Economical Style Earth Ground Welding Clamp

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Economical style earth ground welding clamp [300A]


Capacity: 300,Jaw Opening: Up to 1 1/2" (40mm),Cable Capacity: 1/0-3/0


Economical style earth ground welding clamp [300A]


Contoured Handle Lever for Easy Jaw Opening


Strong Gripping Power


Large Contact Area Assures Positive Grounding


Fully Insulated Spring


Conductor Body holds the Cable Securely


Amperage Capacity: 300


Jaw Opening: Up to 1 1/2" (40mm)


Cable Capacity: 1/0-3/0

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Q:Is there not a hot electric welding electrode holder? Which brand for a long time is not hot? Price and contact information!
We entered a batch of electric welding wang'er the day before yesterday, have not used, we see the factory in use this brand of pliers basically have replaced this seems to be good, we bought 75 yuan each, the dealer said later to have 5 pieces of money so that we use early.
Q:The wire for electric welder is connected to one end of the electrode holder, at least how many meters
One line is 2.5 meters, the two line is 30 meters
Q:In welding, welding hot very much is going on? This way?
General cable clamp and poor contact resistance caused by too much. Methods: to ensure good contact with the cable holder!
Q:Electric welding electric welding hot is what reason
The main reason is caused by poor contact welding butt welding line and oxidation.
Q:You need to apply grease holder CPU
Yes, it's the same as before
Q:A hand holding a wire holder line will be charged.
Dry environment, dry palms will not be the case.
Q:A welding machine can be connected with a holder, you two
Not because of the design of electric welding machine is selected and the linear size are required if you divided into two holder words is not only a challenge to the line, he the power factor is also a challenge because the power factor of electric welding machine originally is very low
Q:How to configure the welding line of electric welding machine
Agree to the first floor, generally have 35 square and 50 square lines
Q:Have positive and negative electric welding machine, electric welding pliers with which side up to the
There are positive and negative output points of the machine, the machine is said: DC welding machine;You mentioned the pliers, you can determine which is a DC arc welder;Want to know the DC hand arc welding machine, which output head ground wire, which output first welding line, please look down;When welding operation, there were two kinds of connection method: straight connection method and reverse connection method two kinds;Positive welding - welding workpiece welding machine output power positive electrode, welding rod welding machine output power negative electrode wiring method, also called positive polarity.Reverse connection - welding workpiece, welding machine output power negative pole, welding rod welding machine output power positive pole wiring method, also called reverse polarity.Generally speaking, the principle of polarity is used:Reverse welding is used for basic electrode welding;Because the basic electrode welding by hand welding, arc combustion instability, splash, arc sound is very hot, and easy to produce porosity. When using reverse connection, arc combustion is stable, splash is small, and the sound is even and even.The positive welding method is adopted for the manual welding of acid welding rod;The welding pool is deep welded by the positive welding method. The weld seam is narrow and the welding height is high;Reverse welding, welding, welding pool shallow, weld width, Han Duiping (short);Connect / reverse connection does not affect the function, only affect the welding effect;For occasions where the requirements are not high, some welders try both positive and negative, and it is good to try them at ease;
Q:An AC welder can receive the simultaneous use of two tongs
1, due to the common AC arc welder with temporary load rate is very low (below 30%), the two holder is not acceptable to use at the same time.2, AC welding machine is actually a special transformer, transformer is AC welding or welding transformer. Usually made into single-phase, cooling way for air self cooling, intermittent work, from no-load to short circuit, and from sister road to no-load, the load current changes rapidly.3, when welding arc circuit is in short circuit state, the voltage drop sharply, the current needs; to arc arc, this electrode and the pool containing solution or short circuit transition state, voltage or current is decreased; after the transition in the normal welding state, the voltage rise, the current decline.
We manufacture a complete range of welding tools and head-to-toe personal protective equipment, including electrode holders, earth clamps, respirators, and head protection, eye and face protection, hearing protection and hand protection products, with highly-specialized state-of-the-art equipment. We always adheres to the tenet of "Quality First, Customer Foremost". Our products sell well and enjoy a high reputation in the USA, Europe and all over the world for quality, services, safety and innovation.

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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
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