Efficient Air-Entraining Water Reducer in Concrete

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China main port
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1000 m.t.
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500000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

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Packaging Details:

In plastic   woven bag packing:40kg/bag. Packing according to customer requirements is   available.

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Within 7 days after received doposit



Air entraining agent better than superplasticizer in karachi
1.Low accretion
2.Good solubility in water

Product Description

Air entraining agent better than superplasticizer in karachi and has superior cost-effective

Air entraining agent better than superplasticizer in karachi and has superior cost-effective is

developed by our scientific research staffs with reference to domestic and foreign advanced technology formula.

Test item

The factory technical indicators

National standard(first-class)

Water-reducing rate,%



Bleeding   ratio ,%



Air   content,%



The difference between the setting time(min)

initial set



final set

Compressive strength rate,%≥










Ratio of shrinkage,%




Index of   relativ durability,%,200times,≥



Effect on steel corrosion


Outward   appearance

yellowish-brown   powder

Cement   paste fluidity(mm)



Applicable to the port, wharf, water conservancy   project,

highway pavement, freeze resistance,

anti-corrosion and seepage control engineerings

require a certain air content of concrete.

This product should be in accordance with the requirements of air content(3~5%), After deploy ,find out the optimum dosage amount of admixture in 0.5~1.5%,water-reducing rate:13~20%.



1.This product has characteristics of no chlorine, low alkali,delayed coagulation,low slump loss, etc.

2.Right amount added to the product can obviously reduce the concrete surface tension,improve the workability of concrete, reduce bleeding and segregation, improve the impermeability, frost resistance and concrete durability of harmony and so on.

3.This product in concrete can produce small bubbles that is uniform and stable and not easy to damage.

4.After added to this product ,the thermal diffusion, heat transfer coefficient of concrete is reduced. Can improve the volume stability of concrete and various outdoor durability of structure.

5.Can be used for the preparation with requirements of freezing-thawing resistence, test to determine

slump loss before use or Require manufacturers to adjust.

6.Applicable to the preparation of C20-C50 ordinary concrete, Lean concrete, Hydraulic concrete,

Flow of concrete, Commercial concrete, Especially for concrete engineerings with antifreeze and durability requirements.



1.    Q:Are you a manufactory or trading company?

A:We are a professional manufactory with 12 years’ experience and 2 years of export experience, covers an area of 30 acres.

2.    Q: May I know your MOQ request?

A:MOQ is 1 TON. 

3.    Q: Could you offer free sample?

A:We can provide free samples to you for quality testing.

4.    Q: Does your product is dangerous merchandise?

A: Not dangerous merchandise, It belongs to Not legal Inspection merchandise.

5.    Q: What about your packing?

A: Liquid in IBC tank or Flexitank;Powder in woven bags. 

6.    Q: How about your productive capacity?

A: 900000 tons/Year.

7.    Q: What is your export port?

A: China main port.

8.    Q: What is your delivery time?

 A: Within 7 days after received advanced payment.

9.    Q: Can you print logo or label on packing as customer request?

A: Yes, we can customize according to your requirements. 

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