El precio competitivo de la fabricación de China esmaltó el azulejo de piso vitrificado mármol

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1200 m²
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300000 m²/month

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Item specifice:

No. de Modelo: 800 GLAZED MARBLE TILE Tipo: Esmaltados Espesor: 10mm
Función: Impermeable , Resistente al Desgaste, Antideslizante , Anti-Estática , Resistente al Ácido Color: Gris Certificación: CE , ISO9001
Material: Arcilla de Porcelana Tamaño: 800*800mm Tratamiento De Superficies: Vidriado
Técnica: Azulejos vitrificados Uso: de Casa , Baldosas Interiores , Comercial , al Aire Libre , Azulejos Exteriores

Product Description:

Descripción de producto del detalle: 

Material: Arcilla de porcelana

Absorción de agua: el 1%

Uso: Utilizado en piso y pared

Superficie: Esmaltado

Certificado: CE&ISO9001

Embalaje: Cartones estándar y el embalar de madera de las plataformas

MOQ: 1200 metros cuadrados

Capacidad de la fuente: 10000 metros cuadrados por día

Área del uso: Pisos y paredes interiores y exteriores, adentro y afuera, dormitorio, hoteles, escuelas,

supermercados y pasillos etc. 

No.Artículo de inspecciónUnidadProvisiones de estándaresResultado de la inspecciónCalificado o fallado
1Longitud y anchuramilímetro±0.6- 0.09%~+0.11%Calificado
±0.5- 0.01%~+0.01%Calificado
3Squarenedd%±0.2- 0.03~+0.04Calificado
4Absorción de agua%Promedio: el 1%
Máximo individual: 1.1%
Promedio: 0.02%
Máximo individual: 0.1%
5Resistencia a rupturaNThickness≥ 7.5m m, no menos que 1300N2230NCalificado
6Módulo de la rupturaMpa-Individual≥ 32 del Mpa de Average≥ 35
7Divulgar la clase y los ciclos de la abrasión pasajeros-Divulgar la clase y los ciclos de la abrasión pasajerosFalture de la clase 3 visible en 750 revolucionesCalificado
8Resistencia de la resquebrajadura-RequiredCompletamente resistenteCalificado

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Q:Tiling countertop?
You can do that no problem. Particle board is a very stable material as long as it doesn't get and stay wet a long time. Make sure you seal the edges of the particle board (if you're not covering them with tile). That's the area that's most vulnerable to water damage because of water that drips off of the top of the counter. But I have to say....tile as a counter is outdated and tacky. Get with the program. Use solid granite or solid surfacing. Tiled counter tops are embarrassing.
Q:What is the best way to install ceramic tile?
put skirting boards to the floor. Batten the wall half a tile up from the skirting start laying your tiles upwards from the batten when you`ve placed all your tiles let them set, now cut your tiles from the bottom of the tile to the skirting. Thats how we would do it anyway.
Q:Tile Expert?
There,s nothing like (MUST) as he said to you, tiles can be install without any spacing between and this is it's up to owner how he/she like it . Even you can choose design and color and kind of tiles use in your home .
Q:Platinum crown tiles ok
You have not provided the brand we have not tested, to provide you with the choice of tiles under the method, I hope to help you. 1 election origin Almost tiles on the market come from two places: Guangdong and Shandong. Guangdong brick overall quality is better than Shandong brick, domestic brands of ceramic tile origin is also generally from Guangdong, so a simple choice of Guangdong brick. (Shandong bricks are also good quality, but more need to blink of an eye). 2 to see flatness Flatness is very critical, if the flatness is very poor, it is difficult to shop in the edge of each tile are not the edge of the gap, there is not only the impact of visual effects affected, serious and even cause Ge (gè) feet. Method one: the same paragraph of the two tiles on the face of the table, his hands pinching side, observe the other side of the tilt, tilt the smaller, the higher the flatness. (This method is suitable for fully flattened bricks that do not apply to antique tiles and bricks with special craftsmanship) Method 2: a brick vertical placed on the same piece of another flat brick surface, observe the gap between the two bricks, less light, the higher the flatness, the better the quality, in my tested tiles , Nobel's tile flatness is the best, almost no light, we can test their own time to try all four. (This method does not apply to antique tiles)
Q:Does repainting kitchen tiles really work?
Ok yes you can paint them, and yes it will hold up, and yes i do paint and also install ceramic so i do know what im talking about.You need to clean them very good with TSP. Buy a good primer such as kilz but i think home depot has an even better one so check that out. After you prime it put oon a good interior enamal like Behr . Probable 2 coats for best results. A spong roller is best but if you can rent or borrowe a sprayer and get the best results. there about 40 dollars for the day to rent. easy to use. Just tape everything off and use alot of drop cloths.
Q:How to install ceramic tile in a kitchen?
no way you can learn from these idiots. get a book at the library or hire someone.
Q:White powder residue on Vinyl Tiles?
first do not to panic 12x12s are not asbestos second yes seal and wax the tiles
Q:how to grout jagged edge tiles?
Most all tiles ( there are exceptions) are always grouted flush to avoid a couple of things. One is the problem your having now and the other is to protect the edging of the tile.depending on just how much more you have to fill in, you make have to dig some grout out to get a proper bond.. Any questions you can e mail me thru my avatar and check my qualifications there GL
Q:Could I use Fleck Stone on my tile fireplace?
Why not buy a similiar tile from Home Depot or Lowes and do a test. If you like the results then do the fireplace. Much easier this way and if you do not like it no great loss of time and money
Q:Can I Tile over cracked concrete outside?
Tile Over Concrete Patio

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