Eco-friendly Square Shape Printed Bamboo Pillow

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Product Description:

Natural Hand Woven  Bamboo Pillow

Specification of Bamboo Pillow

1) 17 mm of the bamboo stick

2) material: 100% natural bamboo

3) border material:cotton

4) the width of the border: 4 CM

5) backside material: anti-slip material

6) size: 45 CM X 45CM ,30cm x 50cm or other customed size

8) package: Poly-bag inside, carton or bag outside

9) payment:T/T or L/C

10)delivery: 20 days after we receive your order

11) MOQ:500 sqare metres

Description of Bamboo Pillow

This pillow is made of raw bamboo which is natual and healthy ,.It is made in good quality and well desiged. there arewe differnt size and color for you to choose, this product  is made by lacing together thin slice of bamboo  with durable nylon, cotton and tabric,these curtains add a rustic sence of nature into any room.

Pictures of Bamboo Pillow

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