Electric city Bike for woman with CE,EN15194 and EPAC

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2000 PCS/month

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55 days


36V10AH Lithium battery, 250W crank motor,LCD display with 5 levels power assist ,alloy fork,adjustable stem post,PAS 


Packaging & Shipping


Loading capacity:20GP:82PCS,40HQ:210PCS




250W F/D   brushless gear motor


36V10AH   Lithium bateery

Charger   time:



Shimano Nexus   7 speed

Front   Brake:


Rear   Brake:

Roller brake


700*38C,   Dual Wall Alloy


tyres   including reflective tape(KENDA)

Wheel   Spoke:

Stainless   Steel( SLE Brand)


Alloy   6061


Alloy (   ZOOM Brand )


F &   R Light (XC Brand)


Standard   VELO Brand

Seat   Post:



Alloy   headset(ZHI XIN Brand)

Main   Crank:

Alloy    (LUN FENG Brand)


Aluminum   within plastic fender


Silver   Bell



Net   Weight:


Gross   Weight:




Power   Mode:

PAS   (Speed control by pedal accelerator)

Dimension   (Packing):

141 x   25x 2275px




1.) 8 years experience in design and manufacturing, 4 years of exporting. We are more professional.

2.) TUV audited factory, OEM/ODM Service

3) Super Electric system, motor is quite, and Smooth starting

4) High Trained Employees, 2000pcs Electric bike per month.

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Q:How many children can ride an electric car on the road?
If it is a bicycle, the law stipulates that more than 12 can ride.Of course, if you want to ride an electric bike, you can also change it, for example, do not ride the imitation motorcycle type, and ride a bicycle type, which is not too big a problem.
Q:The origin of electric cars?
Electric cars, in short, are powered by electricity and powered by electricity. The first electric car was made in 1834. It was driven by a DC motor. Today, electric cars have undergone tremendous changes, and there are many kinds of electric cars
Q:How to maintain electric cars?
Regardless of any brand of electric vehicle maintenance program is basically the same. 1, Qin charging - lead-acid batteries should be kept to use, with the habit of charging, can not wait until the battery is recharged with light, which will affect battery life. Such as long-term use, charge once a month.
Q:There are several styles of electric bicycles
A lot of style ~ yacht, 1 yacht, 2 small handsome guy, small shark, big shark, a lot of... Basically one, one style, 7-8 manufacturers have! Just brand different!
Q:How to distinguish the electric motor is brushless motor or brush motor?
A) "brushless" brush "basic concepts: widely used electric bicycle is a permanent magnet DC motor, DC permanent magnet motor according to whether use the brush can be divided into brushless motor and brushless motor two, brush motor is the mainstream product of DC motor, the vast majority of electric bicycle motor is a brushless motor. Brushless motor is a DC motor special, it uses a built-in sensor and method of electronic commutator for electronic commutation of brushless motor, the main purpose is to eliminate the brush wear, and the noise generated by the brush contact.Two) brush motor faults did not become restraints it is widely used in the electric bicycle: brush wear and noise of the motor is "brush" and "two major drawbacks of brushless", but in spite of these two disadvantages, why the vast majority of domestic brand manufacturers are still using the brush motor the scheme, are they not aware of this problem? The reason lies in:
Q:Teach you how to guard against electric cars
First, buy a new electric car to go through the formalities of registration management department, to carry a receipt, identity documents and other leading electric vehicle driving license". At the same time in a vehicle turn, handlebar and other parts of steel seal number as a check mark; secondly, to actively handle the inspection and lawfully pay taxes every year, pay attention to these legal procedures for safekeeping, even lost electric cars do not rush to destroy, because once the electric vehicle has been recovered, it finds the best nuclear inspection certificate. In addition, in order to strengthen the management of electric vehicles, the police station by car, household registration, filing cards. In this regard, we should also actively cooperate with, seriously, correctly fill in, such as electric car models, brands, styles, colors, as well as car number, license plate number, and so on. In this way, your electric car into standardized management, to prevent theft, add a safety factor. Two, do not bother to leave the car locked. Prevention of electric vehicles being stolen, the most important thing is to overcome paralysis thinking, when you leave the car, pay attention not to trouble, it is important to lock the car at any time and place, which is to prevent the theft of electric vehicles should be the least. No matter where, no matter when, when you leave the electric car, you must lock it, even if it is temporarily left, instant return. Even in sight, it is better to lock up and even lock on a stronger fixture. If you are in trouble, then stealing is convenient.
Q:Which kind of electric bicycle has good endurance?
You only need to consider the brand's after-sale and model now. Which one do you prefer?. Then locked a good brand and appearance, go to the store ask configuration, and some can be optional. You need big mileage to increase battery capacity. Some can. No, you can connect with the car.Brand new recommendation and green, of course there are a lot of big brands, I will not say too tired. Brand big family advertising costs hit much, but after sale and quality is really strong, some relative. There are other questions to follow.
Q:Can you tell me whether a bicycle and an electric car collided during the commute?
(five) "traffic accident" means the accident of personal injury or property damage caused by a fault or accident on the road."Therefore, traffic accidents do not only refer to motor vehicles, but non motor vehicles also belong to vehicles. According to the industrial injury insurance Ordinance, a traffic accident that occurs on the way to and from which I am not responsible for the accident is an industrial injury. However, when a work-related injury institution finds a work-related injury, it will require a letter of confirmation of the traffic accident.
Q:Do lead acid batteries in electric bicycles have a memory effect? Usually how to maintain?
At present, most of the electric bicycle batteries are lead-acid batteries, the main considerations are as follows: 1, after use should be promptly charged, no power state for a long time, otherwise the battery plate sulfation is; 2, the green light indicates that the battery can be used, or basically full charge, but there is still a gap from 100% advice, every week or two to be a long time to charge the battery, the green light to charge, time can be controlled in 16 hours, which can improve the battery life; 3, pay attention to check the tire pressure, the summer may be appropriate to lower, the season he can engage in some, tire pressure high power; 4 and completely off the electric charge is not correct, the greater the depth of discharge, battery life is short; 5, if you do not use electric bicycle long time, should pay attention to put on battery charge Check the battery every month;
Q:What's the difference between an electric wheelchair and an electric bicycle?
Electric wheelchair mechanism. A long box reducer for electric wheelchair is using a brush motor, the motor speed per minute at 3000 rpm, while the electric wheelchair with the actual speed is 110 rpm, the braking torque in 50Nm, therefore we need to slow down and increase torque deceleration mechanism

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