Ecological projects WPC Deck for garden building

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China main port
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100 m²
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10000000 m²/month

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Product Description:


Natural wood grain
no color fade ,no UV,water,acid,and base ,no rotting ,no splitting,no warp and pest
Lightweight ,recycle。

We will bring you quality, value, technology and services.



General Description


CNBM is an independent company in China of Futuresoft Technologies Inc. (FTI) in North America. FMI owns many patents, is a major organizer of several Chinese national standards, complying with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates.


CNBM has over 20 years experience in developing WPC technologies and special machinery and systems. Our technology has been applied to construction, automobile, logistics, and electronics, etc. We provide turn-key technology, reliable and economical extrusion systems to make wood-plastic composite products since early 1990 in Canada.


Our Products & Technology


Major Products: 


  • Series of conical twin screw extruders WPC and highly filled composite

  • Computerized industrial-scale and high output extrusion and injection molding machinery for WPC and highly filled composite

  • High speed, high precision CAE die


Major Technologies:


  • System integration technology

  • WPC material technology

  • WPC processing technology

  • CAE extruder and die technology

  • WPC product design and technology (windows and door, wall panel, indoor decorative, outdoor deck, fence, railing, concrete form, etc.)



Company Vision


l  CNBM – With softest matter to overcome the hardest, with technology and the advanced ideas to create values, quality and efficiency for our customers.


l  Technology is invisible, but it is the core of machinery, processing and products


We are the new generation of plastic machinery manufacturer: we understand machinery, plastics and its processing, computer and customer value.


Some projects of Ecological projects WPC Deck 



Ecological projects WPC Deck 

Ecological projects WPC Deck


Ecological projects WPC Deck  

Ecological projects WPC Deck


Ecological projects WPC Deck

Ecological projects WPC Deck


Ecological projects WPC Deck

Ecological projects WPC Deck


Our over 25 year experience in WPC technology and machinery development in Canada, America and China gives us unique advantages over others (European and American CAE technology, American dedication to customer and service, Chinese labor and turn-key machinery, and long term warranty). We look forward to cooperating with your company soon. We can help you to succeed.


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Q:In addition to the floor below the moisture-proof film also use plastic sheeting?
Can also be used, in case there is moisture will be absorbed by the ground, supporting the clinker will only increase the effect of heat dissipation, insect powder is processed from natural camphor wood, not harmful to the body. Do not want to do,
Q:The floor of the wooden floor is a good line of plastic or wood
Plastic bar, wood is worried that the water will become black and ugly
Q:Furniture feet nail scratches floor and wooden furniture and floor contact is a plastic small nails
You should install the furniture should be done when a floor protection on the line.
Q:Above the floor of the plastic floor to the human body
Floor leather containing lead compounds, in the use of the process, with the floor leather wear, lead content continues to spread, lead dust in the air, easily accessible to infants and young children
Q:Plastic floor prices, plastic floor how much a square meter?
Plastic floor because of its variety of colors, color is widely used in various fields such as home decoration. Since the plastic floor into the Chinese market, has attracted great attention, as a kind of new material on the floor, with the compressive strength, abrasion resistance, environmental protection and sound absorption characteristics, and the plastic floor decorative effect is very good, so the development possibilities of the floor is gradually recognized by consumers.
Q:Do you put plastic cloth in the floor tiles?
What do you do with the clinker, waterproof? No, I do not recommend when tile put cloth cloth with no clinker clinker, the original ground firmly fixed, after you tile paste, there will be many problems, such as hollowing.
Q:Home decoration with plastic floor, please? What are its strengths and weaknesses?
The shortcomings of the plastic floor: the laying of the floor construction requirements will be higher, to consider the floor, environment and other factors, some of the higher technical content
Q:The requirement of plastic floor paving to the base
Plastic flooring selection coil special PVC glue adhesive, stair selection,Buy plastic floor is a choice of material, how to install the plastic floor, plastic floor price, how much money Shanghai plastic flooring, plastic flooring, plastic flooring manufacturers, professional plastic floor, Fuzhou plastic floor, plastic floor thickness, plastic floor of environmental protection, Hangzhou plastic floor, plastic floor size, plastic floor specifications, plastic floor how much money Nanjing Hefei Yiping, plastic floor, plastic floor
Q:How to clean plastic suspended floor
Plastic floor with the health and environmental protection, waterproof, moisture-proof and wear resistance performance, is widely used in a variety of sports venues
Q:Is plastic floor glue toxic? Thank you
Commercial plastic floor (non-toxic, no harm to the human body): mainly used in schools (kindergartens and primary schools), hospitals, KTV, hotels, etc.

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