Economical PE film greenhouse for agriculture

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1. poly film greenhouses 

2.Large inner space utilization 

3.Easy to manage and maintance

Features of PE Film:

1. High heat preservation, and the surface is anti-dust treated.

2. High light transmission, which can increase the inside light, enhance the photosynthesis function, and then increase the growing density and yield of plants. The total light transmission rate are more than 90%

3. The film are anti-dripping, includes the high quantity of UV stabilizer, which make the film life more than 5 years.

4. Large size, the maximum width of the film can be 12m, it can be as long as you need.

Agriculture Usage:  This kind of greenhouse can be built for your agriculture plants, especially for large-scale production. In this greenhouse, high yield and good quality can be realized at the same time. All of this can improve the competitiveness of you product and has sizable economical benefits.

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