartache. Can not let the battery run more than a few years? Certainly! This country, protect the environment good, ten years ago many people had studied. Electric vehicle battery is traction battery, and other batteries are different, we ride the electric car want to ride faster, far away, charging is not convenient, with the charge, charging time want a little shorter

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