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Product Description:

1.   Structureof 3 Head Multi Borer Machine (MZ73213A) Description:

This design banding watering machine nozzle support cost low, the easy to operate, suits the fixed spray irrigation and the motion type spray irrigation.

    2. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Advantages:

Flexible thickness application

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Low weight

Competitive price

   3. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Products Pictures:

Edge Banding Machines with High Quality from China Market 

    4. 3 Head Multi Borer Machine Specification:

Drill joint assembly aperture diameter         10mm


5.FAQ of Banding Machine.

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    .We can ensure the quality of the banding machine and avoid extra expenses for customers.    

    .We can provide professional building proposal for your projects.        

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   . If interested in this kind of formwork, please feel free to write us for any QUOTE..

   . Please DO check goods when courier knocks your door and contact us asap if any issues.

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Q:Full automatic edge banding machine, what price, thank you
See how you locate more expensive automatic edge sealing machine about 1000000.A good edge sealing machine can not be less high-quality edge banding; furniture edge banding, PVC edge banding, acrylic edge banding, ABS edge banding; Shanghai plastic decorative materials Co., Ltd.
Q:Can I change the edge of the furniture? How do I operate it?
Edge paint free plate can be changed, you go to the edge of paint free plate sales shop together with the choice of color and width, bought the white glue or adhesive sticker on it, but the welt is a live, they don't stick.
Q:Arc platform how edge? Urgently!!!
Now buy floors are generally floor to shop, in fact, which has included three yuan per square meter installation costs. And we asked people to install, the installation fee, they should be returned to us. But because they want to earn this installation fee, so generally do not agree, we find someone to install. I consulted the store several times, they do not agree, that is if the floor is a problem no matter what, don't say their workers to install how experienced what, will give us. I don't dare to comment on their craft, but the carpenter can do floor work, but the floor maker doesn't have to be a carpenter. Moreover, even if they do, their tools do not work. Finally, we really had no choice but to put the floor installation work, home, request, and stressed that if do bad, we should deduct money. They said they couldn't do it, so things got easier and they had to go back to the installation fee.
Q:How to solve the problem of sealing the package door?
Have the door door
Q:Is it easy to use an edge seal? Which one is better than a nail free glue?
Edge sealing spirit is an aquatic product. The initial adhesive force and weather resistance are different from those of nail free gum.
Q:I would like to ask, do furniture, what is the furniture full edge?
Edge edge is in the plate cutting surface paste and plate color like are in clean or less dust under the condition of heating by professional edge machine will edge sealing plate in the section of workers in the field to do is to use the adhesive is dealt with the short time it will open if workers in this whole edge to make money it is looking for the rear pump furniture does not need to seal plate of formaldehyde release
Q:Compared to the southeast, the higher cost performance of woodworking machinery edge sealing machine what? Is they comparable in quality?
Huali, cost far more than the two brands, and Zhengzhou have sold, I hope that the answer can help you!
Q:The main reasons of edge banding degumming
First, it should be in the dustSecond, inletThird, sun exposure
Q:How to seal the homemade panel furniture?
There are special hand sealing adhesive, evenly coated on the edge of the plate and sealing band, and can be ironed with an iron, and then hand trimmed
Q:How to seal the opening of the cabinet?
The hole edge edge site now has two cabinets, one is aluminum foil edge, two with type U edge of the two cases Xiaobian recommend using aluminum platinum paper, because of its strong plasticity, can be required to turn into various radian, and type U is the edge of objects the shape requirement is very high, only U can better seal! So it is not a higher price of U banding can make cabinets more environmentally friendly.With both edge edge banding strip for good, edge edge is directly determines the firmness, durability and safety, the Bai Li love home cabinets manufacturers with the German import edge machine, can make the adhesive edge and the plate more tightly.

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