El precio competitivo de la fabricación de China esmaltó el azulejo de piso vitrificado mármol

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1200 m²
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300000 m²/month

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Item specifice:

No. de Modelo: 800 GLAZED MARBLE TILE Tipo: Esmaltados Espesor: 10mm
Función: Impermeable , Resistente al Desgaste, Antideslizante , Anti-Estática , Resistente al Ácido Color: Gris Certificación: CE , ISO9001
Material: Arcilla de Porcelana Tamaño: 800*800mm Tratamiento De Superficies: Vidriado
Técnica: Azulejos vitrificados Uso: de Casa , Baldosas Interiores , Comercial , al Aire Libre , Azulejos Exteriores

Product Description:

Descripción de producto del detalle: 

Material: Arcilla de porcelana

Absorción de agua: el 1%

Uso: Utilizado en piso y pared

Superficie: Esmaltado

Certificado: CE&ISO9001

Embalaje: Cartones estándar y el embalar de madera de las plataformas

MOQ: 1200 metros cuadrados

Capacidad de la fuente: 10000 metros cuadrados por día

Área del uso: Pisos y paredes interiores y exteriores, adentro y afuera, dormitorio, hoteles, escuelas,

supermercados y pasillos etc. 

No.Artículo de inspecciónUnidadProvisiones de estándaresResultado de la inspecciónCalificado o fallado
1Longitud y anchuramilímetro±0.6- 0.09%~+0.11%Calificado
±0.5- 0.01%~+0.01%Calificado
3Squarenedd%±0.2- 0.03~+0.04Calificado
4Absorción de agua%Promedio: el 1%
Máximo individual: 1.1%
Promedio: 0.02%
Máximo individual: 0.1%
5Resistencia a rupturaNThickness≥ 7.5m m, no menos que 1300N2230NCalificado
6Módulo de la rupturaMpa-Individual≥ 32 del Mpa de Average≥ 35
7Divulgar la clase y los ciclos de la abrasión pasajeros-Divulgar la clase y los ciclos de la abrasión pasajerosFalture de la clase 3 visible en 750 revolucionesCalificado
8Resistencia de la resquebrajadura-RequiredCompletamente resistenteCalificado

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Q:→ tile background wall is good tiles background wall renderings
4, easy to return to the tide: in many parts of China, especially the southeast coast and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River is particularly serious, but also has a certain radiation. You can try the cloud era of integrated walls, green building materials as the source and design energy-saving materials, and access to a number of national honor. "Integrated wall" is a decoration material, its advantages relative to the market in other wall treatment materials are significantly different, the service life is also higher than other wall materials.
Q:how long do you have to wait before walking on new tile?
The mortar for tile usually dries in 24 hours and the tile should not be walked on until it dries or the tiles can move. Laying tile can be done over a period of time as long as you don't extend the mortar into the untiled area when you stop. It will harden and you would need to chip it off to start the next part of the job.
Q:The difference between tiles and tiles.
Tiles, tiles, the name is the same, in fact, there is no difference between the points. Are made of refractory metal oxides and semi-metallic oxides, through the process of grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering, and the formation of an acid-resistant porcelain or stone, etc., building or decoration materials, called For tiles. The raw materials are mostly made of clay, quartz sand and so on.
Q:Will tiles have static electricity?
Tiles will produce static electricity, because the ceramic tile protective film material insulation performance is high, resulting in surface charge is not easy to lose, resulting in people will have the feeling of being shocked. Has now produced anti-static tiles. Anti-static tiles is a new anti-static materials to overcome the current use, such as epoxy and melamine, PVC anti-static paint, flooring, anti-static rubber sheet and other polymer materials easy aging, Durability and poor fire resistance. To overcome the shortcomings of the above anti-static materials, compatible with the advantages of ceramic tile tiles, with beautiful and durable, fire, anti-skid, compression, wear, corrosion resistance, anti-fouling, waterproof and anti-penetration, low radiation, environmental health easy to construction, A permanent anti-static, with high-end art decorative effect of a functional tile.
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Q:how do i find a match to my floor tiles?
If you have any loose pcs not yet installed the backs can give me clues as to what it is. Along with the year it was originally installed ( approx) and the exact size of the tile.. Any thing over 8/10 years old you may as well look for some thing close in the exact size. Beyond that your looking at reclaimed tile discount outlets looking for dropped tile lines. There is a few places that specialize in buying and selling of dropped lines of tiles. They change and discontinue tiles every 7/10 years to keep up with changing styles and colors patterns. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:Tile 60 * 60 price
600 * 600 difference of 6 yuan, a good point of about 15 yuan, the best 60 or so
Q:Which one is more expensive all together tile or wood floors?
Over all tile is more expensive when installed. Tile you can buy cheaper on average,on a per square foot basis, but when you factor in prep and setting materials on the average job, the s/f price gos up. Labor alone is approximately double per s/f for tile than it is for wood. Several factors can change this but the norm is tile can be almost double ( installed price) than hard wood. This all is when you have some one else install it. DIY can cut the price on tile way down , but over all still more expensive, Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
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