Electric Aluminium Work Platform Dual Mast AMWP2000

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1000 unit/month

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The product is mainly applied in power, communication, airport, conference and exhibition center, supermarket, factory, station, subway station, etc. It is for two persons working together. CE certified.
1) Powered by DC, self-propelled and infinitely shift-speeds, controlled by joystick.
2)The driving motor has the automatic braking function.
3) Gradeability: 15-20%.
4) Pothole-protection and tilt alarm.
5)The malfunction can be diagnosed and displayed in codes. Emergency down-valve device.
6) Charge protection: When charged, the machine’s operation will be restricted.

Safe working capacitykg200150
Max working heightmm950011000
Max platform heightmm75009000
Overall lengthmm1500
Overall widthmm1000
Overall heightmm1990
Platform sizemm1000X700
Min ground clearancemm50
Min turning radiusmm0
Drive motor2x24VDC/0.5kw
Lift motor24VDC/2kw
Travel speed(Stowed)kw/h4
Lifting statekw/h1.1
Lifting/Falling speedsec65/5070/55
Max gradeability25%
Max working angle3
Drive wheelmm250x80
Front wheelin8


Standard Configuration
-Can bus line intelligent controller
-Proportional controller
-Charge indicator
-Working chronometer
-Transport standard forklift hole
-Electric circuit fault code display
-Low voltage alarm
-Emergency descending button
-Charge protection
-Tilt protection
-Tilt alarm
-Driving motor overtemperature protection
-4x2 drive
-Overload limit

Optional Configuration:
Extended platform
Flash lamp


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