Eco-friendly Blue Natural Sisal Rugs

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Specifications of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

1 Material: Natural sisal

2 Thickness: 5-10mm

3 Regular Roll Size: 4*30 M

4 Regular Rug Size: 2*2M,2*3M,2*4M,3*4M,4*6M,4*7M or other size as your request

5 Pattern: Customized,we have available design for your choice,don't hesitate to contact with us

6 Width: 4m

7 Lenth : Can be adjustable

8 Backing : Latex

9 Additional Backing : Non-woven backing,PU leather backing or other backing as your choice

10 Border: 3-12CM

11 Use Range: Home, commercial, hotel.

Advantage of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

1) 100% natural  sisal yarn.

2) Made from infinitely replenishable resources.

3) Sisal absorb moisture from the air when it's humid and release it when the humidity drops, this stabilise the surroundings for sensitive noses.

4) Natural colours - fits almost any decor.

5) Hard and resilient fiber provides excellent scrubbing action (ideal for door / entrance mat applications) .

6) Sisal carpet and rugs: hard wearing, rustic and elegant.

Pictures of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

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Q:Wet carpet?
take some old towels put them down and walk on them that should soak up alot of the water-then put a fan to completely dry the rug.
Q:OMG HELP!! How do I get cat diahorrea off my rug?
Put the rug in the wash machine with enough hot water to cover it...add two scoops of Oxy Clean..let the machine agitate for a bit to mix it all up and then turn the wash machine off..close the lid and let it sit over night or longer. Then add detergent and continue the wash cycle. It should take the stain works on vintage linens with set in stains and brings them back to white again. Although...even though the smell is gone, hopefully the scent is gone for her, so to be sure...after you remove the stain..soak it again but with white vinegar, this is the only natural substance that will remove pet odors...then...rinse and rewash with detergent again. Yeah it's a process..but if this is a prized rug, it would be worth it. If it's just a basic rug you can easily replace, then toss the rug and buy another one.
Q:How do I clean my IKEA area rug?
Ikea Area Rug
Q:Help me find this rug!!?
In some cases you can buy the individual squares and stick them down...check places like Lowes and Home Depot. All of these are safe to use online!!!
Q:Rug Help!!!?
If you cant vacuum it, will it fit in the dryer? if so put it in there and put it on a cool setting for about 15-20 minutes along with a few dryer sheets if you'd like, just clean out the dryer vent when your done. it works on my rugs. good luck
Q:carpet stain?
Good old hydrogen peroxide. Works on all carpet stains.
Q:What material is the carpet?
Q:Best Carpet ?
Q:how to fix carpet that needs stretching?
Wait for the carpet to dry first.. if it's still lumped up, make sure it's not the subfloor delaminating from water. If it is the carpet, you can rent a carpet stretcher and a knee kicker to stretch it out. The carpet is only held by the wall with tack strips which are like yard sticks with nails sticking up. It's not a hard process to do .. just a real pain in the ****.
Q:hard wood floors or carpeting?
Carpet if u want warmth. Wood if u want it to look more up to date, but you can always add rugs. In my house we have wood with a few rugs, it looks good but still warm and comfortable.

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